Best 5 Things To Do In Netherlands

Netherlands, the land of Dutch people, is one of the famous tourist places in the Europe. Known for its monuments and the classic architecture, this is one of those places that you should add to your vacation list. Here is the Top 5 tourist place in the Netherlands:

1. Middelburg

1. Middelburg
Middelburg Picture

Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland. This site is widely famous for its art and culture. Notable, painter Pieter Gaal was from this location. There are several cultural institutions here that include Zeeusws Museum, SBKM De Vleeshal, Zeeusws Archiefs and Zeeuswse Bibliotheek, etc.

The area is also known for its concert halls, and theaters and some of the modern concert halls and theaters are Schouwburg, Concertzeeland, and Spiegeltheater and Minitheater, etc.

Most of the tourists come to this place for sightseeing in places like the Abbey, Kuiperspoort, City hall and Oostkerk, etc. Sporting cultures can also be seen here as there are stadiums all over the place. Some of the other attractions are as follows

Abdij: This is an attractive place in the country and is known for its 12th-century houses and churches where the colonial architect is quite visible.

Town Hall: The town hall was constructed during the 1400s, and there are several ceremonial rooms inside the hall.

Damplein: If you are one of those people who like to visit old houses, then this might be the perfect place for you. There are many 18th century houses still exists here in this location. Some of these houses are now cafes and shops.

2. Heerlen

2. Heerlen
Kasteel Hoensbroek Musketierfest

The city of Heerlen is located in the south-east of the Netherlands and is one of the famous tourist places in the country. This city was ruled by Roman emperors, and it is quite visible in the monuments and the ancient structures in the city.

Thermenmuseum is one of the places to see in this city which is a Roman Bathhouse. The Dutch Mine Museum is another favorite museum that showcases the ancient history of the city.

This town is popular for its squares, and some of those include Pancratius Square, Wilhelmina Square, and Beta Square and Morenhoek, etc. This place is known for its structures and old houses. Here are some of the places that you can visit


Parkstad Theater

Town Hall

Royal Theater

3. Tilburg

3. Tilburg
Tilburg Picture

Tilburg is a famous city which is located in the North Brabant region. This city is very popular for its 10-day long funfair where people from all over the world participate. Music festivals in Tilburg is a very popular among the tourists, and some of those festivals include Incubate, festival Mundial, Stranger than paranoia and Tilburg students festival.

Music center: Here you can visit .013 which is a renowned modern pop center. The Paradox is another famous Jazz club.

Museum: The Museum of Modern Art, De Pont is a top-rated tourist attraction. You can also visit the textile museum where you can understand the history of these products.

Parks: Tilburg is also a house for several parks and Leijpark and Reeshofpark being the most popular ones. Leijpark is the place where Festival Mundial takes place. Just near to the Leijpark, there is this old monastery, the C Once you are done sightseeing within the municipal area, just outside the municipality, there is a national park named as Loonse en Drunense Duinen.

Sports: This place is also quite popular for its sports. Willem II is one of the most famous football team in this region. Apart from football there are running events that are organized here in this place annually.


Dordrecht pic

Dordrecht is known for its history, and it was one of the important centers of trade in the past. Most of the city reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Many monuments and structures vouch for the same.

Some agencies provide buses for sightseeing and tourist’s boards one of these buses for sightseeing. Buses are an alternative, but the best way to see the essence of the city is to hire a bike. You need to pay a deposit of 50 euro in cash to avail the bike services. Many places attract tourist. Some of these sites are as follows:

Grote Kerk: This famous church was built in the year 1285. The tower is about 65 m and there are about 67 bells. One of the heaviest bell weights 9830kg which is officially the heaviest bell in the country.

Kyck over den Dyck: This windmill was built in the year 1612 and back in those days it was used to make Malts. These malts were used in the breweries for beer production.

Voorstraat: If you want to buy a few things, then this is the street that you need to go. This shopping mall is the largest in the country.
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5. Valkenburg

5. Valkenburg
Valkenburg monoment

In the Southeastern Dutch province of Limburg, there is a famous tourist destination, Valkenburg. Although this place is a reflection of the colonial era, there are so many places to see here. Here are some of the places that you can visit in Valkenburg.

Valkenburg castle: Once a very famous castle now the ruins are the major attraction in this place. Every year thousands of tourists come to witness this century-old castle and the fine architecture designs of that era.

Oud Valkenburg: Oud Valkenburg is a very small village which is situated by the river Geul. This place is famous for its gothic church and the two castles – Genhoes and Schaloen. There is also a local museum that you can visit here.

Wilhelminatore: Wilhelminatore is a 98-foot tower from where the view of the city will mesmerize you. This is a place that you must visit if you are on a trip to this country. The tower is connected to the town by airlift.

Thermae 2000: After a hectic day of sightseeing the best way to rejuvenate yourself is to visit these wellness centers that provide you the best amenities in the business.

Saint Nicolas church: Saint Nicolas church is an ancient gothic church where you can the amazing craftsmanship in wood.

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