Tabubil Tourism, Papua New Guinea: Reach, Best Time, Tips.

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Tabubil is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Papua New Guinea and one of its USP’s include the township that is quite equipped with international class amenities. This particular township is a planned one and is operated by a company. It is located in the star mountain area which is again located in the North Fly district of Papua New Guinea.

This region is very famous for mining industries and you can witness the mines on one of your tours to the sites. There are many sites that you can visit. The rain forest is a major attraction here and with the green lush of the jungle makes it a perfect site for people who like photography.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Tabubil

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Tabubil
Tabubil Nature

Tabubil Papua New Guinea is strategically located in the star mountain which is a perfect place for living a luxurious life and at the same time staying close to nature. This planned town is near to a village Wangabin and the industrial area of Lay-down and together this region can be rated as the largest settlement in the province.

The dense forest of the place and the heavy rainfall makes the jungle one of the best tourist locations in the region.It rains almost every day and that is one advantage of the tourism sector that has been quite successful in attracting thousands of tourists every year.

There are mining areas which are also quite popular for copper and gold mining.This place serves the best cultural events and historical places. The region is quite famous for its live concerts. There are many live events that happen all the year round.A 3-day tour to this place would be a perfect for you.

You can go for sightseeing in the first day and shop the next day. The third day, you can relax and visit the nearby places, try to consume the essence of this place. There are many people who like wetlands as the places are very much different in the rainy season.

Tabubil is one of the wettest places in the world and hence it rains almost every day. If you like rain and travel this is the perfect destination for you.

Tabubil Name,S History & Its Culture:

The history of Tabubil Papua New Guinea can be segregated into two eras, the pre-colonization era, and the post-colonization ear. In the pre-colonization era, it was quite impossible to visit the place as the land was completely untouched by foreigners. It was also an inhospitable terrain.

There were constant clashes between the Min (Min nation) and the Gogodala peoples. These Gogodala people were the very strong community and their battle skills are quite famous till date.Some of them still reside in the central fly area of the western province, whereas; the Tabubil people are decedents of the Min nation’s people.

Then in the year 1943, the post-colonization ear began. The USAAF established an airstrip which is about 25 km from this place. This was the time when trade flourished in this place and tribes who were cannibals at that time were slowly coming into the mainstream of civilization.

Tabubil  Name,S History & Its Culture:
Tabubil Animal

Top 8 Things To Do In Tabubil

Tufi Resort
Tufi Resort ©

1. OK Tedi
The Ok Tedi River is few kilometers away from this place which is an iconic river that flows through the North Fly District. The river runs from this place in its neighboring country, Indonesia. The name of this river was coined by an Italian explorer.

The sandbank of the river is one of those places that tourist likes to pay a visit. It is also one of the fastest rivers in the world because of the heavy rainfall that the place experiences all the year round. The sound of the river can be heard from a long distance. To hear the roar of the river from the nearby dense forest is an amazing experience.

2. Visit the OK Tedi environmental disaster site
This place has witnessed one of the major environmental disasters caused by humans. The main cause of the disaster was several hundred tons of mining waste that got discharged into the river. About 50000, people lost their lives in this man-made disaster.

Every year many tourists and researchers come to this place to see the ruins of the disaster. The disaster also resulted in 30 square kilometers of dead forest. You can hire a car to visit this historic place that will always remind us of the things that we should not do and go against nature.

3. Tabubil City Center
The city center lies in the heart of the city and it is one of those places that are quite popular among the tourist. This is the place where you can go for shopping. There are many things that you can buy here at a very reasonable rate.

The local artifacts and products are quite famous among the tourist. The architect of this city center is also quite amazing and people come to see this center and also relax after days of the tiring tour. There are several eateries near this center that serves excellent dishes which are authentic local dishes.

4. Kiunga- Tabubil highway
A ride on this highway is what you never want to miss. This highway runs from Kiunga to the Ok Tedi Mine. It is about 137 kilometers long and was constructed in the year 1980. The most amazing scene is to ride on the highway, which is parallel to the OK Tedi River.

That is quite a mesmerizing experience as the river is very fast. There is an also the pipeline for copper slurry that is visible from the highway. There are several ways you can travel on this highway and the most preferred way is to hire a bike.

5. Walk to the local villages
The local tribes are diverse and colorful and make sure that you spare some time to visit one of those local villages. One of the things that you can do is to travel by foot which is also the best way to travel to these local villages and mingle with them.

Walking through the forest area and then reaching the villages is quite an experience. The local people are very friendly and their way of living is quite simple. They believe in their tradition and preach them. There are many such local villages near this place.

6. River Travel
One of the things that you can do is to travel to the river where local agencies would guide you to some of the sites that are excellent for fishing and rafting. The price is also very reasonable. The Fly River is used for shipping important products and it is quite visible all the year round.

There are many other things that you can opt for such as camping. There are sites where you can camp for a day or two. Fishing and camping is quite an experience here. You can hire, fishing equipment from the local agencies.

7. Independence Day
If you are lucky enough to visit Tabubil Township during the Independence Day week, you can witness some of the best live events of the country. There are several live concerts that take place during this time of the year. The Amamas Week festival is one of the most popular ones in this place where local groups and students perform.

There are many performers that come from different countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Samoa. This town is also very popular for celebrating Melbourne Day cup. The roots are well connected to Australian culture and hence it is a famous festival here in this place.

8. Hire a bike
There are many ways by which you can visit the nearby places. One of those is by bike. There are local agencies that rent bikes for a very reasonable deposit. You can hire one and go for a short trip to some of the nearby places.

There are many people who opt for bikes in these short trips because in such cases you can take your own time visiting the most amazing places. There are also some places which are not accessible by four-wheelers. In those places, a bike is the best way to travel.

Top 8 Things To Do In Tabubil
Scuba diving In Tabubil

Best Hotel List In Tabubil

1. Tufi Resort
One of the famous resorts in the Tabubil western province is this one. There are several amenities that scale international standards. Some of the most popular facilities here are as follows:

Airport Transportation
Non-Smoking rooms
Air Conditioning

Tufi Resort
Tufi Resort ©

2. The Shaddy Resturant:
This hotel is known for its excellent staff. The rates of the rooms and suites are also quite reasonable. Let’s find out some of the amenities that this hotel provides:

Free Wi-Fi
Free parking
Air Conditioning
Airport Transport
Room Service

3. The Tawali Resort
The Tawali Resort is a very popular resort among the tourist for its location which has been strategically selected. There are several rooms and suites available at this resort. You can also avail spa session here. Following are some of the amenities:

Public Wi-Fi
Breakfast Buffet
Non-Smoking Rooms

The Tawali Resor
The Tawali Resor ©

4. Hotel Inn Express
Another popular place for your stay in Tabubil Township is this one. This hotel is very much popular because of its facilities that it provides such as Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Air Conditioning, Restaurant, Airport Transport and Room Service.

5. Hotel Cloudlands
The most famous one in this list, this hotel is all about the excellent suites and rooms that are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and the hot bath. There is also parking space available in the hotel.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Tabubil

Tabubil is known for its local cuisines. There are several street stalls that serve delicacies that you never want to miss. If you are a foodie then the street stalls are the best place to taste the essence of the local food.

One of the famous restaurants in this place is the Gazeebo Club and Chinese Restaurant which is known for its Chinese dishes.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Tabubil
Food Item In Tabubil

How To Reach -- & How Much It Costs:

By air: The Tabubil Airport is the only airport that is present in this area. Asia Pacific Airlines operates in Tabubil airport. There are a number of flights that you can avail from Australia and New Zealand.

By roads: There are several roads in this place, many sealed and unsealed ones. The spine road is a very popular road in this place. There are buses that you can avail for transportation. You can also hire taxis and cabs for touring. At times, due to flood the roads are closed. The local authorities warn about any flood that might occur in the next few days.

By bikes: This place is majestic and the scenic beauty is best viewed when you travel by bike on the highways. You can hire bikes from local agencies where you need to pay a small deposit to avail these bikes for short distance travel.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Although this place is known as one of the wettest places on earth, the weather is quite suitable for tours all the year round. The weather here is the tropical rainforest. The average rainfall is 8 m per annum, which is a lot of rain. Strangely enough, this place is at its best in the rainy days.

The rains keep down the temperature. The best time to visit Tabubil is during the end of the year, which is a suitable time for vacation. There are many events and live concerts that are organized at this time of the year.

Tips For Tourists

1.The flood season: Avoid road travel during the flood season as there are several areas where the road actually submerges into the floodwater.

2.Be Aware of scammers: Like any other tourist destination, Tabubil also has scammers all around the city. Be Aware of these thugs.

3.Hire a guide: The best way to travel Tabubil western province is to hire a guide who can actually guide you in your trips and tell you about the different historical places.

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