Lushai Heritage Village (Sajek Valley,Rangamati) লুসাইদের ঐতিহ্যবাহী গ্রাম

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Weather: Dhaka

Open Time For Visitor: 10am – 5pm

Entry Fee: 30tk

Dress Fee: 100tk

Place type: Resort

Altitude : 23.7302, 90.4152

Mobile: +8801611086513

The traditional Lushai village is located near helipad at ruilui para. By giving an entry fee of 30tk anyone can enjoy lusai,s home and village. The location of this village is at the foot of the Lushai hill. It stays full of crickets sounds.

History of Lushai People

It is assumed that lusai ethnic group came from Burma and they introduced themselves as an descendant of the Mongolia peoples. According to legend chin lung, king of China ,He came to Burma belong with his follower due to disagreement with his father opinion and he built a village and settled there.

Later the descendants of that king reigns about 200 years in the area chinhills, monipur, kasor, Mizoram, saticong etc. That king successor jamuhayaker spread their reign bay of bangal countries Rangamati and bandar ban districts. According to the 1991 census, the total population of lusai is 662.Many lusai people also live in Mizoram, India.


The main food of the Lushai is rice and vegetable. They produce their rice and vegetable by jum cultivating. Pig oil,green chili and mix with vegetable are their favorite food item .For the purpose of preserving fish and meat for a long time ,they hang it on the scaffolding and later they cook and eat.

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