Sajek Valley Tourism, Rangamati: Travel Guide To Explore Tourist Places.

Escort Time: 10Am & 2Pm.

District: Rangamati.

Chander Gari  Price: From 6000Tk.

Population: 30000.

Height: About 1800 Foot.

Mobile Network: Robi & Teletalk.

How to go Sajek ValleyKonglak-ParaSajek Valley Bangladesh
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Sajek Valley is a beautiful area. It is clean, fresh and calm. It is a union of Baghaichari Upazila under the Rangamati Hill Tracts is named after in the name of a river separating Bangladesh from India which flows into the Karnafuli.

The Valley is in the North slant of Rangamati. It is not far from the Indian border (Mizorampur border area).If you like mountaineering, you can choice this valley.You must astonish to see the beauty of nature. Especially the tribal dine. Tourists from different countries come to visit this place during their stay in Bangladesh.


Many of them start loving this valley as it gives them the pleasure of playing with clouds.Many tourists compare this place to Darjeeling of India.It will take more or less 6 hours to reach Khaghrachori from Dhaka. The valley embraced three high mountain rivers – Chengi, Kasalong, and Maini.

Sajek Valley Location

Sajek Valley Location
Sajek Valley Cloud

It is a union under Baghaicchari Upazila of Rangamati District. It is 67 km toward North-east from Khagrachhari and 95 km toward North-west of Rangamati city.

It is beautiful in all seasons; locals are mostly from Tripura and Lusai tribes. Few Chakma also lives there.

If you drive 8 km, you will find the border with India.People consider this area as a natural paradise of Chittagong Hill Tracks. Earlier nobody explored this place. Recently there is a rush of tourists here and explored a lot.

Green Cape Mountains, mysticism, and heavenly peace always surround this area. All around the year tourists visit and become enchanted with the beauty of this which is amazing.  Its location is in the green hills of Kasalong range of mountains offering visitors the serene and exotic beauty of nature.

Sajek, a tourist attraction, is a small beautiful town on the hills which is very much famous as an all-weather tourist spot. It is one of most beautiful place in Bangladesh; I think it is a must for a nature lover.

You try to stay minimum one night because the sunrise and sunset times are the most beautiful times.If you stay there, it will give the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful times from the top of the world which is above 1800 feet from sea level.

Top Things To Do In The Sajek Valley Banglaadesh

Top Things To Do In The Sajek Valley Banglaadesh
Sajek Valley Car

1. Beautiful Green Hilly Road

A journey to Sajek Valley tour will offer you a lot of tourist attractions that will be a journey through a heavenly place. First of all, you will have to pass sky touching mountains with dense forest, extensive grasslands.

Passing such miles and miles of hilly tracks offers tourists heavenly experience. When you pass Mayni range, you will find River Mayni and River Kasalong harmonizing the green and blue together.

Driving in the ups and downs of the road will give you to feel that you are very close to touching the sky and sometimes you are going to fall on the valley. It will be a matter of great feelings.

When you move on to this valley from Khagrachari, you will see the scenery that takes your breath away, the view of the flight over dramatic mountains, hilly forests, valleys, rivers, cottages of the Tribal communities and lakes.

You can enjoy your tour while you are traveling you can see pilgrimage centers, sanctuaries, and parks; hill resorts. The whole area offers a huge excitement. On your journey towards the East, you will see high hills, gorges, rivers and make you feel excited.

You will be dreamy and will feel like moving through paradise. From here you can gather experience and knowledge about the nature of tribal people, small townships like Dighinala and Baghaihat.

2. See Beautiful Nature & Cloud From This Place

It has attracted visitors and tourist from home and abroad. Nature lovers are exploring Sajek Valley frequently and enjoying traveling there. It’s sky-high ridge top in amazing beauties, green valleys and hills have a great attraction for the tourists.

It,s large rock blocks, passing clouds, modern tourist facilities have added its splendor. Best of all, the beautiful local people and their cultural dimension have made this place the most popular tourist destination.

You can find tranquility and abundance of nature there that will give you peace and relaxation you need to make free from the excessive burden of workload city live and to reenergize yourself.

3. Perfect Holiday Destination

It can be a perfect holiday destination for you and your family and friends. Photographers find this valley a wonderland and love to take pictures of exotic hilly landscapes with the splash of clouds, rains and shines in the same frame.

Besides, the unique lifestyle and diversified cultural events can be a great attraction for them. You will enjoy green, serene, peaceful, mesmerizing clouds, fantastic view.The journey to Sajek itself is an amazing experience.

The clouds, hasty rain, sunny day and brighter rainbow makes the trip a dream for a tourist One can quickly touch a cloud. Touching clouds create a great feeling. You can enjoy the beauty of nearby areas very closely.

It can be very remarkable memories for any tourist to go and stay there for 2nights. Other than sitting and enjoying the nature.You can enjoy the great view and can make good BBQ at night.

I think it is the most beautiful and cleanest village in Bangladesh. You can enjoy visiting super place for the scenic beauty of green mountain and its valleys, the sun rising and the sun setting from the top of the mountain in the warm day along excellent Night view in the cold evening.

5. Visit Natural Sikam Toisa Water Fall

Many people do not know that there have a nice waterfall.The trekking distance of Sikam Toisa Water Fall is about 45-50 Minute from the sajek main point .Another name of this waterfall is Pidam Toisa fall / komlok waterfall.

For gong to this place ,you will see a hill hiking road beside Helipad to Ruilui para.This hiking road is not so easy,so overweight people & beginner should not go there,because it will difficult for them.But if you love trekking & love to take challenge you must go their for seeing this waterfall hidden beauty.

6. Sajek Area Visit & Meet Tribe People

You can enjoy traveling high hills, green mountains, blue water, the winding path over a rugged country, long ranges and a moment on a roller coaster. Reaching Sajek valley Bangladesh, you will be surprised that you are two thousand feet above the sea level and you will feel, you are at the top of the world.

The small village on the mountain is full of exotic beauty and eco-friendly environment. The natural beauty of the mountains covered with lush green trees, its serenity, its fresh cool air, beautiful green valleys and clouds on the roads will captivate you and offer exceptional happiness and different feelings.

On the way to this area, you will be welcome at paradise valley with little children’s waiving hands. Your chocolate can enhance their smile on their faces, and it will make you happier. As a new tourism place, everything needs to be developed. Foods options are better than before. Accommodation needs a bit improvement.

Sajek Valley Hotels & Resort List:

Sajek Valley Hotels & Resort List:
Sajek Valley Bangladesh

1. Meghalaya Resort
Another mentionable one is Meghalaya. You can book your accommodation before you travel. There are numerous new and upcoming hotels and Food/ Restaurants where you will not have to be worried about your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can easily have your foods after placing an order before hand.  Bar-B-Q is the most common offer of all the hotel here. You can find some coffee and tea stalls for snacks.

Price Off Time: 4000tk
Price Pick Time: 4500tk
Phone Number: +8801870-630170
Emil: jashimaminuddin@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ meghaloyresortsajekvalley
Address: Ruilui Para Sajek 4500 Rangamati, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

2. Runmoy and Sajek Resort

It has some nice army resorts which are charming and safe. But pre-booking is needed. There are two beautiful and mind-blowing resorts in the valley they are “Runmoy Resort” and “Sajek Resort”. You will have the best possible facilities like the capital city in the most remote area of the country.

Army owns hotel Runmoy and Sajek resort, and you will get at least a 4- star accommodation. Megh Machang is a more primitive fashioned modern hotel. You will get the best view and a more adventurous feel.

Room Tariff: From 4000tk
Phone Number: +8801865-347688
Address: Ruilui Para,Dighinala, Sajek 4500 Rangamati, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

Food & Restaurant List In Sajek Valley :

1.Meghaloy Resort & Restaurant
Address :সাজেক

2. Chhimbal Restaurant
Address: সাজেক 4500
Phone : 01860-899933
Open Time : 10AM-8PM

3. Hapang Tong Restaurant
Address: Dighinala – Sajek Rd, Sajek
Open Time : 6AM-10PM

4. Chibai Sajek Restaurant
Phone: 01865-349130
Open Time : 7AM-10PM

5. Coffee Dawr কফি ডাওয়ার
Address: ruluipara Sajek
Open Time : 7AM-11PM

6. Kashbon Restaurent
Address: Z1603, Sajek
Phone: 01862-643860
Open Time : 7AM-11.30PM

7. পেদা টিং টিং
Address: Sajek
Phone: 01874-210519

8. FoodNKI
Address: Sajek
Phone: 01869-157666
Open Time : 9AM-12.30PM

9. The Taste of Sajek Restaurant
Address: Sajek
Phone: 01840-794977
Open Time : 8AM-9PM

10. Rock Proshanti Restaurant (রক প্রশান্তি রেস্টুরেন্ট)
Phone: 01854-207271
Open Time : 9AM-10PM

Tips For The Tourists.

We respectfully value the ethical values of Bangladesh. As a tourist, you should avoid things embarrassing you. You can make a change, come and feel the difference, touch the cloud and feel the nature with us. If you want to visit this Sajek Valley, you must bring warm dresses and necessary things to stay and travel there.

This place is hot in the daytime but cold in the evening. Anytime it may rain. Water is very limited here. You had better buy few mineral water bottles for your personal use. Stay in hill cottages for tracking. You should not forget to carry mosquito net and take the torch.

You should remember to wake up at 4 a.m. for enjoying the sunrise and astral night. Walk on the streets to just enjoy the view, the everyday life of the native and forget everything. Only Robi & Airtel mobile network are available there.

People also ask

It is famous because of its hilly road, Sroudding cloud.

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