Top Things To Do In Bichanakandi

1. Combined Tour

You can also plan your travel including several adjacent attractions along with Bichanakandi. A rough idea can be it will take three days to complete starting from morning till evening. Your travel will also encompass destinations like Lala Khal,  Ratargul,  Pangthumai, Jaflong around Sylhet city. It is better to be in a group, per person costing will be approximately BDT 4900 which is equivalent to USD 58.

2. Lala Khal

Another tourist attraction famous for the mountain, tea garden and the flowing water that remains green.

3. Ratargul

The only freshwater swamp in Bangladesh is a real beauty. It is a completely different world of breathtaking scenery which cannot be completely explained. Words only cannot justify the magnetic pull you will feel the more you plunge inside the wetland.

4. Pangthumai

A small near border village full of soothing eye greenery. From the village, you can get a great view of waterfall gushing down the mountain. Sorry to say this magnificent cascade falls in India before getting all too excited.

5. Jaflong

Another quarry worth visiting for its location and natural beauty.

6. Tribal Lifestyle

As a number tribes live in the adjacent hilly areas, you can explore their lifestyles to learn about their culture.

7. Dining Bus restaurant

Before ending your journey when you come to Gowainghat CNG station do visit the dining facility called the Dining Bus restaurant. Interesting idea of this restaurant was inspired by a double decker bus. It is certainly worthy to check out this excellent initiative by some young men of Bangladesh.

8. Common activities

There are activities like the stone collection, boat ride beside waterfall viewing in all of these places mentioned above. Next time you visit you may also visit Madhabkunda waterfall, Lawacherra Rainforest, and Hummum falls at Jaflong.

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