Top Things To Do & Activities In Jaflong Sylhet

1. Boat ride

You can admire the natural greenery of while your way is driving. In the Mari river, you can enjoy the boat ride as well the huge variety of stone collection. You can see fishes, stones all through the clear crystal water of the river. There you will find tea, orange and jackfruit gardens.

If you wish, you can take a dippy dip in the river. The boat trip will cost around BDT 250 but will accommodate the whole family. You can roam around the river and see the hanging bridge.

2. Khasi Tribe

You will get to know the culture of the thousand years old inhabitant, Tribe Khasia in there. They are indigenous people of the hills, living in total harmony with nature of the mountain. Their little villages are known as “Punjees” which are full of their pretty small houses on bamboo slits.

The Khasi live simply growing Paan (betel leaf), Supari (Betel nut) and fishing. You may come across the Paan-supari plantation when you go through their villages. You will be surprised to learn that once these simply amazing people were a fierce, warlike tribe. When you venture into the forest, you can reach the palace of the Khasia king. It’s a modest wooden affair.

3. Shopping

In the nearby Dauki Bazar, you may buy some stone showpieces. You can also get hold of beautiful clothes made at local cottage industries at the Bollar Ghat. Shops there sell every kind items that display local craftsmanship in carving stone souvenirs, sarees, beddings, sheetal pati or rugs, etc. If you hire a boat, there is a hanging bridge where you can visit.

4. Hill tracking

Jaflong Bangladesh, being a real hilly forest area, it is also a good place for hill tracking. You may come across many wild animals in the forest. It is not a good idea to go there alone. In the grounds, you can get a view of an orange grove, one of Sylhet’s disappearing attractions.

5. Religious area

There are two very famous religious spots there. The Major of Shahajalal and Shah Amanat where thousands of tourists find spiritual peace. The city of Sylhet is also called Shah Jalal Nagar.

6. Sripur

Sripur and Jaintapur are other nearby tourist areas. Sripur is only 7-8km distant from there. It falls on the same road to Sylhet; you need to take a sub road to enter Sripur waterfall. Here you can enjoy various stone collection and orange garden when you go inside Sripur crossing the hills.

7. Jaintapur

Only 5 km from the tourist spot, Jaintapur is another tourist place of importance. It is famous among the tourist for the historical background. Here, a great number of tourist come to visit the ruins of the Jainta Rajbari, the palace of the kings of Jainta.

8. Chhatak

You can certainly visit Assam Bengal Cement factory at Chhatak. It is about 35 km. Northwest of Sylhet town and very well linked by rail, road, and river and is famous for the orange garden.

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