Burao Tourism, Somalia: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

Almost untouched by tourists, there are still many of them that fly to this place for their vacation. This place has so much to offer. Burao is also known as Burco. This is the capital city of Togdheer region that serves as the economic lifeline of the region.

There is so much trade that happens here. The landmarks here are quite amazing and quite different from the rest of the tourist destinations around the world. Predominantly inhabited by people of Islamic faith, this is one of the most popular destinations in the region.

This region is also very famous in the horn of Africa every year and few tourists travel here for sightseeing. The natural attractions are quite obvious in this place as there are so many sites that will mesmerize you.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Burao

Burao is a very famous destination in Somaliland. Although this place is practically untouched by the world of tourism, there are many sites that people visit. The climate here is quite suitable all the year round and the natural beauty is beyond imagination.

There are many commercial places where the local carpets are quite popular. Tourists come here for sightseeing, mostly. There are markets that are huge. The largest livestock market is also presented here in this place. The local trades here livestock which is also the major export product of the country.

The mangroves represent the beauty of nature here and the green, lush attracts people to come and revisit this place again. Kenya is quite near to this place and there are many traders that come from Kenya for livestock trading.

Burao Name,S History & Its Culture:

Burao just like the entire Somaliland is occupied by people of Islamic faith and the society preaches Islamic laws. The societies here are distributed into clans and generally, there are about 5000 to 50000 members in one clan that varies from one region to another.

Here clans are considered to be very important and no discrimination against any clan can be observed. The largest clan is the Isaaq and the other clans here are Issa, Gaboyee and Harti Darod.  People here speak Arabic and it came from Afro-Asiatic linguistic family.

Just like the rest of the Somaliland this place too has seen a lot of military rules and wars. That is why this place is still in its developing stages. After many years of war and separation, Somaliland got its first president, Abderahman Ahmed Ali Tuur.

Top Things To Do In Burao

1. The paintings of Hargeisa
Hargeisa is about 113 km from this place and it is quite popular for the cave paintings. These paintings were discovered by a French Archeological team. You need to get permission from the authorities here to travel to this place as these paintings are taken minute care by the locals and the government.

2. Freedom Arch
Somaliland has seen decades of wars and military rules and there were so many wars affected families here in this place. Freedom Arch is dedicated to those fallen soldiers and families.

3. Natural sites
There are many natural sites where you can go for a sightseeing. The Naasa Hablood is one of those places that is quite popular. It is a twin hill.

4. The grassland savannah
If you are in Burao, then do not miss to witness the grassland savannah where the wild animals come to graze.

5. Wildlife
This place is very popular for its wildlife. Some of the animals that you can see in the forest regions are Kudu, Wild Boars, Zebra, the Somali Wild Ass, Warthogs and much more.

6. Visit the clans
This place is very popular for their clan culture. If you manage a trip to one of these clans then this would be one of a lifetime experience. There are many tourists who come to this place to meet the clans and the people.

7. The countryside nomads
The nomadic culture of this place has been a major attraction for the tourists. There are many nomadic tribes that live in the countryside. On a lucky day, you can see one of these tribes.

8. Go for a hike
Hiking is very popular here in this place. There are many local agencies that provide hiking to the tourists at very reasonable rates. You can hike around the green, lush region.

9. Local Carpet stores
This place is very popular for its carpets that are made by the locals. There are several shops that provide carpets of the highest quality for sale. But you need to have good negotiation skills to get those at the right price.

10. The Shopping center
If you are visiting this place, do not forget to go to the Shopping Center, which is one of the most visited places in the town. There are many tourists who visit this center for shopping. Apart from carpets, you can also avail different local artifacts and clothes.

11. Old Stelae
As this place is very well known for its ancient settlements, there are many burial sites in the town where you can see old Stelae.

12. The largest livestock market
One of its major trade is livestock and traders from neighboring countries like Kenya come to this place for trading livestock. The largest livestock market is present here.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Burao

1. Burao City Plaza Hotel
One of the most popular hotels in this place, Burao City Plaza Hotel is known for its comfortable stay that they provide to the tourists. There are 8 suites and 8 rooms in the hotel. You can also avail hot bath.

2. Barwaaqo Hotel
One of the best hotels in the region, the Barwaaqo Hotel is very clean and very friendly staff is employed here. The charges are also quite reasonable. There are suites and rooms with king size beds and parking area is also available.

3. Burao Titanic Hotel
Built in such a way that it replicates the famous Titanic ship. The rooms here are quite big and comfortable. The amenities scale international standards.

4. Liibaan Hotel
Another popular hotel in this region is the Liibaan Hotel. This hotel is quite big in size and some of its amenities are parking spaces, hot water, comfortable beds etc.

5. Beder Hotel
This hotel is one of the new hotels that is included in the town and with quite a reasonable price, this one has been providing excellent services to the customers.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Burao

Famous Food:
Like every tourist place on earth, the food of this place is also quite popular among the tourists. Some of the popular food items of this place are as follows:

Lahoh – Somali Flatbread
Maraq – A type of soup that is taken especially during the lunch hours. This soup is made of vegetable, meat, and beans.
Hummus – Hummus is quite popular here in this place and most of the restaurants serve this dish.
Shaax Xawaash – One of the popular drinks in the region is Shaax Xawaash which is made of cardamon and Cinnamon barks.

Places to eat:
Shamaxle Restaurant– This Restaurant is one of the oldest Restaurants in Burao Somaliland and there are some of the best cuisines available in this place. Like all the other places to eat, here too you can find local dishes.
Macaaneeye Restaurant: The restaurant in Burao Somaliland is very popular for its staff apart from the delicious food.
Nasteexo Restaurant: The ambiance and the site of this one are excellent. Most of the tourists come here to eat. After a long journey, this is the best place for your taste buds.
Cawaale Suqaar Restaurant: The Cawaale Suqaar Restaurant is very popular among the people for its local dishes. You can also avail different types of Turkish tea here in the
Gaafuun Restaurant: If you are looking for a perfect family Restaurant then this is the perfect place for your family. Here the ambiance is very good and they serve some authentic Somali dishes.

How To Reach Burao & How Much It Costs:

By air: This is one such location in the Horn of Africa that it is quite easy to reach. There is an airport here. The Burao Airport offers flights to the other cities that are there in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopian airlines have frequent flights to this place. Somailand too has many flights, active at the Burao Airport.

By Road: There are several tour buses and cars that you can avail to reach this place. By car, it takes around 1 hour 10 minutes from Hargeysa which is about 113 km. From the city of GaalKacyo it is about 561 km to this place.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Just like the other towns in Somaliland, Burao weather too is quite warm and dry all the year round. The temperature rises in the summer and is about 95 °F and low as 20°F at night. The hottest months of the year start from June and extend till August.

But for the rest of the year, the weather is quite suitable for tours. The temperature is average 80°F during the day and 57°F at night, this time of the year. The rainy season is of two phases here, one during April and May while the second phase rainfall is during October and November.

Tips For Tourists

1.Sensitive CultureBurao Somalia is a place that is very sensitive to its culture. They preach a clan culture and hence it is very much advisable not to be insensitive to the local clans.

2.Flood: During the rainy season, it is very much advisable to avoid going to this place as the flood is very much inevitable during this season. Apart from these days, Burao weather is quite suitable for tours.

3.Beware of the local traders: If you are looking to buy carpets or any other things, you should know the skills of communication and that is why the best thing is to allow your guide to negotiate or else you will end up in paying a lot.

4.Travel with a guide: There are some places that you need a guide to understand the local language.

5.Book early: Although there are fewer tourists every year coming to Burao Somalia, but the numbers are increasing every day and hence it is very much advisable to book your tickets early.

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