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[su_wiloke_sc_company_website]One place that provides the natural beauty and relaxing environment in the best way is Thulusdhoo. Thulusdhoo Island has been rated as one of the best places to visit in Maldives. In the last few years, this place has become a very popular tourist attraction. Although it is a popular tourist destination, as the place has been in its process of development, the cried is lesser than the other places. For people who like to be in a very calm and quiet place where there are fewer crowds, this is the perfect place.  Tourist comes to Thulusdhoo Island for sightseeing, snorkeling, and diving. There are several sites where you can go for snorkeling and diving.

Natural Haven
Natural Haven © Ibrahim Iujaz

Best time to visit this place:

The best time to visit Thulusdhoo Maldives is a bit tricky. As far the climate is concerned, you can visit this place any time of the year. The rains keep down the temperature. In the hot days, the maximum temperature is about 32-degree centigrade. During the period from November to January, the climate is moderate and is the perfect time to visit this place. Some tourist prefers the rainy season for their trips as the diving conditions in the rainy season is perfect. While other people prefer sunny days so that they can visit other places on bikes or taxi rides.

General information about this place:

History of the place and culture:

The history of Thulusdhoo Maldives is very much fascinating. Thulusdhoo is always an island that is known for its peaceful history. Like the other island in the region, this one too has not been ruled by many rulers. There are several Buddhist monuments and Islamic monuments in the island that proves that this land influences Islamic and Buddhist people. The people here are of different ethnic background. The most popular language here is the Dhivehi Language and is spoken widely in the island. The local people are very much friendly, and they know how to welcome the tourist. They are also very cultured, and they love their roots. The hospitable nature of the local people makes this place one of the most preferred destination in the country in the recent years.

Thulusdhoo Island
Thulusdhoo Island © Wild Maldives

Geographical location and why is this place famous:

Thulusdhoo is a very popular tourist destination in Maldives and is located in the region of Kaafu Atoll. It is the capital city of Kaafu Atoll. Kaafu Atoll is a very popular administrative division of the country. The whole place is surrounded by uninhabited islands. People come to this place for different activities. Diving is very popular here, and there are several diving sites. A tourist enjoys the diving sessions provided by the local agencies. The diving sites are unique here in this island. The reefs make it a perfect place. There are also several snorkeling sites that you can go on your tour to this place.

Thulusdhoo © Umaisha
This place is very popular for its excellent sightseeing destinations. There are different sites where you can go for sightseeing. The Buddhist monuments and the mosques are quite a popular place of attraction here. The Island is also home to several popular and international class resorts. There is spa center where you can go for spa sessions. This place is also very popular for its sea food. AS the place is an Island, seafood is very famous here, and there are many restaurants of international standards that serve seafood to the tourist who comes here from all over the globe.  The Thulusdhoo Bikini Beach is a favorite place that tourist come to visit here in the island.

Places to see here and things to do in Thulusdhoo :

  1. Cokes surf pint: Surfing is one of the popular things that the tourist enjoys here on this island. If you want to experience surfing, then this is the perfect place for you to start. They provide excellent sites for surfing. You can also avail surfing boats from them. The rates are also quite reasonable.
    They are try to find sea snails Near the thulusdhoo surfing
    They are try to find sea snails Near the thulusdhoo surfing point © hussain simthaz simthaz
  2. The chicken surf point: Another very popular surfing site in this island is the Chicken, Surf Pint. This place is very popular among the people as they are quite friendly. The instructors can speak several languages. The rates are also quite affordable. So the next time you are in this place then do not forget to surf here in the famous chicken surf point.
  3. Uninhabited islands: Several uninhabited islands are surrounding this place. Several local agencies provide local tours and camping facilities in these uninhabited islands. The rates are also quite reasonable, and it is a once in a life time experience. Some of the popular uninhabited islands are Baros, Bodu Hithi, and Dhoonidhoo, etc.
    Maldivian swings in Thulusdhoo
    Maldivian swings in Thulusdhoo © Imagineth
  4. Go diving: There are several sites where you can go for diving sessions. There are local agencies that provide diving equipment to the tourist. You can avail this equipment from the agencies at a very reasonable rate and enjoy your diving sessions.
  5. Go snorkeling: This Island is also very famous for snorkeling; there is much wildlife that you can see in the sea. The reef makes the place quite a unique place for snorkeling. The local agencies provide equipment and gears for the snorkeling sessions which are also very much affordable.
    Wow Thulusdhoo
    Wow! Thulusdhoo © Azanls
  6. Go surfing: Like most of the islands in the country, this place is also very popular for surfing. People come here to enjoy surfing sessions. There are local agencies that provide surf boats and other equipment at a very affordable rate. So the next time you are in this place, then do not forget to go for an excellent surfing session.
  7. Sightseeing: There are local agencies that provide taxi services and local tours. You can go for sightseeing in the nearby areas. The scenic beauty is one of the most talked topics of this island. You can go and visit the natural sites that are the popular tourist attraction. The taxi rides are affordable. The Thulusdhoo Bikini Beach is one of the popular places of attraction that you can include in your sightseeing tour.
    Crystal Clear Water in Thulusdhoo Island
    Crystal Clear Water in Thulusdhoo Island © Wild Maldives
  8. The wildlife: The wildlife of this place is very popular among the people. There are several species of sea creatures that you can see here. There are also many types of sea plants that you can see here. The marsh lands are very beautiful sites. Some of the popular animal’s species include Valikukulhu, a rare bird known as Common Moorhen in English. Among the flora, there are water spinach, Jambul, pond apple, mango, and screwpine, etc.

How to reach Thulusdhoo :

Reaching this place is quite easy as there are several ways that you can reach this place. There are also other means of transportation that you can avail in the island. Let’s find out more about these transportations:

  • By airways: The closest airport to this place is Gal International Airport. There are many flights available from the major cities in the world to this airport. From this airport, you can avail boat services to reach this island.
    Bridge, Thulusdhoo most popular area
    Bridge, Thulusdhoo most popular area © hussain simthaz simthaz
  • By airstrips: There are airstrips available for the tourist who can avail from the nearby islands such as Male. These airstrips are very popular among the tourist, and they are also affordable.
  • By bicycles: Bicycles are very popular here in this island. Many local people provide bicycles on hire to the tourist. As the weather is quite pleasant here, the bicycle ride is a good option for you to go for sightseeing in the island. The bicycle rides are also quite affordable.
  • By motorcycle: Many local agencies provide motorcycle ride to the tourist. These rides are affordable and comfortable. Especially if you are alone or you are with your partner these motorcycle rides are affordable and a good option.
  • By Thulusdhoo Ferry: The Thulusdhoo Ferry is very popular here. The rates are affordable, and that is why you cannot miss this ride on your next trip.
    Tropical haven thulusdhoo
    Tropical haven thulusdhoo + kudarah © j-o-j-o-b-a-a

Hotels and resorts in Thulusdhoo :

There are several quality hotels and resorts that you can avail here. Let’s find out the top hotels and resorts in this place:

  • Midsummer: One of the famous hotels on the island. Several amenities scale international standards. Some of the most popular facilities include the Internet, Airport Transportation, Non-Smoking rooms, Pool, Air Conditioning.
  • Sun Beach Hotel: The most famous one in this list, this hotel is all about the excellent suites and rooms that are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and the hot bath. There is also parking space available in the hotel.
    Streets of Thulusdhoo
    Streets of Thulusdhoo © Imagineth
  • Casandana Thulusdhoo: Another popular place for your stay in the island is this one. This hotel is very much popular because of its facilities that it provides such as Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Air Conditioning, Restaurant, Airport Transport and Room Service.
  • Season Paradise: The Tawali Season Paradise is a very popular resort among the tourist for its location which has been strategically selected. There are several rooms and suites available at this resort. You can also avail spa session here.
  • Golhaa View Inn: The Golhaa View Inn is a very famous hotel that you can stay. They are known for their staff that is very professional, and their rates are reasonable.

Food and restaurants:

Like the country, Thulusdhoo is also very popular for its food and restaurants. Several restaurants serve quality western, Chinese, American and local cuisines to the people. Let’s find out some of the finest places to dine here:

  • Fusion by Canopus: The Fusion by Canopus is a very popular place to eat here in Thulusdhoo. This is a perfect restaurant for kids. The location of the restaurant is also exotic.
  • Contagious Pizza: If you are looking to taste some of the finest Pizza in the island then this is the perfect place for your taste buds. The rates here are affordable.
    Fish Coconut (Mas Kaashi)
    Fish Coconut (Mas Kaashi) © Le Désir De La Couronne
  • Aveli Restaurant: The Aveli Restaurant is known for its local cuisines that they serve here in Thulusdhoo. Many people come to this restaurant for spending quality time with their families. The rates are reasonable.
  • Toulouse by Salsa: The Toulouse by Salsa s another very famous restaurant on the Island. The staff here is very friendly, and you can taste different cuisines here in this place.

Tips of tourist:

  • Book your stay ASAP: One thing that you must do is to book early as you might not get immediately on reaching the place.
  • Avoid the hot season: The hot season is very much tiring for the people, and that is the reason why it is quite advisable to come to this place during the rainy season when the temperature falls.

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