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Although quite famous for its diving sites, Moalboal, Cebu place is also known for several other attractions. There are beaches where the reefs and the blue water make its perfect place for the tourists to relax. The Moalboal Basdaku beaches and the other natural wonders attract many tourists every year.

There are so many things to do here in this place that includes fishing, snorkeling, and diving. The local bars and restaurants are very popular for their services. There are also many nightclubs that serve the beautiful tourists places for parties. The climate too here is perfect for visiting any time of the year. The coastline with many reefs is also very famous here.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Moalboal

Moalboal is located in the province of Cebu which is again a famous region in the Philippines. The total population of this place, according to the Census of 2014 is 31,130. The border region of this position is Tanon Strait in the west. The Negro Islands are also quite near to this area.

The central town is between Alcantara and Building, which is located 55 miles from the famous Cebu city.The area is quite famous for its tourist destination. Every year there are thousands of tourists that come to this place for holidays. Some diving sites and beaches are very beautiful.

Most of the people that visit this area actually come for diving. There are also several resorts and hotels that are quite popular among the people all over the world. These hotels and resorts provide the people with excellent and international standard amenities.

This place is also known for Moalboal beach, and there are many natural wonders that you can find in this place. People also visit this area to see the beautiful waterfalls and caves where they can venture for a long time.

People who believe in blending nature with modern amenities it is the perfect place for them. At the same time get all the amenities that they needed. The number of tourists is increasing every day and mostly because of the Moalboal beach and resorts.

Moalboal Name,S History & Its Culture:

The history of the country and Moalboal, Cebu is so amazing. It is so old that the oldest human remnant was found here in this country. The history includes several rulers that include the Spanish rule, the American age, and the Japanese Age.

In the year 1945 when the allied troops defeated the Japanese, the country got its independence. The war was one of the fiercest wars fought on the planet where almost a million Filipino people died.

Although there has been a lot of debate about the roots of the people here were some theories believed them to be locally evolved there are also theories that state that they are descendants of Taiwanese people. The Austronesians from Taiwan started migrating to this place at that time. The liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese Kingdom was also rated as one of the largest naval battles in the history.

Top Things To Do In Moalboal

1. Diving
Moalboal diving is quite popular among the people, and most of the tourists that come to this place go for diving. There are several diving sites in this area, and the most popular one in the business is the Pescador Island. Then there are the favorite sites in the Moalboal peninsula known for their diving culture. You can hire, diving gears from the Moalboal diving local agencies.

2. Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is also quite popular in this city. Several agencies provide the tourist with excellent and fantastic scuba diving sessions. Many people come to this place for scuba diving, and the demand for these activities are increasing.

3. Mountain biking
Mountain biking is one of those activities that you can do here in this place. Many sites are good for mountain biking. The one good thing here is the rates are quite reasonable for these mountain biking sessions. The agencies will provide all the safety gears and the bikes.

4. Freediving:
In Moalboal Philippines, free diving is very popular among the people. There are also many people from all around the world that come to this place for free diving. There are several diving schools and centers where you can avail diving sessions. AIDA, Pure Apnea freediving school and Free diving Planet are three famous centers where you can go for your diving.

5. Snorkeling
The excellent view of the beaches and the clear water that makes the reefs visible. It is a good place for Snorkeling sessions. This is also a very suitable place where you can actually see fish as the waters are so bright. You can walk 100 meters to the ocean as the clear water. The sand makes it quite easy for the tourist to walk that far.

6. Orchid Gallery
If you are fond of Orchids then this might be the perfect place for you. There are so many species of Orchids that you can find in this area. There is a small entrance fee, and you can buy orchids here.

7. Lambug beach
This is one of the perfect spots if you are looking for a relaxed and calm place to spend some time. During the weekdays, you can visit this place and sometimes you might be the only person to be in that place. You can also go to the nearby golf course for a golfing session.

8. Canyoning
Many people come to this place for excellent Canyoning trips. MCM canyoneering CEBU is a Popular agency that provides the tourist with Canyoning trips. The price is also quite reasonable, and that is the reason why this company is so popular among the people.

9. Visit the white beach Moalboal
The white beach or Moalboal Basdaku, as known locally is a very popular tourist destination here. The meaning of Basdako is white sand and hence the name. This is also a very popular place for you to go with your snorkel and your mask. The water is quite clear and the reefs are visible. You need to pay an amount as an entrance fee, which is 10 pesos per person. During the weekday’s white beach Moalboal is a very less crowded beach which might attract you.

Best Hotel & Resorts List Moalboal

1. Moalboal Backpacker Lodge
This place is a haven for the backpacker’s group. There is free Wi-Fi, and you also hire a kitchen if you par 20 pesos extra.

2. Quo Vadis Dive Resort
For those people who are here in this place for diving, this is the perfect place to stay in. This resort is quite near to the diving sites, and there are several diving trips that you can avail in this resort.

3. Pescadores Sea view Suites
The Pescadores Sea view Suites are one of the most popular and high-class places to stay in this area. This place is equipped with international class amenities that include AC rooms, parking space, hot bath.

4. Sea Breeze Cottages
The Sea Breeze Cottage is also quite famous among the people, and this is located on the Tapales Road, Barangay Basdiot. There are amenities such as parking space, hot water bath, and restaurants.

5. Sea Turtle House
The Sea Turtle House has attracted people from all over the world who come to visit this place. The Sea Turtle House is known for its ocean view.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Moalboal

Many eateries serve some of the most beautiful local cuisines to the people.

1.Maya’s Mexicans: If you like Mexican food, then this is the best one in the place. They serve some of the best Mexican dishes in the business.

2.Chilli Bar: The Chili bar is also a favorite place where you can eat and hang out. They serve some of the best pizzas in the country.

3.Arista Restaurant: The sight of the waterfront from this restaurant is mesmerizing. This place serves some of the best local dishes in the business.

4.Ven’z Kitchen: With just 90 pesos in your pocket, this is one of the best places to eat here. They are very popular for their dishes that are from all over the world.

5.Sula’s restaurant: This one too is very popular among the people for its local cuisines, but this one is also quite famous for its rice items.

How To Reach Moalboal & How Much It Costs:

The simplest way to travel to this place is from the Cebu City. The roads here are in excellent condition. That is why there are so many buses and other transportation available by roads to reach this place from Cebu. It is about 80 km from Cebu city of this site.

1.By Bus: Most of the people who look for budget tours, go for the bus travel as it is quite cheap and it takes around 200 pesos. You can also go for the taxi service which can be a bit costlier than the buses.

2. Rental vans: There are van services that you can avail from Cebu to this place. They take around 3000 pesos for this distance. These are comfortable rides and hence the amount they charges are a bit higher than the rest of the options.

3. By Taxi: Taxi service is quite famous in this place, and many agencies provide taxi services to this site. The rates are around 3000 pesos, but it depends if you can negotiate better.

4. By Ferry: This is one service that is unique, and that is why many tourists actually like to travel to this place on a ferry. They charge around 100 pesos for the distance. Once you reach the destination, you can avail tricycles to reach the central These traveling alternatives are filled with fun elements, and also they are reasonably priced, and that is why they are quite popular among the tourists.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

The climate is hot all the year round except December to February.  The temperature is suitable for tours in Moalboal Philippines. These 3 months are the coolest of the year, and that is why most of the tourists plan their trip in these 3 months.

The rainy season starts from February. That is why for those people who do not like the rainy weather can travel during September to November. Although the rainy season starts during February, there is very less rain in these sites. It is quite suitable for traveling during the rainy season. Moreover, the rains cool down the temperature.

Tips For Tourists

1. ATM’s does not work: There are several ATM’s in Moalboal, but it is quite sad that these ATM’s does not work most of the time.

2. Be Aware of the taxis: There are so many taxi drivers that will come to you that you might get frightened at first, but they want you to be their customer. If you do not have negotiating skills, then leave them and go for the local buses.

3. Book Early: One thing that you must do is to book early as you might not get immediately on reaching the place.

4. Avoid the hot season: The hot season is very much tiring for the people, and that is the reason why it is quite advisable to come to Moalboal during the rainy season when the temperature falls.

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