Ghorepani Tourism, Nepal: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Ghorepani is a small village located in Myagdi district in Dhaulagiri Zone of northern-central Nepal. This village is 176 kilometers away from the Kathmandu. This village lies within the Annapurna conservation area (ACA). The funny fact is that the name Ghore (horse) and Pani (water) comes from the benefits of this field.

The ancient traders found water for their horse,  ass and themselves in this area. That’s why the place called Ghorepani. This area is 2855 meters from the sea level.Annapurna area is famous for some of the highest peak of the world, Mt Everest (8,848m from sea level), Kanchanjungha (8,586m from sea level), Lhotse (8,516m from sea level), Dhaulagiri (8,167m from sea level), and Annapurna I (8,091 m from sea level).

Ghorepani is famous for hill trekking. Poon Hill is the most suitable for trekking. The highest peak of Poon is 3210 meter above from the sea level.You can enjoy the most beautiful sun rising from the summit of Poon Hill over the Annapurna Himalayas and Dhaulagiri Himalayas.

You will also enjoy the beauty of the marvelous view of the high peak and the beauty of the village below. It will open a nice horizon before you. Your days of trekking in Annapurna region will delight you in every way. Ghorepani Poon hill trekking is most suitable, and there is no risk of altitude sickness because the hill is 3210m above sea level.

Ghorepani Hill Trekking is a 4- 5 days trekking. But it can take more time if you trek short time in a day. You can enjoy dense Rhododendrons near Ghorepani village. This flower is the national flower of Nepal.

Oak forest with varieties of birds, green hills and patchwork valleys will please your eyes. Just about every outlook is an enticing glimpse. On a trip to Poon Hill one can watch the whole mountain ranges; covering red and pink rays of the Sun in full sprout at the Sunset and Sunrise.


You can start your hill trek from any direction. If you want to hike through 3500 steps, then you have to start from Hile. Most of the trek start from Kimche.  Start your trek from Nayapul. It will be easy for a trekker.

Nayapul to Tikhedhunga: leave Pokhara early in the morning and come to Nayapul by taxi. It can cost around $15 to $20. After taking breakfast start your trekking with the guide towards Tikhedhunga. It will take about 5-6  hours trekking to reach Tikhedhunga.

Tikhedhunga Guesthouse is a nice tea house. You can enjoy Nepali food there and spend the night.  This village is 1540 meter above sea level.The view of the village is nice, and have to spend the night in this village. Sleep early because you have to wake up early next morning and trek to Ghorepani.

Tikhedhunga to Ghorepani: Wake up early in the morning fresh up and take your breakfast. You can take breakfast from the lodge. Hiking towards Ghorepani can be challenging for you. It will be a long trekking. You have to take lunch on the way.

After taking lunch take some rest and then stark hiking again. To reach in Ghorepani it will take around 7-8 hours of hiking. Ghorepani is 2855 meter from the sea level and cold area.

There are some hotel and lodge for travelers. You can cheek in The Hotel Snow Land or Superview Lodge &Restaurant or find out a suitable one for you. You can enjoy the fantastic view of Annapurna conservation area and the beautiful Rhododendrons forest located near this village. Sleep early if you want to enjoy the sunrise from poon hill.

Ghorepani To Poon Hill, Ghorepani To Gandruk:

Wake up very early and pack some snacks for breakfast. Then trekking towards Poon Hill at 5 am. It will take around 45 minutes to climb poon hill. You will enjoy the world most beautiful sunrise. It will be your most memorable hiking in your life.

After visiting Poon hill then hike towards Gandruk. To reach Gandruk from Ghorepani, it will take 10-12 hours of hiking. It is a large village with many beautiful hotels and lodges. You just have to choose a suitable one for you.

You can enjoy the beauty of Himalaya from this village.Gandruk to Deurali: it will take about 10 hours of hiking to reach Deurali from Gandruk. You should leave Gandruk at after 8 am. The trail is drowned tail and almost stone stairs.

Take a break for lunch and rest. On the way, you will notice the beautiful villages. Spend the night in a lodge.Your trekking is fulfilled when you reach Deurali. Next morning you can leave the village for Pokhara. Or you can spend some more time in this village.

Weather & Season For Trekking

Nepal has five major seasons; they are spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. The northern part of Nepal is mostly mountain area. 15% of total land of Nepal is covered with snow. But you can trek in Ghorepani Poon hill any time of the year while most of the area of Himalayas are not trek-able in the wet season.

October & November: October and November are the best time for trekking in Annapurna area. In this period this area is refreshed for recent monsoons. You can enjoy warm day and super clear sky in this season. But night temperature may be under freezing. If you decided to trek in this season, then book a teahouse or guest house first cause this is a busy season.

December, January, February, and March: This four-month is the coolest period of this area. The day is cold and night temperature is below freezing point. Snow can block the trekking trail.  During March the Rhododendrons start flowering. This flower makes the hillside colorful and creates a nice view. Days are shiny for trekking but this period is common for avalanches.

April & May: April and May are the second favorite trekking season because of the warming weather. In this season the day is bright and the night is clean with a clear sky. In the last of the may there will be more humidity and trekking became boring and uncomfortable for humid.

June & July: June and July are the monsoon period. This time the trail became slippery and rained heavily in Annapurna area near Pokhara. But trekking in this season can bring a different test. Because in this season the trek has became fulfilled with different colorful flowers. That creates an unbelievable view.

Trekking Equipment

Before leaving Kathmandu to think about your needed equipment. You can buy your trekking equipment, or you can hire them. You can hire your equipment from Kathmandu or Pokhara. There is some agency they lend trekking equipment. Take a lightweight backpack, a pair of a hiking boot, warm cloth, sleeping bag based on the season.

Take a waterproof backpack and sleeping bag during the rainy season. And a four season sleeping bag with a good ventilation system, water bottle. You will need some equipment depends on you.

How To Go, Transportation And Cost

Most of the hill trekking in Annapurna area start from the Pokhara city. At first, you have to reach Pokhara. Pokhara is 204.5 kilometers away from Kathmandu (capital city of Nepal) if you travel via Prithvi Highway.

It can take about 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu. It can cost you $9 to $18 if you travel via bus. But taxi will cost you $25 to $35. There is an airport in Pokhara.You can take a flight there it will take about 25 minutes and can cost you $155 to $210.

If you want to go to Ghorepani by road, you can hire a taxi. Ghorepani is 34.1 kilometers away from Pokhara and can cost you $18 to $25. It will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach in Ghorepani from Pokhara. You can go to Ghorepani by trekking.

Once you are in Pokhara, you can now start your Poon hill trekking.There are many travel agencies in Nepal they arrange the poon hill trekking. You can go with them, or you can go with your friends by hiring a travel guide and porters.

If you go to the travel agencies, it can cost you $450 to $650. On a daily basis, traveler guide cost you about $25 per day, and Porter will cost you $15 to $20 per day without food and accommodation. Trekking alone is risky; you should go in a group. But a traveler guide can help you in many ways. You can gather some interesting fact and information from the guide.

Food And Accommodation

Don’t carry your food with you; it will make trekking difficult. All the guest house, lodge and tea house have a good food Manu. Bottled water are expensive in this area (120 Nepali Rupe). Most of the lodges purify water it can cost around 80 NPR.

You can enjoy various Nepalese food in this area like Dal vat Torkari (lentils, rice, and curry), Momo, Alu Thama, Thupka, Sel Roti and other local food.You will also found other food items like rice, vegetables, noodles, potatoes and soup chicken and buffalo meat items are available in most of the lodges.many of them have western food facilities.

Soft drinks beer and snacks are available in the Trek side restaurant and tea house. You can also enjoy the Nepali drinks in this area. Most of the owner of the lodges will offer it to you. Rakshi, Thon, and Tongba are the most popular Nepali drinks. You can try them if you want.

I can assure you that Thon has a different and nice test and you will enjoy it. But don’t drink a lot amount at a time.In Pokhara, there are many good hotels. You can stay there when you arrived in Pokhara city. A short list of good hotels in Pokhara is given below.

  1. The Fulbari Resort & Spa
  2. Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge
  3. Park Village Water Front
  4. Hotel Barahi
  5. Hotel Landmark

There are many others hotels in Pokhara you can stay. The Fulbari Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel. If you want luxury staying you can stay there. The others are three-star hotels.

There is lodge and guest house almost in every village. In Ghorepani, there is a nice hotel name Hotel Snow Land with good accommodation system. You can enjoy the nice view of the Himalayan area from the hotel. And in another village, you can stay in a tea house and guest house. The cost is also cheap. In a lodge, you can spend the night in a low cost about 400 Nepalese Rupe.

This lodges also provide food for the customer at a considerable price. Tea House can be described as a combination of guest house, lodge, restaurant, and Social hang out. You can stay in this tea house. It will help you to meet local people and gather information about the area. In some lodge, you may take a hot bath, but it can cost bout 150 rupes.

Tips For Tourist

Take warm cloth cause the night is cold in this area. In winter night is under freezing condition.
Take a waterproof sleeping bag that can protect from rain in the night. It must be suitable for cold weather if you trek in winter.
Transfer your dollar into Nepalese rupees before you left for trekking. Because you can’t use your dollar in Hill area.
Buy your necessary trekking equipment or hire from Kathmandu or Pokhara city.
Keep a first aid kit for trekking; you may need it anytime.
There are shops in the small villages. You can buy the local product and handmade things from the shop.
Take a pair of a hiking boot and running shoes. Normal shoes are not suitable for hiking.
Collect trekking permit from the authority. In some area, trekking is illegal without a permit.
Weather can change at any time in this area. Pay attention to the weather forecast for updates.
Collect the security service number for emergency support.
You will need personal insurance for trekking in Nepal.
Talk to a doctor before you go for a hill trekking. You will need a sound health condition for Himalayan hill trekking.
If you take a lot of things, then take a porter to carry things with you.

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