2. Burao


Almost untouched by tourists, there are still many of them that fly to this place for their vacation. This place has so much to offer. Burao is also known as Burco. This is the capital city of Togdheer region that serves as the economic lifeline of the region.

3. Kismayo


Kismayo sits at the coast of the Jubaland in southern Somalia. The city is located about 528km from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It has pristine beaches surrounding along the coast line. The mouth of the Jubba river lies about 40-60km away. The turquoise Indian Ocean washes its waves upon the white sandy beach.

4. Berbera


Berbera also known as “Beach City,” has a privileged location on the coast of Somaliland, right in the Gulf of Aden. Crystal clear blue waters and soft sands make most of the shoreline, and it is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset or get a good tan!Port of Berbera, one of the most important ports of the region is also located here.

5. Hargeisa


Well, the title says it all! In this article ,you are going to meet a city that has decided to break its chains! The city of HARGEISA is located in Wooquyi Galbeed region, which is located in the Horn of Africa, and it’s the capital city of Somaliland.

6. Tourist Place In Somalia

Tourist Place In Somalia

Somalia, although has been a terrible place to visit in the past, but in the current time, it has been a trendy tourist destination for the people coming from different parts of the world. The local authorities have been quite successful in making this place safe and attractive for tourists. Here is the top 5 tourist place in Somalia

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