Phan Thiet Tourism, Vietnam: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Situated on the coast of south-eastern Vietnam, Phan Thiet is the capital of Bình Thuan province, a fabulous place, with fantastic beaches that are attracting tourist from all over the world.Phan Thiet is a former fishing village, transformed into a modern tourist resort, with splendid crystalline waters, ideal for sunset or romantic walks.

This amazing place offers a wide range of accommodation, restaurants with various menus. The small but chic villas, located near the beaches, along with the luxury hotels come to satisfy even the most demanding tourist. No matter if you want to relax in the sun, swim, take part in scuba diving sessions or visit the beautiful pagoda, this region is a fabulous place to spend your vacation.

For extreme sensations, you must visit “Red Dunes”, the favorite destination of the ones who want to take some incredible photos from their trips. This is a vast area covered with red sand dunes, a place frequented by locals who come here with their family at the picnic.

Phan Thiet Harbor is one of the few places where you can surprise hundreds of colorful boats in various shades that give the impression of a giant puzzle, a true delight for photo enthusiasts.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Phan Thiet:

In the past, Binh Thuan was belong to the Kingdom of Champa. In 1306, to get this region, King Tran Nhan Tong gave his daughter, Princess Huyen Chan, in marriage to Jaya Sinhavarman III, the King of Champa. Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu conquered this region, in 1962 and gave it a new name:

Binh Thuan Dinh.It seems that this was the region from where Phan Tran Quy Cap and Châu Trinh started their resistance fight, during the decolonization against France.According to a local legend, it was also in this region that the disfigured poet, Han Mac Tu, waited desperately for the love of his life, Mong Cam.The name of this place seems to come from Po Thit, the name of the military governor of the area in the 15th century.

The fortification was called Camp Po Thit, a name that the Vietnamese people pronounced Phan Thiet.Giao Phan Phan Thiet was a traditional fishing village until tourism has boomed in this area. Since then, hundreds of hotels, resorts, guesthouses, restaurants were built here and tourists from all over the world begin to spend their vacations in this amazing place with fabulous beaches.

Each region in Phan Thiet is different and has its own attributes. No matter your personality and tastes, you will certainly find a place to love here. If you love peaceful and quiet places, the Phan Thiet beaches of Ke Ga and Tien Thanh are for you.

For extreme sensation and fabulous pictures to take, then you should visit the Red Dunes. If you are a mountain hiker, Takou is the ideal place for you. Whether you choose to escalate the mountain or explore the tropical jungle at the foot of the mountain, you will discover a diverse flora and fauna but also the tallest statue in the country, representing Buddha, 50 m high.

And there is more than that. In du lich Phan Thiet you can visit so many interesting places and tourist spots that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Here are some of them:

Top Things To Do In Phan Thiet

1.The Fairy Stream
Situated 18 km northeast of Phan Thiet City, The Fairy Stream is a wonderful geological formation, visitedby tourists all over the world.The Fairy Stream is a water fissure nearby Rom Island, surrounded by a mix of white and red sand duneand an amazing field of trees,  flowers and coconut palms. A fabulous and colorful landscape is waiting for you here to take some  incredible photos from your Vietnam vacation.

2. Red Sand Dunes:
An important and very spectacular tourist spot in Gpphanthiet is the Red Sand Dunes, unique natural formations that will amaze you. Here you will be able to take some gorgeous photos and you can also enjoy some really cool activities. Get ready for fabulous landscapes and a lot of fun!

3. Mui Ne Beach
If you visit this region you will certainly want to explore the 15 kilometers of sandy beaches along the coast of Mui Ne. At the northern end, you will encounter a traditional fishing village where you can find out interesting things about the locals, while in the southern part of Mui Ne Beaches you can have a lot of fun activities and water sports.

4. Mui Ne Fishing Village
If you want to witness the local live and traditions, and also taste some delicious seafood, you should definitely visit the traditional fishing village situated at the northern end of Mui Ne beaches. From here you can also have a fantastic view of the coastline with its palm trees and colorful boats.

5. Hoang Hill

Situated atop Ong Hoang Hill, these ancient worship towers, dedicated to three Hindu gods (Lord Shiva, Agni, and Nandi) were built during the Champa Kingdom. From here you will have a fabulous view of the region while exploring a place full of history, legend, and spirituality.

6. The Prince’s Castle
On the Ong Hoang Hill, you can also visit the Prince’s Castle, a depilated French estate house built by Duke De Montpensier in 1911. The castle spanned 536 square, but all we can see today are the ruins an old tower and some military bunkers.

7. White Sand Dunes
This beautiful place with white sand dunes plunging towards a small lagoon is a must-see attraction for a visitor of this region. Here you can take unique photos and you can try fun activities like sand-sledding or ATV rides.

8. Van Thuy Tu Temple
The largest and oldest temple in Phan Thiet, Van Thuy Tu was built in 1762 n honor of Ca Ong (Lord Whale) as locals here believe that whales are kind creatures that protect fishermen and sailors while traveling the sea. In this temples, you can find the remains of more than 100 whales and also some interesting artifacts from the Nguyen Dynasty

Best Hotel List In Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet, you will find a wide range of hotels and resorts. Depending on your budget and preferences you can choose from a wide variety of accommodations areas. Here are the best of them:

1. Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel
Located in the center of Mui Ne city, just 300 meters from the best part of the beach, Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel is a clean and friendly place where you can eat some really good food. Rooms are very nice and modern furnished and from the balconies, you can have some amazing views. You can benefit here of free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, minibar, a fitness center with gym, a workout room and a pool.

2. Villa Aria Muine
The Newest Boutique Beach Resort in Muine, Villa Aria Muine is a very nice place with spacious and comfortable rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and minibar. The resort also has a pool and a spa where you can have a relaxing time.

3. Phu Hai Resort
Phu Hai Resort is an amazing accommodation place for tourist who visits Phan Thiet. This four stars nice resort lays on three hectares of tropical gardens and it also has its own private beach. Its modern luxurious rooms and villas are equipped with air condition, mini bar, LCD television, telephone and hair dryer.

4. Shades Resort
Another nice Phan Thiet resort is Shades, a nice place located right on the seafront of Mui Ne Beach, 10-minute drive to the Red Sand Dunes.Shades Resort offers some very nice and appointed rooms with minibar, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi access, TV, DVD player. You can relax at the hotel’s pool, and you can also ask for local massage in the room.

5. Pandanus Resort
Another nice resort with a wide range of facilities is Pandanus Hotel, a nice place situated on the Mui Ne beach. The rooms are very comfortable and appointed with a minibar, air conditioning, and free Internet. The hotel also has a fitness center with gym, a workout room, and a pool.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Phan Thiet

Another amazing thing in resort Phan Thiet is the traditional cuisine. As fishing is the main source of income for the locals, you will find here some really delicious seafood. besides that, you should also try some other specialities of the Vietnamese cuisine like mi Quang (turmeric noodles), banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), com ga (chicken rice), nghe cake (banh nghe, rolled rice paper, quai Vac cake (banh quai vạc), can cake (banh can) and pho noodles. The best places to taste these delicious traditional foods are the markets.

Khach San Phan Thiet is full of restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Besides the traditional food, you can also try here Asian, French, Italian, or American dishes.


2.Breeze Restaurant & Bar

3.Ganesh Indian Restaurant

4.Surfing Bird’s WOK

5.Ratinger Lowe

How To Reach -- & How Much It Costs:

At first, you need to go Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, then you can go to Mui Ne by bus or by train. You can also fly to Dalat, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh. From Dalat, you can take a taxi to Phan Thiet.

From Nah Thang and Ho Chi Minh you can travel by bus,There is a bus route of about 207 km from Ho Chi Minh – Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan.This journey will take you about 4 hours and there are different bus operators on this route.

Here are some of them: Quang Thach bus, Dong Hung bus, Cao Lam bus, Phuong Trang bus,, Hanh Cafe bus, Huynh Gia bus, Hoang Long bus, Phuong Nam bus, Tam Hanh bus, bus,Kumho Samco bus, Ngoc Hung Bus, Hoang Dung Bus, Trung Nga Bus, Tuan Hoa Bus, Vu Hoang Bus, Nam Phuong Bus, Quang Son Bus.You can buy the bus tickets at Mien Dong Bus Station, but you can also have the possibility to buy them Online.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Cho Phan Thiet is located it the driest region of South East Asia. There is a little rain here, even in the rainy season and this fact makes this region a place where you can spend a wonderful vacation on any day during the year. But the most recommended period of the year to spend a great time in this amazing place would be between August and April.

Tips For Tourists

An amazing exotic land where you can see beautiful places, relax in the sun, explore new sensations and take some really fun activities, Phan Thiet is a place where you can spend the most beautiful vacation ever! No matter your age, your personality or your tastes, this place has everything for everyone.

You will certainly love the Phan Thiet beach where you can enjoy some really hot days in almost any time of the year. Exploring wild places and traditional villages are also going to be a real pleasure for you if you like to find out new interesting things about the customs, traditions, and culture of different communities.

If you are a passionate photographer you will certainly come home from this holiday with a collection of extraordinary pictures taken from the exotic places encountered in this amazing region.If you are a gourmand always seeking for new tastes and recipes, the Vietnamese cuisine will amaze you, for sure.

Tasting all the specialties from the markets and the traditional restaurants will be a real pleasure for you.If you travel in couple and want to have some unique romantic moments, you will definitely find everything you dream about here, in this place where you can feel that love is in the air all the time.

A family trip to this region will also be a perfect one. There are a lot of activities and places that your kids will absolutely love. And if you come here with your friends, you will certainly have lots of fun together!So, if you are planning to have an exotic vacation, our advice is to choose this wonderful region in south-eastern Vietnam. Phan Thiet Vietnam is a place that will remain in your memory and heart forever.

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