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Valkenburg a city packed with ancient sights of castle ruins lasted as a result of conquests and sieges. It is good to know that in 1853, a railway line connection between Maastricht and Aachen led to city’s discovery. The city located in the southeastern province of Limburg of Netherlands contains middle age’s construction marvel.

However, the city supports visitors to enjoy the good atmosphere with a feeling of “how it was to live back then.” In fact, the town center consists of sights of impressive buildings from past. So far the city has been able to preserve ancient ruins with great care.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Valkenburg

Valkenburg aan de geul situated in the southern Netherlands holds the beauty of historic grandeur. The city has been a major national tourist area for many years. Furthermore, the town contains bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Visitors come to gather for the summer party and due to attractive historic buildings, also for pleasant weather. Tourists enjoy the general facilities available for shopping in a beautiful and gentle environment. Christmas celebrations are the second peak season for tourists with lots of decorations put up from November’s start.

At the same time, the famous Christmas market starts in December. The town wants visitors to have an enjoyable time.In the 19th century due to area’s natural environment, the city became a vacation trip for Netherland’s wealthy people.

Tourism built up after the opening of the railway from Maastricht to Aachen and Heerlen in 1853. The Falkenburg railway station is one of oldest existing and working station of Netherlands.

At the beginning of 20th century Pierre Cuypers, a Dutch architect, resided in Falkenburg for few years. The Dutch architect helped in building tourism through an open-air theater, hotel and a copy of catacombs of Rome.

Furthermore, Pierre Cuypers designed numerous tombs, repaired a medieval church and gave a chapel Gothic style look in a graveyard in Cauberg. Cauberg is a steep hill situated outside from the town center. The city’s popularity lies in the natural environment, climate and historic architects from the middle age.

Valkenburg Name,S History & Its Culture:

Valkenburg Name,S History & Its Culture:
Woah! Culture © JdJ Photography

In Dutch, Valkenburg means falcon castle it is in connection with counts of Falkenburg. In 1269, Beatrice of Falkenburg grew up here and at age 15 married Richard of Cornwall (Holy Roman Empire king). However, during Second World War the city was under Nazi Germans for 4 years, 4 months and 1 week. American 30th Infantry Division liberated the town on 17th September 1944.

Conquests and sieges have been great recurring events in city’s history. In the 1900s for quality tourism Vestingstad Falkenburg (Fortification Town Falkenburg) was made. The plan included restoring of 14th-century Geulpoort city gate destroyed in the 17th-century along with the castle.

Furthermore with the building of two existing city gates along the Medieval wall in Halderpark. The plan succeeded with flying colors and soon started showing its effects. The slow and steady reconstruction of town’s shopping district finally ended in 2016.

Top 5 Things To Do In Valkenburg

Top 5 Things To Do In Valkenburg
Valkenburg Lake © Marcel Scholte

1. Origins of caves
Romans used the natural marlstone for building material. The mining of stones left numerous caves, which becomes the most attractive place in all of Valkenburg Holland. However, no matter how many times you visit you will always find something different and new inside the caves.

Every cave on its own is a wonder of expression and art. Remember to carry a camera with flash as the guide is the only carrier for a source of light. Stay ready for some unique pictures as there are surprises hidden in darkness for you to capture. The cave walls have amazing drawing and images hidden in darkness.

2. Gemeentegrot
A municipal cave used as a bomb shelter during the Second World War. In addition to this, it is a roman built marl quarry having tram and walking tours routes with art illustrating walls. The hidden arts can be visible by shedding light on walls.

3. Fluweelengrot
Also called Velvet Cave is another cave having carvings and drawings on its walls. Moreover, this cave’s walls show urban legends and tales of Limburg and Falkenburg, reminding the forgotten, ruined castle’s secret. The cave tells about the secret passages underneath for escape.

4. Valkenier
A theme park built for family entertainment at first in 1934, which has now turned into a modern amusement park. Also, children, up to 12 years will be the right fit for entertainment. The park has now included modern day rides and rollercoasters.

5. Sprookjesbos
known as the Fairytale Forest is a 15-acre wooded amusement park section. The park contains famous fairy tale figures represented through buildings and animated sculptures. The idea behind the park is to help children escape reality and see their favorite characters in front of them.

6. Valkenburg castle
only ruins are remaining of this castle. In addition, there are many other castles, stately homes, castle farms situated alongside the Geul River. However, the castles which once held against the sieges now lay in the town as a national monument.

7. Oud-Valkenburg
Village alongside the river Geul is having a nearby gothic church of Saint John the Baptist. Also, the village has two castles Schaloen and Genhoes. The village serves as an excellent tourist center due to its fine sets of architecture and historical background.

8. Early Roman Catholic Catacombs (reconstruction)
It is the copy of original Roman catacombs, although it doesn’t contain any real graves however it still gives a beautiful idea of basic structure. The old Roman dwellings help to understand catacombs’ purpose.

9. Kerstmarkt Valkenburg
It is not any standard Christmas market, it is well known in a wide region. The market takes place inside and around the catacombs portraying the tradition of the German Christmas Markets. You will find all sorts of decorations in addition to delicious sweets and delicious food.

In fact, the whole town decorations contain mostly Christmas Spheres any more than you can think of. Visitors from nearby and distant places come to this kerstmarkt Valkenburg for afternoon shopping.

10. Town Walls and old houses
In the south of Falkenburg stands the Dwingelrots (Castle Rock), crowned by the ruins of a castle. The castle founded back in the 12th century, recurring sieges and multiple reconstructions took place. No one lived in the castle by 1672. Secret passages are still present today (made from hewing the rock below the castle).

11. Saint Nicolas church
Falkenburg’s Gothic church having medieval wood carvings, it’s one of the oldest churches in the town built in 1281. The church dedicated to St Nicholas only at first included St Barbara name to it in 1600. In 1819 Catholics full got hold of the church. In 1904 the church’s extension included the addition of chapels on each side.

12. Wilhelmina tower
built in 1906 the tower gives a beautiful view of the city. You can enjoy the sight of the beautiful Limburg countryside. On a clear day, you can even look past the border touching Germany and Belgium. The tower stands at the height of 30 meters from which you can have a great look all around.

13. Schaloen Castle
known commonly by the name of Kasteel Schaloen of Chaloen, situated in the west of Schin op Geul village. Schaloen castle comes in the visible range from Genhoes Castle. The castle has been used as a school and was empty for many years to come. However, the castle current use makes it a holiday house, a hotel, and a private house.

14. Genhoes Castle
located near the Schaloen Castle and known as Kasteel Genhoes. The castle current owners Natuurmonumenten rented it out. The castle currently comes underuse of farming and has become a private property restricted to the public.

Best Hotel List In Valkenburg

Best Hotel List In Valkenburg
Hotel Valkenburg aan Geuldal © Henk Jan van der Klis

1.Chateau St. Gerlach: located on Joseph Cornelli Allee, you can avail the best massage and spa facilities with a public pool. Get yourself treated with the finely cook meals before you go off to your long exploring day.

2.De la Ruine: situated near the castle on Neerhem 2, a family run hotel selling home-cooked meals. The rooms are clean and average to stay in while the bathrooms are quite large. Moreover, La Ruine gives a good value for your money with close by hotel parking.

3.Park hotel Valkenburg: situated in the center of the town, the hotel becomes an excellent place for stay at night. Moreover, visitors can enjoy breakfast on the roof with a pleasant view of the city. In addition to this, the city’s bars and restaurants are just within a 5-minute walk.

4.Hotel Thermae 2OOO: Situated on the Cauberg Valkenburg the hotel boasts a spa quite popular among visitors due to a great massage. The hotel windows open up to the sight of the forest. The service for food and other utilities does vary from person to person who visited the place.

5.Hotel Scheepers: located on the Sint pieterstraat, the hotel staff is very generous with an availability of lifts for carrying luggage. The rooms are luxurious and bathrooms modernly designed. Various items for breakfast with town center at two minutes walk.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Valkenburg

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Valkenburg
Valkenburg Food © Nicky van der Heijden

At Pub Henry VIII you can enjoy the delicious mushroom sauce schnitzel and the Wiener schnitzel. The recommended beer at Pub is a great combo with any meal you can also have a fruit beer if you are not into it.

For an excellent dining experience don’t forget to visit Restaurant Chateau St. Gerlach. The Gerlach provides food with sophisticated presentation furthermore every bite of their deliciously cooked meal will explode your taste buds.

Don’t miss out the finest sushi and seafood at Sushi & Grill Kodoo. Furthermore, the restaurant has a pleasant environment with the perfect buffet settings. Make a reservation first at Kodoo to stay away from any disappointments.

With the intimate setting and excellent service enjoy the wide range of food dishes available at Daelhemergroeve restaurant. Moreover, the restaurant has an excellent set of drinks to refresh your night to a blast.

How To Reach Valkenburg & How Much It Costs:

How To Reach Valkenburg & How Much It Costs:
Valkenburg Airport © Rob Schleiffert

You can reach Valkenburg either by car, bus or train:

By Bus:

You can make it to the city through Veolia bus service.

By Train:

Train leaves from two stations Schin op Geul and Houthem-Sint Gerlach, also ran by Veolia.

By Car:

You can take the A79 motorway while driving which goes from Maastricht to Heerlen.

Starting from Amsterdam to Valkenburg:

A local train fare cost: 26 €.

Travelling distance time: 3 hours.

Starting from Amsterdam Centraal:

A local bus fare cost: 27 €

Travelling distance time: 7 hours.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

You can visit Valkenburg Limburg all year round though you should pick the perfect time. The cold month is January while August is the hot month with the temperature reaching 20o C.  Furthermore, avoid November for a visit if you don’t like rain that much.

Meanwhile, April can be most dry out of all months. All of these are extreme conditions of city’s climate; however, the city has a moderate temperature throughout the year. Moreover, plan your visit to Holland according to the climate that you find it. However, the weather doesn’t vary much all year around.

Tips For Tourists

1.Remember to keep additional flashlight for cave exploring.
2.Seek advice from different guidance centers.
3.For the best experience on food and comfort try the recommended options.
4.For great overall trip ask the hotel staff for fun nearby places.

5.Visit Valkenburg in months of festivals or main events to enjoy all its colors.
6.For least disappointment make reservations in advance.
7.Dig up through information on precisely what you want in your hotel’s bedroom and where you want it.
8.Keep yourself updated with the region’s climate to avoid any discomfort.
9.Put on necessary protections for cave biking.
10.Before planning your Christmas here make sure you make reservations before November.
11.Keep sharp notice of train arrivals and departure times.
12.Calculate the traveling time and distance for better enjoyment of the place.

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