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Tilburg Netherlands is as already stated the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. However, one would expect such urban area to have a large number of residents. Approximately 200,000 thousand people (as of February 2017) live here. It is a charming and lively city in Brabant where you can enjoy the best of cultural activities.

There is also a wide variety of music and sounds, great and tasty food and an extensive range of shops. Every July, a ten-day funfair dictates the entire pace of the city. This is one thing famous this town is well known for. Its annual ten-day funfair which attracts people in their thousands, if not millions, is the biggest in the Benelux.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Tilburg

People know tiny about Tilburg Netherlands. However, the records of the country appeared first in 709AD. After that though, there was minimal mention of the city. Much later in the 15th century, a Lord of Tilburg, Jan Van Haestrecht constructed the famous Tilburg castle. Finding your way here is relatively easy.

All you need to know is take a plane trip to Netherlands, and a train down to Tilburg.Tilburg Holland also has an ethnic makeup that comprises different nationalities. According to the city council, the city will reach a population of 217,000 by September 2025.

Of these, 23.3 percent are of foreign descent. It also has a high concentration of transportation and distribution industries that are specialized in value-added services since it is at the center of the Benelux countries.

Tilburg Name,S History & Its Culture:

Tilburg Name,S History & Its Culture:
Tilburg Culture Reitse Hoeve © Johan Pape

Although not much is known about the early days of this place, the name first popped up in documents that date far back from 709 AD after which there were no mentions of such anymore. In the later Middle Ages, Tilburg Vandaag was referred to as a region rather than a town or village.

The city was named a manor with Goirle in the 14th century, hence the title “The Manor of Tilburg and Goirle” With time, this beautiful city grew to be the wool capital of the Netherlands. Poor farmers who lived in hamlets had decided not to sell the wool they got from sheep but weave it themselves. It has a lot of beautiful sights that you will fall in love with.

Top Things To Do In Tilburg

1. Tilburg castle
In the 15th century, an absolute lord of Tilburg, Jan Van Haestrecht built the Tilburg castle. In several historical documents, the city was referred to as ‘that stone chamber at ‘ The castle was pulled down in the 19th century, 1858 to be precise to make way for a factory through the castle’s name still lives on as evident in the city’s arms and logo. In 1809, It was granted the city status; it had about 9,000 inhabitants during the year. By the year 2009, Here had hosted several festivities and celebrations of 200 years since it became a city.

2. The biggest pop stage
The city also has the biggest pop stage in the South, which is the Pop Centre 013. This structure is notable for its rounded shape which gives it this look as if though hundreds of compact discs were stuck in the building. Asides the pop culture that it holds, there is also the opportunity to go shopping in Tilburg too. Its highest different shopping district is centered in Heuvelstraat.

3. Textile Museum
The city has a comprehensive cultural offering to the vast majority of people who influx into the city. One of such highlights is the Textile Museum. In the museum, you can learn about how the textile industry came about, its present state and future.

Textile Museum Goirkestraat Tilburg
Textile Museum Goirkestraat Tilburg © Marcel Kochen

It will interest you to see Vincent Van Gogh’s drawing classroom (Vincent Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who is apprised as one of the most famous and influential figures in Western Art), you will find this at Stadsmuseum, Tilburg. It was at this room that Vincent Gogh had his first drawing classes. He was just 13 at the time.

4. Tilburg University
It also has its university. It has a student population of about 13,000 students with approximately 8% of whom are international students. Over the years, the prior percentage has increased significantly. The Tilburg University has gained a reputation in both research and education.

Its Faculty of Economics was ranked number 1 in Europe in the year 2007 according to the journal of the European Economic Association. Also, its MBA program ranked number 11 in world ranking according to Financial Times.

5. Animal Park Oliemeulen
Animal Park Oliemeulen is one of the weirdest animal parks in the Netherlands. It indeed has some rather odd animals you can meet face to face. Animals like free roaming little skunks, flying dogs, and snake with two heads. Now that is funny.

Animal Park Oliemeulen
Animal Park Oliemeulen © Dariusz Ceglarski

The park opens for business 363 days a year with the exclusion of Christmas and New Years day. There are also demonstrations with constrictors, tarantulas. Adults pay 10.5 pounds and are allowed from the hours of 10 a.m till 6 p.m

6. Brabant Nature Museum
It is one of the most famous sights in all of Tilburg. Here you will get to know more about the rich culture of the people, its plants, and animals. You will find it at the Central Station, making it easily accessible by public transport.

7. Efteling
A theme park. It is the largest among the Benelux countries, and it is comparable with Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and Disneyland resorts in Paris.

8. Incubate
It is a big festival with more than 200 artists on cutting-edge culture as a whole, with alternative and independent music, art, theatre, film, and street art. Incubate is held mid-September, and it attracts an international lineup and pulls one heck of a crowd too. The festival lasts for about a week.

9. Roadburn festival
Roadburn is one of the important festivals in the field of the avant-garde, doom, psychedelic, and stoner rock. This festival is hosted in April and sells out in only a few minutes and also attracts visitors from around the world.

10. Festival Mundial
The festival Mundial started out as a free festival on world music and global developmental issues. It has become more than just a commercial festival with more mainstream bands with world music. This festival is held in the month of June.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Tilburg

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Tilburg
Mercure Tilburg Centrum

1. Mercure Tilburg Centrum
This hotel is about 0.1 miles from City center, and it costs $100.

2. City Tilburg
This hotel is also 0.1 miles from City center, and it costs $120. It offers free breakfast.

3. Pinos Eetcafe
With a price tag of $84 and about 0.4 miles from City center, it is also rated highly.

4. Bed and Breakfasts Tilburg
This is ranked a 4-star hotel with various forms of comfortable service available. Priced at $63 per night, this offer is more than any can ask for.

5. Tilburg Vandaag
Priced at €51 pounds per night, this hotel is one of a kind. It only takes one visit, and you are already sucked into its comfortable and relaxing environment.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Tilburg

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Tilburg
Food In Tilburg © Tilburg University Alumni

Taste: This is a very stylish and trendy restaurant that was picked as the best restaurant, with obvious facts. Any time you come visiting, you can be 100 percent sure to enjoy pure dishes made with fresh organic and regional produce

Auberge Du Bonheur: Situated in a beautiful building and awesome location, its chefs prepare the best dishes, and you do not just get to enjoy that but also the very best of wine too.

Prins Heerlijk: Prins Heerlijk is located in the inner city. This good restaurant serves an excellent lunch and lovely dinner

The Talk: This restaurant is one of the numerous 4-star It is well known for its impressive cocktails, a cozy feel, and comfortable ambiance.

Hofstede de blaak: This restaurant offers French and Dutch meals. Seafood and is also vegetarian-friendly.

How To Reach Tilburg & How Much It Costs:

Using trains : Tilburg is connected to the rest of the country by a twice an hour intercity service bound to Eindhoven – Venlo and Breda – Rotterdam – The Hague.

A second intercity goes twice an hour from Flushing – Middelburg – Bergen op Zoom – Breda to Tilburg and goes further Hertogenbosch – Nijmegen – Arnhem – Zwolle.  Trains in the Netherlands usually drive from 5:30 am to 12 am.It costs €8.20 from Eindhoven to Tilburg, and it takes just 21 minutes.

Using A Car :Using a taxi is quite costly as maximum kilometer cost per minute is set at €2,08 though there are various prices for a regular four-person car or vans.Tilburg is also connected to Belgian cities like Antwerp and Brussels

By boat : There is no time scheduled ferries along the Wilhelminakanaal, but if you have your boat, you can reach Tilburg from Eindhoven and the Meuse on the Wilhelminakanaal.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

The term ‘best’ is relative. What may be best for may not be for the other and vice versa. However, the months between May to September (both months inclusive) are the best times of the year to visit. Tilburg Netherlands climatic conditions are quite favorable during these times.

With its maximum temperature between 19°C to 23°C. If you may not be opportune within these months, you can still consider including April and October to the mix. Both months can be pretty good too if you are in luck.The city has a temperate climate with its summers cool and winters, generally mild.

Tips For Touristsv

As with most urban areas, the issues of social vices rise. For instance, in the year 2012, it was ranked the third most criminal city in the Netherlands. In 2013, it was the seventh most criminal city and so things starting to get better. Most of the crime incidents were in the suburbs. Therefore take standard precautions in the city center and you will be just fine.

There are certain areas to avoid too; areas like North and Jerusalem, especially during night time. Certain parts in Broekhoven should only be entered with little caution at night. Like many other cities, never say you are in Holland as this causes disgust because Brabant and Tilburg have their own identities and are not part of Holland but rather of the Netherlands.

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