Kimbe Tourism, Papua New Guinea: How Reach, Best Time,Tips.

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A vacation is incomplete without three things, magnificent sites, food and things to do. Kimbe is one such tourist destination that possesses all these three things. This place is very much popular among the people for its coral reefs. Kimbe, Papua New Guinea is constituted with more than 60% of the total coral species of the Indo-pacific region.

The place is filled with cocoa, palm and coconut trees and the sight of these trees along the side of the roads and on the beach is mesmerizing. Just a ride along the glowing beach is enough for you to come to this place again and again. People from all over the world are attracted to the diving sites. These are some of the finest in the world.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Kimbe

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Kimbe
Beauty Of Kimbe

Kimbe is a very fast growing city in the Indo-Pacific region, and much of the credit goes to its tourism sector. Every year thousands of tourists from all around the globe visit this place. For divers, there cannot be a much better place in this region than Kimbe. The local agencies provide all the diving equipment to the tourist.

You can avail these facilities at a very reasonable price. This place is also known for its golfing spirit. Many golf courses are very famous among the tourist.Fishing is a very important industry in this area, and many people live in Fishing. You can also try fishing in this place.

The flora has been quite amazing, and the locals along with the government have been pretty successful in keeping this place green. Some of the finest restaurants serve some of the best cocktails. With the weather by our side, this place is an excellent option for you guys for a 5-day vacation. There is so much to see, and the closeness to the environment is an added advantage.

Kimbe Name,S History & Its Culture:

Kimbe Name,S History & Its Culture:
Kimbe Culture

In Papua New Guinea, Kimbe is the third largest port. There are so many resorts available for tourists. Known for its diverse culture and scenic beauty, this place is a paradise for divers. There are communities where people live and follow the customs.

This has been like this for years. Most of the people are decedents of the African Migrants that came to this place thousands of years ago. Like its country, this place too is known for its domesticated agricultural plants.This place has been a trader’s hub from Portuguese traders to the Spanish.

There are also many Chinese people living here for ages. In the recent past, several riots took place between the Chinese communities and the locals. Kimbe has been very much successful in overcoming the past, and now from the last decade, this place is known as one of the most popular tourist hubs in the country.

Top 12 Things To Do In Kimbe

Top 12 Things To Do In Kimbe
Diving picture of Kimbe

1. Go diving
As we all know, this place is trendy for its diving sites. The coral reefs are so smoothening to see and some of the best diving sites in the country are here in this place.

The local agencies provide the tourist with diving equipment, and the rates are also quite reasonable. Kimbe Bay Diving is very popular among the visitors.

2. Snorkeling
Mid-August to December is a perfect time for Snorkeling. The reef top is shallow here and hence is an ideal place for Snorkeling.

3. Underwater Photography
For those who are obsessed with lenses this is the place that you need to check out. Underwater photography is quite popular here. There are several sites where you can go for Underwater Photography.

4. Swim with the dolphins
The water is crystal clear, and on a lucky day you can easily spot dolphins. You can swim with these amazing animals.

5. San Remo Club is golfing
The San Remo Club golf course is very famous among the people. The tourists come here for a good golfing session.

6. Play Tennis & Cricket & Billiards
The famous San Remo Club provides tennis court for the travelers. You can come here and enjoy a good game of tennis.

Cricket is very popular here, and so are Billiards. Many tourists come to the San Remo Club for playing Cricket & Billiards. The San Remo Club also is known for its playground. There is a separate playground for the kids where they can spend time playing cricket and football.

7. Fishing
One of the top attractions in this place is fishing. Several local agencies arrange fishing trips where they provide the necessary equipment to the tourist so that they can enjoy a great fishing trip. The rates are also quite affordable. Some of the famous species of fishes are blue and black marlin, sailfish and dog-tooth tuna.

Fishing picture
Fishing picture ©

8. Le Riche Colors
If you are a fan of Interesting souvenirs then this is the perfect place for you. You can buy excellent mementos and artifacts from this place. This place is equipped with some of the best works of the Renowned Australian Artist, Nathalie Le Riche.

9. Kimbe Bay
This is a paradise that you cannot miss. The view from the beach is fantastic. The small islands of green vegetation are a sight that you cannot forget forever. In the evening this place looks amazing. It is very much relaxing to spend some time in the calm beach or have a walk on the beach. You can also go for Kimbe Bay Diving.

10. Go hiking
Like any other famous tourist place, this place is also very famous for its hiking’s. There are many sites where you can go for a hike. The wildlife here is quite amazing. Some agencies provide hiking to the islands where you can hire a boat to reach the islands. There you can enjoy fishing and diving.

11. Hire a motorcycle
The locals here provide motorcycle on rent. You can avail one at a very reasonable rate. Motorcycles are excellent if you are going for a short trip here. These vehicles are preferred as they can be easily driven in any road and one can reach places where cars and buses cannot go. For two people, hiring a motorcycle for a short trip is a safe

12. Mahonia Na Dari
The meaning of Mahonia Na Dari is the Guardian of the sea. This is a research center where scientists come together and teach the locals about the ecosystem.

Best Kimbe Hotel List.

1. The palm Lodge:
There are several hotels and resorts in this location where you can easily book your stay. In the peak season, it is very much advisable to go for an early booking. Here are some of the famous hotels and resorts:

The palm lodge is easily one of the best places for you to stay. This lodge is popular because of its location that attracts tourists. The hotel is situated in a clean place with a peaceful environment. There are also several restaurants near this lodge that you go. Some of its popular amenities are as follows:

Ac rooms
Parking space
Hot Water

2. Liamo Reef Resort
Known for its hospitable staff, the Liamo Reef Resort has 38 rooms equipped with international class amenities. Here are few of those:

Air Conditioning
Parking Space
Cable TV

Liamo Reef Resort
Liamo Reef Resort ©

3. Palm Resort Hotel
One of the oldest hotels in the town, the Palm Resort Hotel is close to the Hoskins (HKN) airport. This hotel can arrange diving trips for you. Amenities such as Air Conditioning, parking space, and hot water are available here in this resort Hotel.

4. Walindi Plantation Resort
The Walindi Plantation Resort is very close to the bay and is comparatively quite smaller than the other resorts. This one is popular among the diving community who prefer to stay closer to the bay. There are bungalows here with rainforest gardens in the front yard.

5. Mahonia Na Dari
The Mahonia Na Dari name means Guardian of the sea, and it is indeed as it is very close to the sea. Unique location, and cost around K100. Some of the amenities are as follows:

Parking Space
Hot Water
Ac Rooms

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Kimbe

Food is a culture here, and that is why it is not that tough to get a good eating place. Many restaurants serve quality local and foreign dishes. Here are few of those popular names:

1.San Remo Club: The ambiance here is excellent, and the blend of Colonial atmosphere and the modern era is a quite beautiful amalgam. You can buy the best beer here.


2.Liamo Reef Resort restaurant: This place provides both Lodging and Food. The staff here is very friendly, and this places the best local dishes.


3.Asian Bistro: Another favorite restaurant here is this one that is known for its Asian flavors.


4.Genesis Haven: The Genesis Haven is a trendy eatery in Kimbe. Many tourists come to this restaurant to eat different dishes from different countries. This restaurant is famous for its local dishes.

How To Reach -- & How Much It Costs:

By Air: The Hoskins (HKN) airport is about 30 miles from Kimbe Airport. There are 3 flights every day from Port Moresby to the Hoskins (HKN) airport. You can also board from Rabaul, Kavieng, Lae, and Madang from the Kimbe Airport.

By Boat: The roads here are in excellent condition, and you can avail buses from Hoskins (HKN) airport to this place. The roads connect Kimbe ports to the Oil palm plantation. If you like bikes or bicycles, you can easily hire one of the local agencies at a very reasonable price. It is a very adventurous way of enjoying the scenic beauty of this amazing place.

By Boat: Boat services are also there between the ports and the Oil palm plantation region. Although most of the people prefer buses and taxis, a boat ride can be an exhilarating experience.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

The weather of Kimbe is one of those things that make tourists come here again and again. The climate is tropical, and there is tiny variation around the year. So basically the best time to visit this place is all the year round.

During the rainy season the temperature comes down and for those people who like to travel in the rainy season can come to this place as the proper drainage system of this region enables tourist to enjoy safe and exciting tours. The rainy season begins from August and extends until October.

Tips For Tourists

1.Law and Order: The law and order here are a cause of concern, but the local authorities have been quite vigilant in providing excellent services to the tourist. They are very much serious about the safety of their tourist as much depend on the tourism sector.

2.Local Travel: It is very much advisable to consult someone before going on your own because there are many places with limited faculties. Sometimes it is quite difficult to get a hotel if you try to wander far away from the central hub.

3.Hire a Guide: Hiring a guide is a very good The guides are the locals here in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea and they understand the place. They know how to deal with adverse conditions.

4.Medical Services: Kimbe town too, like the country, have a very limited Medical Facilities. That is why it is important that you carry your medicines and take all the precautionary vaccines before a trip to this place.

5.Go with a reputed diving center: Beware; there are many scammers here in Kimbe town that can cheat you with cheap diving equipment. That is why it is very much important that you go for a professional diver or a center that is well reputed.

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