Thamel Tourism, Nepal: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Thamel is very popular among the hippies in the past. There was a time when many hippies came to Thamel Nepal to stay here and compose their music. Later on, this place became a commercial hub in the country and many industries developed alongside. In the current day, this is one of the famous tourist destinations in the country.

Every year many tourists come to this place for vacation. There are resorts and hotels equipped with international class amenities. There are parks with some fantastic wildlife which you cannot see anywhere else. This place is also very popular for its mountains and hills where you can go for hiking. If you are looking for a budget-friendly vacation, Thamel Nepal is a perfect site for you.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Thamel

Thamel is located in the Northern Region of Kathmandu. This place has been a place of commerce for years, and many industries are operating here. If you are looking for a budget-friendly tour, then this is the perfect site for you. The whole place is surrounded by shops and local vendors who sell different items and artifacts to the tourist.

There are many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy your food and drinks. The western influence can easily be seen in the culture. The music is all about western music in the pubs and bars.This place is quite popular among the people for its natural reserves.

There are several forest areas and reserves where many tourists go for hiking. There are also mountain ranges where you can avail the experience of mountain climbing at very reasonable rates. If you are looking for a place where you can spend a week relaxing and alone then this might be the perfect place for you.

There are several hotels and resorts for your comfortable stay. Some resorts where you can go for outdoor activities. There are many Buddhist and Hindu temples that you can see here in this place. This place is also known for its people who are very friendly and warm-hearted.

Thamel Name,S History & Its Culture:

Nepal has always been ruled by kings and with the majority of its people being Hindu. There are many temples in and around this place. Thamel remit has been a haven for hippies. In the past, there were artists and singers who came to this site for holidays and for composing their songs.

This place is also trendy for its kingdoms. The Nepali kingdom has been very powerful in the region for many decades, and there are still the royal families staying there in the region. This place is located in the northern part of the capital city of Kathmandu.

As per the Hindu calendar, the Nepali people celebrate their new year in April. During this time there are many Hindu festivals that take place here in Thamel remit.

Top Things To Do In Thamel

1. Swiss-Nepali Trekking and expedition

The scenic beauty of this place is amazing. You can avail fantastic and adventurous trekking here. The rates are also very reasonable, and the most important thing is these trekking are very safe.

All the gears and the other equipment will be provided by the agency and the rates are included in the package. This place is also trendy among the tourist because it is at the foot of the magnificent Himalayas and is the best place for you to trek.

2. Annapurna Mountain Bike and adventure

The Annapurna Mountain Bike and experience provides excellent tours to the tourists who come here for fun and relaxation. The visits are unique and are located in such places where nature is mesmerizing. The charges are also quite affordable.

3. The streets

The streets of Thamel itself are so colorful. Make sure you take out time from your busy schedule to see the color of the Nepali people. The roads are equipped with vendors trying to sell items to the people.

4. Go shopping

Shopping is one thing that you would love to do as the place is filled with many shops. The costs are also very much reasonable. If you are right in bargaining, then go on a shopping spree.

5. Eat

There are several places where you can eat authentic Nepal dishes. The street stalls are also quite popular among the people. There are several street stalls that you can find here.

6. Sports tours and travel

Some agencies provide different kinds of sports travel and tours. These are unique tours, and at the same time, you can get a chance to play your favorite sport.

7. Mountain trails

Trekking in the mountain trails is one of those things that you won’t find in many places. That is why if you are here then go for mountain trail trekking.

8. Poon Hill

This is one of the famous locations in this place. You can go to this place for trekking. The rates are also meager, and you can avail it easily.

9. Everest base camp

Mount Everest is the most popular thing that people know about this country. You can go trekking in the nearby places and at the same time make your base camp at the foot of the Mount Everest.

10. Flora and fauna

This place is very popular among the people for its flora and fauna. There are several species of plants that you can see while trekking in some of the forest areas and mountain trails. You can also see some of the animals which are the rare sight in other parts of the world.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Thamel

1. Kathmandu eco hotel

The Kathmandu eco-hotel is one of the popular hotels in this place, and there are many rooms available for stay. The staff of this hotel is very professional, and the hotel is equipped with the best facilities. There is Wi-Fi, AC rooms and parking space available in this hotel.

2. Hotel Vaishali

The hotel Vaishali is a 4-star hotel and is a trendy hotel Thamel in this place. This hotel is equipped with international class amenities such as AC rooms, laundry, and a hot bath. The rates are also quite reasonable.

3. Hotel BUBO Himalaya Pvt. Ltd

Located in the Narsingh Chowk Marg, this is one of the budget hotels that you can find in this place. Although the rates are low here, the facilities are up to the standards. You can avail parking space here.

4. Hotel Blue Horizon

The hotel blue Horizon is a very famous hotel Thamel in this place. This hotel is equipped with TV, garden Patio, and friendly staff. The location of the hotel is what attracts customers.

5. Heritage Home

If you are looking for a hotel with the low budget but comfortable stay then this is the hotel that you need to look for. The rooms are small but are quite pleased.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Thamel

Ace cafe and Bar: The Ace cafe and Bar is one of the popular restaurants in the business. You can avail all kinds of western, Indian and Nepali dishes. The staff is professional.

Alchemy: The Alchemy is a brand new restaurant that serves Italian cuisines. You can eat pizzas for NPR 300 and pasta for NPR 280.

Electric Pagoda: The Electric Pagoda is another trendy place to eat in this area. Here you can avail your favorite drink and beers.

La Dolce Vita: The La Dolce Vita is another favorite Italian restaurant here in this place. This place is also trendy for its pizzas and other delicacies.

New Orleans: The New Orleans restaurant is a place where you can order your favorite pizza, and this site is quite famous for its ambiance. If you are traveling with your kids, then this is probably the best place for you’re for a meal.

How To Reach Thamel & How Much It Costs:

There are several ways that you can avail to reach this place. As this place is very much accessible from the capital, there are many agencies that also provide vehicle hire services.

By airways: Tribhuvan International Airport is the nearest airport to Thamel. This airport is equipped with several flights, and you can avail them from different cities of the world. From the airport to this place you can avail taxi service or local buses.

Local buses: You can avail local buses from the airport to this place. The city bus station is where you can avail buses to a different destination. It takes about 20 minutes from the airport to reach this place in the bus. The bus fare to this place from the airport is about 4$.

By taxi: There are several taxi services that you can avail here in Thamel. It takes about 20 minutes to reach this place from the airport in the cab. These taxi rides from the airport charge around 5$.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Although like the country, this site is also quite suitable to visit any time of the year, there are rainy days one needs to avoid. The monsoon season comes with heavy rainfall, and it starts from April and extends through September. This is the time that you need to prevent touring to this place.

December to March is the perfect time to travel to this place as the temperature cools down during this period. This is also that part of the year where you can enjoy the local festivals and fairs. The period from March to May is also quite good to visit as the temperature is low then and the rainy season is on the verge to start at that period.

Tips For Tourists

1.Be aware of scammers: There are many scammers all over Thamel. They will try to sell different things to you. Try to avoid these scammers. There are also scammers who will cheat you posting as the guide. Be careful; whom you chose as your guide.

2.Take care of your travel documents: Always make sure you have copies of your travel documents. There are many incidents where the travel documents where lost or stolen with other valuables and in such cases, the tourist suffers.

3.Take a note of the emergency numbers: It is always a good and safe idea to have all the emergency numbers such as police station, fire brigade and ambulance with you. These numbers will help you in the emergency.

4.Don’t give money to beggars: Many scammers pose as beggars and will ask you money or food to eat. They will again sell the food that you give them back to the stores.

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