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[su_wiloke_sc_company_website]Cuba was first discovered and claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain during his first traveling to the New World in 1492. Cuba remained a Spanish colony until the end of 19th century. It is the most prominent and thickly settled island in the Caribbean Sea. The shape of the island looks like that of an alligator. Almost sixty percent of the land is very flat and of fertile plains used in grazing cattle and or sugarcane cultivation. A quarter of the territory of Cuba is forested mountains.

There are three major mountains found on this island. The first one is Sierra Maestro, situated at the eastern end of Cuba. Another one is Trinidad Mountains which are known to be part of the Sierra Escambry, located at the island center. The third one is Sierra de Los Organos. This is the western Cuba where the uncommon knolls referred to it as Mogotes or Buttes.

It rises from the Vinales valley floor where he derived its name. The reason why it is so called is that the Spanish conquerors considered it resembles the pipes of an organ. One of the reasons why foreigners love to visit this island is as a result of various site attractions in it. Such include:


This is a place where a tremendous Great White Shark was caught in the 1940s. This shark was recognized as one of the challenges for the greatest specimen of all time. Besides, Cojimar was a sudden intuition for The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Meanwhile, there is a great argument concerning the Great White Shark’s accuracy in measurements that were taken prior the modern times.

Cojimar is regarded as a small fishing village located in the east of Havana. It forms a ward which is considered an integral of Habana Del Este municipality. The food is not remarkable and is mostly from the sea. It is tastefully prepared; an excellent fish soup, fish and lobster and quite edible as one sits at the bar. There are unique places in Cojimar to do lunch and have a stroll. Read more about Cojimar …..

Cojímar village
Cojímar is the village that inspired Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. ©Olivier Monbaillu

Playa Giron

Playa Giron is situated in one of the biggest wetlands, Cienaga de Zapata, in the globe. It was named after the notorious French pirate called Gilberto Giron. Nevertheless, Playa Giron is known to be a beach and village on the east bank of the Bahia de Cochinos which is located in the Matanzas province found on the southern coast of Cuba. This is precisely part of the municipality of Cienaga de Zapata.

This beach was said to be one of the two landing places for the seaborne forces of around 1,500 armed Cuban exiles in Bay of Pigs Invasion. This is an American CIA sponsored attempt to plan coup d Etat for the new government of Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro. For about three days, the great fight took place in most of the areas of the Cienaga de Zapata. Playa Giron is regarded as the last remaining place filled with the invaders. Presently, the Museo Giron is the small museum purposely devoted to historical dispute. Read more about Playa Giron …..

Entrance to Bay of Pigs Museum
Entrance to Bay of Pigs Museum ©Larry Kay

Playa Ancon

It is very important to visit Playa Ancon to enable you to stick around for the sunset. Your trip to Cuba and Trinidad would not be completed without adding a day trip to Playa Ancon. This is a beach where palm trees lined up next to calm and pristine water. It is making for an excellent spot to catch some sun, work on your tan and as well relax as you swim inside tranquil waters.

The people of Cuba have it all worked out for them with few numbers of hotels that line along the beach itself providing food and drink services to those that rent chairs from them on the beach. Additionally, you have free choice to set yourself up under one of the trees that lined up the sand. Better still; you can set yourself under numerous shaded structures that are purposely built for the backpackers and the tourists that want to enjoy Playa Ancon. Read more about Playa Ancon…..

Nice Beach of Playa Ancón
Nice Beach of Playa Ancón ©honza.snopek

Topes de Collantes

Literarily, Collantes mean “High.” Topes de Collantes is a nature park in Escambray Mountains range in Cuba. It is known as the third highest peak in reserve. This is a place where a small settlement and travelers center is situated. Topes de Collantes is regarded as one of the parks located outside Trinidad. It has one of the greatest waterfalls and lagoons in the world. The walk to the waterfall is around 45 minutes with an easy path.

If you go to the waterfall, you have to climb down hence required the wearing of running shoes and not flip-flops. You have to climb moderately and with agility. The guide will also assist you, therefore; do not be put off except you find climbing difficult. The big attraction here includes caves, rivers, falls, grottos, canyons, mountain hills. It is enveloped by Mariposa and natural pools with crystal clear water. The important animal species found here include Cartacuba, unique hummingbirds and tocororo which is also referred to as the national bird of Cuba. Read more about Topes de Collantes…..

Cascades Tope de Collantes
Cascades Tope de Collantes ©Mariano Prior

Playa Larga

Playa Larga is a tiny village where you can get to with Viazul from Havana or through taxi collective. The journey from Havana is around 3 hours. The road at times is bumpy but not too bad. You might not hear much about Playa Larga and its beauty because it is not a touristic spot. It is just like a summer holiday area for the people of Cuba. However, if you are looking for a very beautiful beach, wild spot and as well as scuba-diving which is very far from the Westernized Varadero, then Playa Larga is the right place. You have various options to enjoy yourself and have a lovely time in Playa Larga as you: Read more about Playa Larga…..

  • Just take a good repellant together with you
  • Make sure you go with strong internet connection because few WIFI hotspot is
  • Restaurant options is few as every Casa can cook traditional food, but this should not be a problem for you.
  • Try to be humble and have respect for the nature you find around you.
  • Go with enough cash to make things much easier for you.
  • Make a reservation of your Viazul tickets or better still; ask for a day advance at Casa for taxi Collectivo booking.
    All these tips will give you high level of enjoyment to the brim in Playa Larga.
Coral underwater
Coral underwater ©Our Wanderland


Guardalavaca is such a small village that has a fantastic beach. This beach boasts powder soft white sand and very clear turquoise waters. If you are visiting this place, ensure that you take your swimming dress together with you. The reason is that you will surely get too hot to the extent that you will not be able to resist refreshing yourself as you get dip inside the beautiful ocean. The market area activities are always in the evening.

After which people join in the parties that are frequently organized by guests of the Amigo and Brisas Hotels, travelers and the local population of Cuba. Also, there is a favorite evening haunt with the folk of these days. Guardalavaca usually organizes daily craft market with the few bars and the cafe bars. This market is a little bit small, and on a daily basis, the vendors change. Therefore, if you see something you like to buy, it is advisable to buy instantly because the opportunity might not come again.Read more about Guardalavaca …..

Guardalavaca ©Sergio

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