Bosaso Tourism, Somalia: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Bosaso, which is the largest growing place in the Somalia, is a paradise for those of you who like to swim. As the nation is still recovering from the 2-decade civil war, there are many ruins of the civil war that attracts tourists. This place has a great potential to be a tourism hub in the future as the local people are quite friendly.

There are many tourists from Germany, England and neighboring countries that come to this place for vacation. For those people who are interested in war history, this might be the perfect spot for your photographs. There are many distorted buildings and monuments in the place. The blue waters and the natural beauty are so soothing to the eyes.

Best Time For Visiting This Place:

Best Time For Visiting This Place:
Bosaso Night Picture © Francesco tonnarelli

Bosaso, just like the other cities in Somalia, is quite warm all the year round. It is known for its hot desert climate. The average temperature of this place all round the year is about 30°C. It can go to an average high temperature of 35 °C and low temperature of 25°C. The low temperature is during the winters in the months December to February. The rainy season begins in the month of April. The period from September to February is very much suitable for tourists to visit this wonderful land.

Berbera’s History And Culture

Berbera’s History And Culture
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Bosaso, over the years have seen a lot of war torn years. There was so much destruction in the last two decades of the Civil war that the city is still in its developing stages. But one thing that is quite promising in the case of this place is that it is one of the fastest growing places in the Nation.

This place was originally known as Bandar Quasim. This name was from an Arab trader who came and settled here in the 20th century. If we trace its history, then it is quite evident that the Greeks sailed to this place for commerce and it was a strategic location for them. Since ancient times there have been several clans that rule the city and it was Dishiishe Clan that rules it for years.

Geographical Description, & Why Famous:

Geographical Description, & Why Famous:
Driving Through Qardho City © DOOX_BARWAAQO

This place is located in the Northeastern Somalia, which is in the Gulf of Aden Coast. Some of the largest cities in Somalia are near from this place such as Erigavo, Berbera, and Burao. There are several places and sites that make this place quite popular among the tourists. Firstly, the civil war ruins are very much prominent here and tourists come every year to see these ruins.

The beaches with blue waters are quite refreshing and in the evening when the temperature comes down it is the perfect spot to smoke and relax on the beach. The highest peak in Somalia, Shimbiris is located few kilometers away from this place.In the year 2014, the government to boost tourism and healthy environment planted almost 25,000 trees all over the place.

AS the climate is hot desert climate almost all the year round, the place is quite suitable for a visit all the year round. Most of the people are from the Darod Sub clans. There is also a large population of Meheri Arabs in this place. As it is also one of the commercial cities of the country, there are many traders that come to this place for trading.

Dayaha, a commercial market was open by the Government in the year 2014 to boost commerce and trade. This place is also known for the largest telecommunication operators in Somalia, the Golis Telecom Somalia.

Top 10 Things To Do In Bosaso (Somalia)

Top 10 Things To Do In Bosaso (Somalia)
Laag Spring is about-27 km from Bosaso © Yusuf som

1. Biyo Ukulele
This place is a haven for swimmers. The water is so clear that you would it in the first sight. This place provides you a natural hot water for swimming. This might be a unique place for swimming in that case.

2. Local Markets
There are several market areas in this place where you can go for shopping. The local people are very good traders so practice your negotiating skills. You can also buy several types of artifacts and mementos from this place.

3. Walk to the Bosaso beach
The beach is the best place for you to walk in the evenings. There are many tourists to come to the Bosaso beach for a walk and smoke.

4. Macruf Supermarket
If you want to buy clothes or any other thing this might be the one place that you can go. Buy something for your family or friends from this market.

5. Jubba Super Market
Jubba Super Market is another popular supermarket that you can go for shopping different things. There are many things that are available here in the supermarket. Before you head to your next destination, buy the important things that you need for your future trips here.

6. Taste Somali tea
Somali tea is very popular among the locals and it is a blend of a sweetened, spiced milk tea. If you are here for your holidays then this is the one thing that you need to taste.

7. Ride to the nearby towns
There are several towns and cities near to this place. You can hire a taxi or take a bus to these nearby places. Garowe, Qardho and Galkacyo are some of the popular places near to this place.

8. War ruins
Just like the other cities of Somalia, this place too has seen the harsh reality of war. 2 decades of war have torn the cities into pieces. There are still many sites where you can actually see the ruins of war.

9. The Bosaso port
This port has a long history attached to it and it is also one of the most popular places that tourists visit. The view of the central Bosaso along with the port in the background is a once in a lifetime experience.

10. Sightseeing
A desert lifestyle is quite fascinating as it depicts hardship and the reality of nature. That is why it is very much important that you go for sightseeing to some of the places where clans live.

How To Reach Bosaso?

How To Reach Bosaso?
Bosaso airport with daallo airlines © Emma

 By Road:

The 750 km north south high connects major cities to this place. There are several new projects are in progress to rehabilitate the current roads. There is a pavement road of 5.9 km in the city which was inaugurated in the year 2014. From Mogadishu it takes about 12 hours by car.

There are several buses that you can avail from the nearby cities to this place. From Hargeysa, it takes around 7 hours by car. There are several travel agencies that you can avail for trips and tours for sightseeing.

By sea:

The place also has a very popular seaport, the Bosaso port. This port was constructed in the year 1980. There were several projects undertaken by the authorities to clean up the sea port and some of these projects are very promising.

By Air:

The Bender Qassim International Airport is the major airport of the place. There are many Jubba airways Bosaso flights that you can avail from the neighboring cities and countries to this place. Many Chinese projects are currently active in this place that is providing construction work in renovating the airports and runways. The Jubba airways Bosaso is very popular and the flights are easily availabl

Hire taxi services:

Taxi services along with a guide are very suitable for places like this one. There are many agencies that provide such services. You can go to the neighboring cities and sites availing these services and a guide makes your journey easy and knowledgeable.

Best Hotel & Resort Near Bosaso

Best Hotel & Resort Near Bosaso
Room in Hotel Safari © DOOX_BARWAAQO

1. Juba Hotel:

Although Bosaso is still recovering from the civil war, it is quite amazing to see the number of hotels that have opened up here and their facilities. Lets’ find out the 5 best hotels in this place:

Juba hotel is one of the best in this place. The rooms are in excellent conditions with king size beds. Parking space is also available in the hotel area. There are many other amenities that scales industry standards.

2. Sabaax Hotel
Somalian people are known for their hosting and hence if you are looking for a hotel with excellent staff then this is the one that you need to go. The amenities are international standards.

3. Hotel Ramada
This one is one of the oldest hotels in the business, but very much one of the top in the business in this place. Parking space is available, hot water and bath tub is available.

4. Gaayte Hotel
The location of this hotel is majestic and there are many suites and rooms available in the hotel. The staff is also very much friendly and cooperative.

5. Red Sea Hotel
This is one of the most famous in Somalia and there is also a cafeteria that serves excellent dishes. The hotel is located in the heart of the city. Parking space is available.

What Is The Most Popular Food Item And Resturant ?

What Is The Most Popular Food Item And Resturant ?
Bosaso at night © warsame90

Somalia is well known for its food and like any other tourist place, this country too has been quite successful in providing the finest dishes to the tourists through the restaurants. Here are some of the popular restaurants in this place:

1.Hidden Gem: Hidden Gem is one of the famous restaurants that serve excellent quality dishes from several countries. They are also known to serve authentic Somali dishes. The staff is very much hospitable and they understand customer satisfaction

2.Shaam Restaurant: This quality restaurant is located at Netco Rd and is very popular among the people for its dishes. There are many tourists who come to this place to eat authentic Somali dishes. The location is also in a very quiet place that makes it a very unique hotel in the Bosaso City.

3.Burger Plus:Do you like burgers? Actually who does not like burgers? If you want to taste some of the finest burgers in the Bosaso City with a twist, then this is the place that you need to go. There is also quality parking space available for your ride.

4. Panorama Hotel: This hotel is very popular for its Somali dishes. Although they serve different other dishes from other countries, but they are known for its Somali dishes. The ambiance is excellent to have a good time with your famil

5. Wellman Restaurant: Wellman Restaurant is a very popular place to eat and hang out for the tourists. This place is known for its excellent dishes and its staff who are really friendly.

What You Should Do & Not In Here ?

Avoid summers: Do not travel during the summers as the desert temperature might not be that suitable for your trips. The best time as mentioned earlier is during the end of the year when the temperature cools down.

Always travel with a guide. This is important because there are still many areas that are not safe. Bosaso Somalia is still recovering from its civil war and hence a guide knows the best where to go and how to go.

Sensitive local people: The local people are very much sensitive to their Somali culture and that is why it is Important for you to be sensitive to their views and culture.

Easy hotel bookings: You don’t have to book that early as Bosaso is still developing, there are very less tourists that come here. So you can easily get a hotel room any day.

Know the place: There are some sensitive areas that you must avoid and for that you should know the place well before you go out to venture.

Be aware of local vendors: There are many markets in Bosaso Somalia and you should know about the local vendors who will try to sell you things overpriced. That is why it is best for you to go to the supermarkets where things are quite reasonably priced.

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