Cai Be Tourism, Vietnam: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Cai Be is a town in Vietnam which consists of both the land as well as river. Mekong Delta, that is the region of Vietnam has Tien Giang Province and in this province is this district. There are harbors and docks that carry both the goods and passengers along the river. Furthermore, there is a busy floating market on the river near Vinh Long.

It is a very different and unique wholesale market as people sell their goods and products. They sell their products by hanging them on the poles of their boats. Buyers and sellers meet on the boats. It is a breathtaking place for the photographers. Also for the tourists who can do boating to see different canals and the lifestyle of local people.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Cai Be

t is the Economic, Political and Administrative heart of Southern Vietnam. It deals in tropical fruits and agricultural products which are widely distributed to the whole country as well as its own region. Anti-American war is what made it famous according to the local people there.

It got its fame throughout the world due to its floating markets which resemble the floating markets of Phung Hiep. With the help of new technology, the motor boats are available for the tourists to wander around and see the floating markets and its beauty. Tourists can experience the method of buying and selling of the goods as well as products.

It is not just limited to the fruits and agricultural products, rather you can get to see floating gas stations, floating bars, floating restaurants and more floating shops. The medium of transportation there are the canals which are the fastest as well as easiest means of transportation.

Secret mysterious canals, cruising and boat rides during the hustle and bustle are the attractions that attract the photographers from around the world provided with unique and different moments. Tourists get to eat fresh fruits and an opportunity to meet the local distributors and merchants. If you’re visiting Caibe then, floating markets should be the top priority to visit in the morning.

Cai Be Name,S History & Its Culture:

The official and proven history of Cai Be is unknown. It is believed that it came into being during the period of delta’s formation. Moreover, it occurred between 17th and 18th century by the central Vietnam’s people. These people started cultivation and stayed here by settling down for many years.

In 1732, Nguyen’s Lord “Gia Dinh” officially declared and named the Long Ho Town’s building as Cai Be Town. Furthermore, the location of floating market is where the river mouth starts. The length of this market is around 500m. More than 400 boats gather every day to trade in the Delta.

There are also such people who come to Cai Be floating market to buy products at a wholesale rate. Then after buying they get back to their land for selling purposes. The market remains open all the day but it gets crowded only in the morning.

Top Things To Do In Cai Be

1. Cai Be Floating market
The trading of goods and fruits on the boat in the morning is a beauty to see. That’s a whole market running in the water on boats. It’s amazing to see how people have made it as their livelihood by buying and selling wholesale products in the floating market. The bustling morning is its attraction and worthy to be captured in the pictures.

2. Cho Gao
Cho Gao is an amazing attraction for the tourists to visit as they can be a part of the local people’s lives with a distance of 64km from Cai Be Vietnam. Here tourists find many things to buy for their loved ones back at home as a gift such as a bonsai, rice, handicrafts and much more. It has its own floating market to see and gets open early in the morning where tourists can come and take boat rides as well.

3. Cai Rang
It is 75km from the center of the district. The floating market of Cai Rang came into being when there were no means of transportation and road. You get to see a lot of people who have spent their entire lives generation to generation living and earning on their boats. They sell food, goods, and fruits while their kids study on the boats. It is an amazing experience to see the lifestyle.

4. Phong Dien
With a distance of 88 km from Cai Be Vietnam, Phong Dien is known as the best floating market in Mekong Delta region. There is a less quantity of motor boats and more are the rowing boats. The best time to visit this market is from 5 am to 7 am in the morning. There is a night market as well as Coop Mart around Phong Dien.

5. Mekong Rustic
It is a place which is free of cars and is best to see on bikes. Tropical fruits, floating market, local people life style, boat tours, water sports, the atmosphere in the night, ponds, biking trails, gardens and fishing in the day are the attractions of Mekong Rustic. It’s fun to talk to the locals via google translator there.

6. Soc Trang
It is located 131km from the district’s center. Each floating market is different from the other in these areas. Similarly, Soc Trang floating market is beautiful as well. There are temples, resorts, and lakes to visit. The camera is a must while visiting Soc Trang.

7. Can Tho
You can visit the floating markets of Can Tho as well as enjoy the boat tours, Can Tho night market, Buu Tri Pagoda, Quang Duc Pagoda, Phat Hoc Pagoda, Chua Munirensay, Can Tho Museum and Can Tho Military Museum. The distance from the district to Can Tho is around 80 km.

8. Ho Chi Minh City
It is also known as Saigon. Places to visit there are Binh Tay Market, Thien Hau Temple (Pagoda), Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, Bitexco Financial Tour, Independence Palace, Saigon Cathedral of Notre Dame, Central Post Office, War Remnant Museum, Opera House, Dong Khoi Street, Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Fito Museum, San Art Laboratory, Turtle Lake at Night, Phu My Hung, Star Light Bridge, Water Puppet Show, Rooftop Bar, Fine Arts Museum, Vietnamese Street Food, Jade Emperor Pagoda and Local Wet Market.

Best Hotel List In Cai Be

1. The Island Lodge
It is giving royal spa and hygienic outdoor large pool. It is by far the most royal hotels in the place. The staff is well mannered and cooperative. There are modern rooms with Wi-fi facility. All the rooms are air-conditioned with spectacular views of greenery around and charging $156 for a night.

2. Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa
It is charging around $81/night for their services of free wi-fi, outdoor swimming pool, in house restaurant providing international cuisine, front desk service of 24 hours, air-conditioned rooms and an amazing Spa.

3. Forever Green Resort
It is located 45km from Vinh Long. They have an in-house bar, air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TV showing HD channels, 24 hours receptions, private bathrooms, gift shop and pool in just $77 a night.

4. Halona Hotel
It is giving the facility of free Wi-fi to their customers, air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TV, smoking is not allowed, free slippers to use in the room with private bathrooms in $15 for the whole.

5. Phuong Nam Hotel
According to the reviews of a customer, the staff did free washing for them, they stayed in a suite with double bed with free Wi-Fi and friendly as well as helpful staff. They paid $13 for a night.

6. Happy Family Guesthouse
They charge $26 which includes the breakfast. The guest house has an extensive garden, a beautiful pool to enjoy with family or friends, fishing, catching seafood, barbecue, free parking, free wifi, cottage with garden view, cottage with river view, 24 hours front desk service and air-conditioned rooms for the tourists. This is far economical and value for money hotel to stay and enjoy your trip.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Cai Be

Generally speaking, all of the restaurants mentioned above offer a wide range of food.  Food such as fish, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, dishes of meat, local food and a lot of fruits. Moreover, they offer good toilets and a lot of space.

Most of the restaurants are congested but hygienic. Additionally, it is one of the few places in Vietnam which offer western dishes and quality food to the tourists. The food doesn’t cost a lot, some local restaurants even offer noodles and rice dishes and fries.

People love to eat Hoa Loc Mangoes there which is one of their specialties. The taste of these mangoes is delicious, fresh and enriched with nutrition. This fruit’s production is around 15 thousand tons annually.

Here’s the list of 7 best restaurants to eat;

  1. Viet Emotion
  2. Pineapple Restaurant
  3. Oishi
  4. Le Bordeaux
  5. Com Bin Dan
  6. Nhat Linh
  7. Hai Nhi

How To Reach Cai Be & How Much It Costs:

The best way to travel is by bus. In the Mekon Region, there are 2 companies of buses serving the travelers. One is the orange bus which is known as Phuong Trang and the other is the dark red bus which is called Thanh Buoi. The cost of a single route/one-way ticket is around $5 and in Vietnamese, it becomes 110k dongs.

Additionally, a trip to reach by using orange bus takes around 3 1/2 hours which includes a break of 10 minutes for snacks, food, shopping and washroom at the pit stop. The same break time is given by the dark red bus to the travelers and takes 3 hours to reach Can Tho (80km from the center of the district).

There comes a bridge close to Vinh Long and when it comes, it is a sign that you’re half way through.  By reaching the bus station of Can Tho, you’ll get to see a lot of motor taxis which are called Xe Om as well as other taxis which you can hire to reach straight to your hotel.

As a matter of fact, pick up should be free for departure from your hotel while arranging and booking the bus. Try to stay away from the travel companies as they might charge you for their service of booking and book the bus ticket by yourself from the hotel you’re staying in.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

June to September is the ideal time to visit Cai Be and Mekong Delta. However, a tourist can visit here in any season. The most beautiful attraction of this place is the floating market’s sunset and sunrise. It is good if you see it gets crowded early in the morning from 4 am till 11 am.

Some tourists go after 11 am and complain about fewer boats as well as less crowd. The floating market gets bustling in the morning. Mostly agriculture products and fruits of different kinds are traded with the locals and tourists.

Tips For Tourists

1. While visiting CaiBe, make a plan to stay for a night in Vinh Long. By this, you can grab the liveliest and bustling scenes of floating markets. The markets get open early in the morning and close before 12 pm.
2.Not to say, if you’re a photography lover then bring your camera, your hat, and sunscreen to avoid sunlight, mosquito, and insect repellent.
3.Another key point is that, do not eat from any stranger, even if someone’s offering you a fruit without you asking.
4.Keep your money in your wallet and put the wallet in your bag or in the front pocket of your trouser/jeans.
5.Equally important, do not forget to take the water bottle while bicycling in Caibe.
6.Wear goggles while bike trails particularly to avoid the little insects getting in your eyes.
7.On the positive side, try your utmost best to get back to your hotel before evening.

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