Heerlen Tourism, Netherlands: How To Reach, Best Time, Tips.

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Here, there are so many exciting things to do if you want to come and unwind, even with your family. The historical sites and cultural attraction have a lot to write home about. This is one of the few cities you can explore uncountable numbers of local attractions.

You are sure of discovering new places and uncommon things that will remain evergreen in your memory. The amazing sights in this city surely offer travelers value for their money without spending fortune. Your stay in here will always be a worthwhile experience because the dwellers love visitors, helpful and hospitable.

Some highlights of many things awaiting you include: Best wat te doen in Heerlen and its environs, places to eat and drink, many adventurous and excitement activities to do, attractive natural attractions as well as topmost historical structures.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Heerlen

Heerlen Netherlands is attractive city and administrative district strategically located in the southern part of Netherlands. It is also reputed as the third most populous settlement under Limburg province.

It may interest you to know that this remarkable city is an integral part of the city region of Parkstad Limburg, a conglomerate of almost 250,000 dwellers comprises of 8 area councils.Heerlen Netherlands city is ranked among several numbers of the best architecturally vital buildings for 20th century.

Even though city is not all that industrial but virtually all travelers testify that it has a lot to offer. Talk of its glittering castles and gardens, the delicious and mouth watering food coupled with friendly and hospitable dwellers.

Heerlen Name,S History & Its Culture:

Heerlen Name,S History & Its Culture:
Kasteel Hoensbroek Musketierfest © Andy von der Wurm
Heerlen Merry Go Hanging Around
Heerlen Merry Go Hanging Around © Jacob de Vera

Archaeological research had reliably established that this town was initially located about 5000 years back. Aside from this, there is hardly any information about them until after the Romans settled and formed formidable army operation base. The name Heerlen came up in 11th century when going through some chapels and lands gifts.

This used to be the case anytime a new Bishops is enthroned. Shortly, it changed hands to Ahr-Hochstade counts that set up the church of St-Pancratius building and a castle with a moat.Dukes of Brabent ruled in the middle of 13th century before it was finally separated from Hoensbrook in 1388.

On many occasion during the 80 years of war, it was ruled by the Dutch Protestants and the Spanish at one time or the other. In treaty of 1661, this country become an integral of Dutch Republic even though, it was nearest to Spain border for comfort.

The French effectively took over towards the end of 18th century and made Heerlen Limburg in 1814. It supported Belgium in the revolution and defeated. After 9 years, it became part of Netherlands. After some time, the city grew and became fully established in agricultural produce until 1900.

Top Things To Do In Heerlen

Top Things To Do In Heerlen
The theatre of Heerlen during the blue hour © Gilbert Kuhnert

1. A Day Trip to Maastricht
Maastricht is located at the western part of the city on the A79. This 20 minutes trip is such an historical city and considered to be one of the most important city to visit. The population is around 120,000 and regarded as the largest city in Limburg region located on the river of Meuse.

One needs see a terrific cave network that rests at the underneath areas of the city where mythic churches of St. are found. Both Servatius and Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek are popular ancient market square with memorable Saint Servaas Bridge. Between the two cities are constant trains and buses that work round the clock for transportation. The journey is just 30 minutes to the city centre.

2. Kasteel TerWorm Restaurant Cuisine
There is no other restaurant that can compete with Kasteel in classic meals. This beautiful hotel and restaurant is situated at the fringe off Heerlen in a privy forest. With the outlook, one can easily conclude on the beauty and tasty of their food with encouraging service.

Their changing menu shows the seasons and the option of an a la carte. No matter the kind of food you want, you will always get the one that suits your taste. Sincerely speaking, if you want to experience little extravagance and wonderful dining, you cannot underrate the effectiveness of Kasteel.

3. Hoenshuis Golf Course
Hoenshuis course is just 10 minutes from Heerlen centre. If you are one of the enthusiasts of golf, Hoenshuis course is one of the best places where you can enjoy one or two rounds. There was a time when PGA tournament was held on this course. During the tournament, the holes give great challenge but the most interesting aspect is that they are all in a magnificent forest pattern. If is possible to play on the 18 hole meanwhile par 72 course consist of different features and greens. After the play, the club house is available for relaxation.

4. Brunssummerheide Holiday Park
This is a wide park at the Heerlen Centrum area that covers a greater part of the north of the town. It is a family park that is regarded as the perfect base for all adventurers of Limburg. As a result of where it is situated, it gives it great opportunity to be accessible to Maastricht and the dreamed City. To show how big the park is, you can enjoy yourself by moving round through various bike trails, climb rock, play in swimming pool, children’s farm, visit fine restaurant for high quality meals of your choice and play casino.

5. Crossing the Border of Belgian to Liege
Heerlen Limburg lies along the border of Germany and Belgium. Practically, it is located on the border of Germany and very close to Aachen city which is as well far from beautiful town of Liege. Within an hour, passing through A79 and A2, one can enter Belgium and spend just a day to see how amazing the place is. The city is historic. Some other places to visit from here are Bueren Mountain, the church of St., the Liege Cathedral, Jacques and the Saint Lambert Palace. There are lots of public parks, fine restaurants and shops where you can enjoy yourself.

6. Het Langste Museum Van Limburg
From Kerkrade to Valkenburg, riding on an ancient steam engine via the elevated countryside of the lower Limburg is an amazing journey. It leaves remarkable experience to the tourist. By travelling a short distance from Heerlen east to the Kerkrade’s small town and travel back within few moments on wondrous steam engine could be interesting. Carriages are fixed to their onetime glory as you relax and view the scenery rolling in style. Do not bother to travel to Valkenburg rather opt off at a station and take a look around at the beautiful towns around the region.

Heerlen Merry Go Hanging Around
Heerlen Merry Go Hanging Around © Jacob de Vera

7. Snowworld Landgraaf
What a magnificent place! Landgraaf Snowworld is reputed as one of the best places you can catch fun about some fuelled adrenaline related matters. It is mostly popular among the greatest indoor ski slopes and establishments at the Heerlen centrum and across the globe.

It has a huge structure situated in the City east, very close to Mondo Verde and Gaia Zoo. For ski enthusiasts, it is second to none. In this place, there are 5 different slopes which include the longest slope in the country. This is the place where you can climb up to one of the 8 lifts and practice snowboarding skills on Fun Park. This park consists of varieties of different ramps, pipes and kickers.

8. Ambos Park
At the heart of the city, just along the eastern part of the major shopping center is founded Aambos Public Park. It is estimated to be 45 hectares wide and well sounded by beautiful forest. To be candid, it is a best place for those that want to enjoy walking and as well as wildlife spotting.

Since the beginning of 2000s, the park has experience full restorations and now regarded as relaxation centre. There is a small stream that passes through the centre of the park. Also, herd of deer lives here and young children as well enjoy watching pets and feeding zoo here also. Catch some funs with your family here.

9. Dutch Mining Museum
The history of this place is related to coal mining. This particular industrial played a vital role in the economical development of the city in their early years. Everything concerning the history is strategically kept at Dutch Mining Museum. This museum is situated at the Heerlen centre in an ancient mining tower building.

10. Schunck
One of the most popular buildings in the town and the best sample of the modern movement in the country is Schunck. It is proudly established at the centre of the city directly adjacent to Pancratiuskerk. This is creatively designed with adequate and rich glass, no wonder the place is named glass palace. Inside this structure located a museum of contemporary art, a public library, centre for architecture and urbanism. If you are one of those who love to earn and appreciate modern architecture and art, why not visit this establishment for more innovations?

11. Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg
This is another amazing underground world located on the coal mining industry that was once grew in Heerlen Limburg. It is apparently established half way between Maastricht and Heerlen in a small town of Valkenburg. When enter the environment, you will discover presentational film where you will take your tour to the mines. By visiting this mining centre, you will be able to look cozy to the machinery, learn more about the working systems and also hear various and interesting facts from the tour guides. All these guides were ex-miners as well.

12. Thermen Museum
This modern city is undoubted full of stories as far back as the Roman age of conquest. For this reason, it is very important to search for many old roman artefacts and excavations in this museum. It was actually built in 1977 and effectively constructed on top of the remains of the hugely preserved Roman bath in Netherlands. There are so many artefacts found from this place including pottery, statues and pottery.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Heerlen

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Heerlen
Amrath Hotel Heerlen © Deboof

1. Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre
Tulip Inn is situated in an Art Deco monument building structure at the center of town. This is a 3 star hotel that has its own Irish bar with 50 different kinds of whisky. Their breakfast is fresh and numerous, it is now left for the customer to make his/her best choice.

2. Bastion Hotel
This amazing hotel is located at the northwest of the town. Bastion Hotel offers easy access to both Aken and Maastricht. They are very good in satisfying their customers and work round the clock to ensure that their customers are to their best satisfaction because customer’s satisfaction is their concern.

3. Stadshotel Botterweck
This is a newly launched hotel and located on the central Pancratius Square. It is very close to the Glass Palace cultural centre and St. Pancratius Church. One cannot underestimate the beauty of this hotel with very perfect services. This is exactly the best bet for all tourists that truly want to enjoy his or her visit.

4. Hotel Kasteel Terworm
What a luxurious hotel so highly rated 4 stars among others! It is remarkably established in a 14th century castle, just a walking distance from the city. Enveloped by French Rococo Gardens and Nature Park. They have excellent value for money.

5. Van der Valk Hotel
Van der Valk Hotel is a luxury 4 star hotel when compared to other 4-star hotel. Merely looking at its beauty, you will notice the 14th century building, full of estate structure. It is just 15 minutes walk away from the Heerlen centrum.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Heerlen

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Heerlen
Auberge de Rousch Heerlen © IBSSR

A great shopping centre in the ancient town area of the city is found in Heerlen holland. It consists of big shops with numerous small autonomous ones. Additionally, another popular place is Hoensbroek, located just at the northern side of the city.

They may not be as glamorous like those in shops at the heart of the town, yet they still offer mouth watering meals for prospective visitors.In addition, Samos is a popular Greek place to find highly delicious food too. The staff is very effective and friendly.

There is no dull moment in this place. Also, Rimis is strategically located to serve wonderful food without wasting time. Most importantly, you can decide to go for local food or intercontinental Heerlen Holland, all at very affordable prices and prepared under hygienic environments.

How To Reach Heerlen & How Much It Costs:

How To Reach Heerlen & How Much It Costs:
Euregiobahn in Heerlen © Peter Boere

Four stations are strategically located in here but the busiest one is at the heart of the city. Heerlen Holland itself is centrally established making it easier to link up with.

Train : There is hourly movement of train from Aachen Hbf with very suitable onward trip from there. If you are coming from Schiphol Airport or Armsterdam, simply join the train to Utrecht.

From there, proceed to platform 15 and then enter the Den bosch train and alight at the city. The trains move at half an hour interval while the entire journey is about 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Bus : Interestingly, International bus operates to and fro the city directly stationed behind the train station. Arriving at respective destination should be easier for all travelers since so many buses ply their trade in here.

The bus station has been very helpful to visitors so desired. Do not forget that you could be asked to use Chipcaart to pay the public transport. All you need to do is to load up your purchased card with credit card. Thereafter, normal fare will always be deducted automatically anytime you travel.

Car : Car travel to this place is optional to all travelers. If you choose to go by car, then you must enter at A76. Since the road does not have any junction leading to destination, it means you have to enter N281. Meanwhile, those who take off en route Maastricht are expected take  A79 as goes directly to the city.

As good as car travel is, it is not advisable. This is because parking space is very inadequate, leading to congestion and astronomical high fee. You are advised to leave your car behind and hire bicycle if your mission is to travel within the city. They are cheaper easier and safer.

Air Flight : Air flight form Maastricht to Aachen Airport is around 15km from the city. Since Eindhoven is reputed for more effective transport link with the city, it is generally advised that you fly directly to Eindhoven.

On the other hand, those whose arrival is scheduled for International flight are encouraged to fly straight to Amsterdam Shiphol. Within about two and a half hours to the place.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

It is very important to know the right time to enjoy your visit to this attractive place and then consider what to do in there. No tourist should underrate the climatic conditions in Heerlen city such as temperature, humidity, rainfall and snowfall.

This will enable you to plan your move. The weather condition of this place in September is within range of 8 and 15 degree centigrade (temperature). The level of humidity is around zero percent. In October, the temperature ranges from 5 to 25 degree centigrade. The seasonal average rainfall is:

January to March: 6cm

April to June:  8cm

July to September: 9cm

October to December: 6cm

While the seasonal average temperature are:

January to March: 12 degree centigrade at daylight while 0 degree centigrade at night

April to June: 21 degree centigrade at daylight and 4 degree centigrade at night

July to September: 23 degree centigrade at daylight while 10 degree centigrade at night

October to December: 17 degree centigrade at daylight and 2 degree centigrade at night.

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