1. Dordrecht


If you have a passion for traveling and are looking for your next big adventure, it is the place for you to be. The values of history duly preserved for all eyes to feed on. From the many Cathedrals to prehistoric monuments and artifacts, Dordrecht assures a truly captivating and educating experience for her tourists.

2. Tilburg


Tilburg Netherlands is as already stated the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. However, one would expect such urban area to have a large number of residents. Approximately 200,000 thousand people (as of February 2017) live here. It is a charming and lively city in Brabant where you can enjoy the best of cultural activities.

3. Heerlen


Here, there are so many exciting things to do if you want to come and unwind, even with your family. The historical sites and cultural attraction have a lot to write home about. This is one of the few cities you can explore uncountable numbers of local attractions.

4. Middelburg


When our lives, surrounded by sky high towers, traffic logjams and stressful working hours and its aftermaths, come over to this place and experience the historical marvel in the form of old chapels, town centers which were a prominent part of the old town layout, theaters and so on.

5. Valkenburg


Valkenburg a city packed with ancient sights of castle ruins lasted as a result of conquests and sieges. It is good to know that in 1853, a railway line connection between Maastricht and Aachen led to city’s discovery. The city located in the southeastern province of Limburg of Netherlands contains middle age’s construction marvel.

6. Things To Do In Netherlands

Things To Do In Netherlands

Netherlands, the land of Dutch people, is one of the famous tourist places in the Europe. Known for its monuments and the classic architecture, this is one of those places that you should add to your vacation list. Here is the Top 5 tourist place in the Netherlands:

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