Foys Lake Chittagong: How To Reach, Best Time, Tips.

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Foy’s Lake has been a world-class family amusement tourist destination.This lake is located in the east of Pahartoli Railway station and west of the Khulshi residential area.  It is a human make lake located in the area of Khulsi, a nearby area of Pahartoli Railway Station.

This place isabout 8(Eight ) kilometers away from the core of  Chittagong city. It was dug in 1924 under the supervision of Asam Bengal railway authority. At that time it was known as Pahartoli Lake.Later it was named after the name of English Rail Engineer Foy.

Now this time, Foy’s Lake ownership is under Bangladesh Railway.Its area is about 336 acres. This large size lake is created through making a blockade widely in a narrow valley between two hills.

This blockade has created this lake as it has changed the direction of the current of water coming from the hill tracts located in the northern part of Chittagong city. Geologically these hill tracts are made of Dupitilla stone.There is Batali Hill, the highest hill of Chittagong city besides Foy’s Lake.

There is another artificial lake located in the southern area of Pahartoli Railway station. Before creating, Foy’s Lake Asam Bengal Railway Authority dig this lake in 1920.

These two lakes have been very popular tourist spots to the local and foreign tourists. Railway Authority created these two lakes as water resources to supply water to the larger areas of Chittagong city.

Especially, its primary purpose was to provide water to the nearby railway colony. Tourists can find birds of different species and deer,s in Deer Park. There is Chittagong Zoo beside Foy’s Lake.

Besides, Tourists can stay in cottages beside the lake. Every year many tourists from the country and abroad come here being attracted by the beautiful environment of the nearby areas of Foy’s Lake and its natural beauty.

Tourist Attractions In Foy’s Lake

Recently Concord, the largest builders institution of Bangladesh, has built an amusement park centering the lake. If anyone wants to spend his holidays with his family and friends, this lake can be your tourist destination. There are different types of arrangement for the visitors like a journey by boat to the lake, having a taste of tasty foods in the restaurants, Tracking, and Concert.

You can enjoy the trip by boat with your family and friends. The green water, fresh cool breezing, the eye-catching hilly views will make your mind feeling heavenly environment that will give your mental peace and remove your stress and unhappiness.

You will find there calm and quiet heavenly environment. You can book one room in the cottages located in the nearby areas of Fay’s lake so that you can pass your time there with your nearest and dearest ones with a view to enjoying sightseeing.

The natural beauty of the lake, its serenity, its beauty in the different parts of the day, having favorite foods and drinks in the restaurants. Staying in the cottages and passing your holidays will give you an exceptional experience of watching hilly views in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

If you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to have your stay there in a moonlit light. The heavenly view of Foy’s Lake will give you the happiness you can not imagine. There you will find different organization arranges concerts where country famous entertainers perform.


You can easily reach Chittagong by bus, train, and air. There are many bus services like Greenline, Samoli and Hanif available for going to Chittagong. From Dhaka Sayadabad bus terminal you can find buses of different bus services in every hour. Anytime you can find them.

You can find train like Provati, Simanto express, and ther Intercity railway services available from Komlapur Railway Station, Dhaka.  Reaching Chittagong,  you can go to Foy’s Lake auto rickshaw, CNG and by minibus.If you go by train, you can quickly reach Pahartoli rail station.

Accommodation And Foods

There are many hotels, motels, and cottages beside Foy;s Lake areas. Before going there, you can book a room for you. There is a rush of tourists coming to watch the natural beauty of Foy;s Lake all around the year.
It can be difficult to find a nice accommodation going over there. So it is wise to book rooms in the hotels, motels or any cottages beside the lake.If you want the hotel management can arrange transportation and food service in room for you, There are also restaurants with almost all hotels.You can have your favorite foods in those restaurants.

Tips For The Tourists

Foy’s Lake is a world-class tourist destination. It is ours. We should keep it clean and beautiful; it is our responsibility.When you enjoy exploring it by boat, you should not throw any wastages
Likepolyethylene or plastic bottles into the lake.

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