Pagudpud Tourism, Philippines: How To Reach, Best Time, Tips

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Pagudpud is a beautiful place in Ilocos(Philippine’s region). It is the best example of beauty in its true nature. You get to see giant windmills, white sandy beaches, greenery, hidden waterfalls, pagudpud beach resorts, hiking and much more. Pagudpud is 10 hours from Manila which is the capital of Pagudpud Philippine.

It is one of the fastest growing beaches because of the shining crystal clear blue waters as well as spreading. Its international fame is reaching out quickly due to its affordability and enhanced beauty. You can hire a guide in less than a $1 who will guide you through its jungle, hidden waterfalls, lakes as well as streams. You may swim in the streams as they are so clean and fresh.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Pagudpud

The south side of Pagudpud is linked with the town of Bangui and its east side with Cordillera Mountain Range. Pagudpud Ilocos Norte is mostly covered in flat lands, streams, valleys, hills and mountains. It is 74 kilometers far from the northern side of Laoag City which is also the capital of Philippines.

The distance from north of Manila is 561 kilometers. The locals have around 5290 homes where they live.The source of local’s living is pleasing the tourists, fishing, and farming. Tourism has played its vital role in the growth of its economy. There are no windmills except Bangui windmills which are country’s pride and they’re enormous.

You can capture memories at the Kabigan Falls which are near the Pagudpud beach. Tricycles are available on rent. With that being said, you can start trekking.The big waves of Blue Lagoon Pagudpud are its main attraction. Walking through the cracked grounds, white rocks, and changing landscape will let you reach the marvelous Kapupurawan Rock Formations.

Dos Hermanos are the rocks which feel like women’s breasts laying down, though you can not go near. They are visible easily. There is a lot of history, museums, and lighthouses.In the final analysis, the cleanliness, greenery, landmarks, windmills, affordability, hiking, Blue Lagoon Pagudpud and Pagudpud beach resort are the famous attractions of Pagudpud.

The locals are quite friendly and hospitable. For this reason, it is a heaven on earth for tourists who love the attractions written above.

Pagudpud Name,S History & Its Culture:

The name of Pagudpud refers to a grass that is very green in color. This grass is found in Galut-Galot in the nearby coast as its sterns are long and creepy. This greenness of the grass is called Pagudpud. The land is spread 190 kilometers and is counted as the 3rd largest on behalf of its land’s area.

There are water fields in Pagudpud Ilocos Norte and has a blessing of 7 rivers passing by it.Furthermore ,Most of the people (locals) are Catholic there. Locals farm rice fields and coconut trees as their financial resources.

They get their electricity through the waterfalls. According to the PSA,  the population has increased from 16,558 to 23,770 from 1990 – 2015 in numbers. On average Pagudpud maintains its highest temperature around 32oc and lowest as 22oc the whole year. The majority of the rainfalls occur during the months of May – September.

Top Things To Do In Pagudpud

1. Fall in love with Patapat Bridge
It is a zigzag Y-axis beautiful bridge which is 1.2 km long. This bridge connects to divisions and is 200 meters above the sea level. It is on a spectacular road on which tourists on a motorbike can enjoy the enormous mountains and the view of the deep sea while passing through the bridge. Moreover, it is rated as a 4th longest bridge in the country. The bridge is safe with cement resistant at the edges.

2. Bangui Windmill
It is one of its kinds with 70 meters high 20 blades. The spread of the windmills is in the formation of an arc. It is almost a drive of 40 minutes and situated north of Laoag City. All things considered, windmills are the source of energy in this province. Around a hundred thousand houses rely on it with its 25 MW capacity of generating electricity.

3. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
It is famous because it’s a national historical renowned site.This is a Spanish colonial and one of the highest lighthouses in the Philippines. It is not an abandoned but still an active lighthouse. It releases a flare when ships enter from the north side of Pagudpud Philippines. Tourists enter in this lighthouse by taking a few steps on the hill and get to see the vast view of blue waters.

4. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
It is white in color and the name “Kapurpurawan” is driven from its meaning that is “white”. This rock formation is the part of Burgos. There are no local conveyances that reach here. In order to see its beauty, you need to have your own car or it will be a march under the sun.

Do not forget to bring the water bottle with you if you decide to walk all the way to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.Tourists who have been there called it a dragon as it looks like a dragon is keeping watch of the entire coast.

5. Bacarra Domeless Tower
It was built in 1830 and has a height of 50 meters. in 1931, there came an earthquake resulted in damaging the tower. There came another earthquake with a higher intensity of 7.8. Because of this, the doom fell and got broken completely. This is the reason why it is called Bacarra Domeless Tower. Its fame is attracting tourists and it is highly recommended to visit this tower.

6. Witness the Majestic Playa Tropical Resort
This Currimao resort is heavenly with its constant breeze of the ocean. In fact,tourists love to enjoy the amazing sunsets there. The sand is fine and the waves are calm there. The beauty of this place is a wonder. The staff is friendly and they leave no space for hospitality. This is the specialty of Filipinos that no one can compete them in the care department. It is an ideal place located near all the famous sights for the tourists.

7. Sand Dunes
It is a desert where you can enjoy the 4×4 ride, sand boarding as well as an ATV ride. How’s it? Moreover, you can enjoy Pagudpud beach volleyball, wind gliding, archery, scuba diving and much more. This should be on the top priority list of the tourists. If you’re planning to visit Pagudmud, this is a must.

8. Kaibigan Falls
It is one of the treasures found naturally on earth. Almost 2 kilometers of a trek from the mountain is this 80 feet Waterfall. It is a heavenly sight where tourists enjoy seeing the Waterfall coming through the mountain. The distance from Saud Beach to Kaibigan Falls is almost 15 kilometers.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Pagudpud

1. Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel
Not to mention, it is the only 5-star hotel near the town which is 7km from Laoag Airport. Airport shuttle service is free. Furthermore, they are giving a private beach area, outdoor pool, and casino. They charge a $100 with free breakfast for one shift.

2. Java Hotel
It is 42kms from Pagudpud Philippines. The tourists enjoy with outdoor pool, fitness center, free wifi, and free parking. Moreover, they have a tennis court, spa, and a 24 hours front desk service. Their per night charges are $65.

3. Viven Hotel
With a distance of 45.6km from the town, this is one of the best sellers. Their all rooms are air conditioned, flat TV screens and the facility of free parking. They provide 3 options for dining that give local cuisine, International dishes, and deserts. Charges are $38 per night.

4. Rivermount Hotel and Resort
With their service of free wifi, air conditioned rooms, on-site bar, free parking, mountain view and much more. 24 hours guest service for their guests. They charge around $68 per room for a night.

5. West Gate Hotel
The distance of this hotel from the town is around 45.4 kilometers. The hotel is neat and clean providing with quality food and free wifi in their air conditioned rooms in $27 a night.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Pagudpud

The town is famous for its unique cuisines. There isn’t only one place to get quality food in Pagudpud Philippines, rather there are many. If you’re a pork lover and would love to have crispy pork squares then “Bagnet” is the dish.

Dinengdeng is one of their specialties as well in which mixed vegetables are fried with fish sauce. Seafood platters are famous in town and most of the tourists choose it. Other recommended dishes include linga, tupig sticky rice, biscotcho crackers, and bagoong.

Here’s the list of top 7 restaurants.

Kapuluan Vista Resort
Kang Kang Windmill Cafe
Saud Reach Resort And Hotel
La Cocina De Consuelo
Emohruo Pagudpud Beach Resort
Hannahs restaurant

How To Reach Pagudpud & How Much It Costs:

The best way to reach Pagudpud from its capital Manila is by air. This is the most convenient way of travel that is comfortable, easy, and fast. Laoag Airport is the closest airport from Pagudpud. The distance from the airport to it is around 78 kilometers. From here on, you can rent your car or hire a cab to reach Pagudpud from the airport.

It is 45 minutes flying time from the capital to the town. The round trip tickets booked at least a month prior to your trip will cost you in between 3000 to 4000 PHP (Philippines currency). It is always better to book the tickets in advance.

By this, you get the tickets which are cheaper in rates.It costs estimated 150 PHP and a time of 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the town from the airport by hiring a mini shuttle or a bus.Another way to reach the town from Manila is by road. You can get your own vehicle on the road that will take around 10 – 12 hours to reach the town.

However, it is good to take precaution by taking another driver with you so that you may rest when tired. The bus is also an option and will cost you 700 PHP one way. Partas, Victory Liner, and Florida are the 3 bus companies that take the route to the town. During the peak seasons, it is advised to go by bus early in the morning.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

To be honest, there are no specific recommendations for months. The weather climate of Pagudpud is unpredictable. Most people experience heat in the summers but nights get chilly and rains are probably there. Still, November and December are the times with fewer visitors/tourists with a pleasant weather all the time.

The quantity of the tourists increases every year as Pagudpud is getting international fame continuously. December holiday is a good option to consider as well. However, it’s better to go in a group for more fun and safety as most of the locals say that September hits bigger waves.

Tips For Tourists

First and foremost, instead of carrying a handbag, bring a bag pack with you. The town has a lot of historical things to be seen and you have to walk. if you can’t walk then you may hire calesas.

Snacks are important as well as water. It can take hours to drive from one place to another.

If you’re planning to go in summers, do not forget to bring Sunblock with you.

Bring extra money than you have planned.

Furthermore, Tourist map will help you in many places especially.

Another point overlooked, bring an upper with you so you can keep your body temperature normal during a bus ride.

Must be remembered, keep an extra pair of socks and slippers.

If you do not like putting Sun block on your face then you may carry an Umbrella.

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