Place to visit in Sylet

1. Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul is located in the Gowainghat of  Sylhet district, Bangladesh. It is about 26 kilometers away from Sylhet city. This place is famous for the natural beauty of its freshwater swamp forest. There is about 504 acres wetland swamp forest in Ratargul. There are very few freshwater swamp forest in the world.

2. Jaflong


Jaflong is a scenic spot famous for waterfalls, tea gardens and surrounding small hills. Located in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh, this is a very attractive hilly area. Jaflong is the landmark of limits between two countries. You can go there driving only 60 km northeast of the Sylhet district.

3. Bichanakandi


Bichanakandi, the new tourist destination at the boundary of Sylhet division, is all about waterfalls and collection of stones, pebbles in the crystal-clear river water. At the lap of sky-hugging mountains lies this bouquet of nature’s incredible picturesque beauty.

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