Bardia National Park, Nepal: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Bardia National Park, one of the greatest tourist spots in the world, is located in Nepal’s western plain land, covering an area of 968 square kilometers. It is the largest park in the region, which is full of open grasslands and shrubs.

The park is the home for many endangered species of wild animals including Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Elephant, Rhinoceros, Gharial Crocodile, Marsh Mugger Crocodile, Swamp Deer, Blackbuck, Gharial Crocodile, Marsh Mugger Crocodile and Gangetic dolphin.

There are some enchanting species of birds found in the area such as Bengal Florican, Silver-eared Mesia, Lesser Florican and Sarus Crane. For the varieties of nature and wildlife, it is one of the best safari tourist spots in Nepal. Especially, if you want to encounter Royal Bengal Tiger, then there is no better alternative for you.

The History Of The Park:

It is 1980’s when the regular records on Bardia’s history began. 368 square kilometers were set aside as royal hunting grounds at the time. The area was officially named as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve in 1982. Babai Valley was added to the area in 1984. It is, however, one of the few areas that were the parts of Nepal before the Sugauli Treaty.

How To Get To Bardia National Park:

There are different ways to get to the park. If you want to get to the park by air, then Nepalganj Airport is the nearest airport to be considered. The airport is situated in Banke district of the Bheri zone in Nepal. The flight takes about 50 minutes from Kathmandu, the capital city of the country.

From the airport, you have to take either a bus or a jeep to Bardia, and it takes about 3 hours. You can have plane tickets to Nepalganj from nearly all the travel agencies located in the capital. Though flights run daily depending on numbers, off season flights are frequently postponed until the next day. The fare is approximate $200.

The most preferred option to go to Bardia is traveling by bus. There are several options available for you. The most two popular options are to take a bus to Ambassa or Thakurdwara. The direct bus to Thakurdwara, the nearest village to Bardia National Park, leaves from the Gognababu bus station of the capital and the departures are usually 4-5 pm.

The price of a ticket is about 1700 rupees.You need to book a seat the day before. The other option is also simple. This type of bus leaves at more regular times from Gangabu to Mahendranagar. In this case, you have to ask supervisor to get you off at Ambassa, a small stopping point outside Bardia National Park.

The price of a ticket is about 1200 rupees in this option. Like the other choice, you have to book the ticket the day before. It takes about 13 hours to get to the destination in both cases. You will have breaks for food and toilet during the journey.There is another option to go to the park. You can hire a private jeep and a driver to go there. It is more flexible than the bus journey. It will cost you about $200.

The Best Time Of Year To Visit:

Though Baridia National Park is open year round, you should pick up a special time to enjoy the most. The best time to go this place is at the end of the dry season. It should be mentioned that the hot season in Nepal is from February to July. At the time, there is a greater chance of seeing tigers as they come out to the waterholes. According to the local guides, November and December are mentioned as being good times though it can be very hazy in this period of year.

Things To Do At The Park:

There are different things to do at Bardia National Park. Jungle trekking is one of the most enjoyable things to do in the park. The packages include half day, full day, two days, three days and one week. The prices start from 3000 rupees. The costs of meals are usually included in the price of the packages. You can go either alone or in a group.

In both cases, you have to take a guide. However, depending on the time of year, you can see jungle, Rhesus monkeys and a few birds in a half day tour. You will have a greater chance of seeing a rhino, wild elephants, tigers and birds.Jeep jungle tour is another option to do in the park.

If you are curious to get into the deepest of the jungle, then jeep tour is a great fit for you. The chance of seeing a tiger is higher in this way. By the way, there are different packages available for you. It usually costs you $170 per day.

Food and accommodation are included in the price.You can also enjoy elephant rides at Bardia National Park although elephant rides are becoming rare and discouraged in Bardia. These rides are, however, offered by some larger resorts and there is a little to explore in the jungle.

They usually last between 1 to 1.5 hours.There are some resorts that offer river expedition. The journeys take place in the Gerua river where you may see crocodiles, birds, a tiger or a rhino. If you want to spend a full day in a conoe, it will cost you around 15000 rupees.

The price includes lunch pack and a guide.There are some other things to enjoy in Bardia such as elephant breeding center, crocodile breeding center, Tharu Museum and so on. To enjoy those things, pay a quick visit to the park.

Entrance Fees & Tickets:

The ticket office of Royal Bardia National Park is located in Thakurdwara. The price of a ticket is 1000 rupees, and the tickets are valid only for one day. That is to say, if you stay two days, you will have to buy two tickets only for you. It should be mentioned that you have to pay an additional 13% vat. By the way, the prices often change without notice in Nepal.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Bardia National Park

In the past, there were numerous lodges to stay inside the park. At present, lodges are banned from operating inside the park. So, if anyone tries to convince you to book a lodge inside the park, just avoid them. There are many hotels and resorts to stay in Bardia. Go and pick a room from one of those hotels and resorts. The range of price is $5 to $150.

1. Bardia Adventure Resort:

The resort has simple Tharu-style, thatched mud-floor huts ranging up to comfortable carpeted cottages with tiled bathrooms. The most highlighted thing in the resort is that it has its watchtower.The resort provides with a free wifi access for the tourists who stay here.

There is an attached private bathroom with each fan-cooled room, which comes with showers, free toiletries and slippers. You can also enjoy garden view from the room. There is a 24-hour front desk, a terrace and a bar available at Bardia Adventure Resort as well. Bardia National Park is 1 kilometer away from the resort.

2.Bardia Jungle Cottage:

This is a low-key, long-standing lodge which offers a great range of rooms from simple mud-walled singles to cement cottages with tiled bathrooms. Free wifi access is available in this resort as well. You will have a patio and a seating area.

A shower, toiletries and slippers are free in the private bathroom. You will find a 24-hour front desk, a garden and barbecue facilities at Bardia Jungle Cottage. There are other facilities to enjoy while staying at Bardia Jungle Cottage. The hotel is, however, located in Bardia. It is just 300 meters from Bardia National Park.

3.Bardia Echo Lodge:

The lodge offers a restaurant and a terrace for the tourists. Like all other hotels and resorts, it has a free wifi access provided for the stayers. The decoration is very nice in the lodge. It has a seating area in each of the rooms. And each room has a private bathroom, featuring a shower.

There is an array of activities like elephant safaris; jungle walks, jeep safaris, village walks, birds watching, trekking, river rafting and fishing that can be enjoyed at Bardia Eco Lodge. By the way, the lodge is located 500 meters away from Bardia National Park.

4. Bardia Kingfisher Resort:

Bardia Kingfisher Resort is another great resort located in Dhakela, 500 meters away from the national park. It provides you with a free wifi access. You can enjoy a patio and a seating area that are provided by the resort.

There is also a dining table available for In the private bathroom, you will have free toiletries and a shower. You can also enjoy a fantastic garden view from the room. If you need any help, you can go to the front desk that is available for 24 hours. An array of other activities can be enjoyed in the surroundings.

5. Forest Hideaway Hotel and Cottages:

Providing a free wifi access, Forest Hideaway Hotel and Cottages pet-friendly accommodation in Burkia. You will have a seating area in some rooms, where you can relax. All the rooms include a private bathroom, featuring a shower.

A TV is also offered for you to have an entertaining time. The resort has a barbecue and views of the garden along with a free private parking. The area is very popular for cycling. So, if you have a passion for cycling, just pay a visit to the hotel.

Foods To Eat In Bardia:

There are different kinds of foods available in Bardia. You can have either international foods or traditional Nepalese foods. We suggest you not to miss the chance of having traditional foods while visiting Bardia National Park. A list of top traditional Nepalese foods that are available in Bardia is given below:

1.Dhido: The most popular food in rural areas of Nepal is Dhido. The food is made up of corn flour or millet flour. It is made by cooking flour in boiled water with continuous stirring.

2.Dal Bhat Roti Tarkari: It is a set of food items. The set includes boiled rice, lentils and curry. This set of food is usually eaten in both lunch and dinner.

3.Aloo Tama: Aloo tama is the type of unique curry which is very famous in Nepalese dish. The food is made up of potato and bamboo shoots. It usually tastes sour. Adding to beans and buff meats makes it more tasteful.

4.Momo: Momo is another famous food in Nepal. It is made up of vegetables and meats. The food is usually steamed or fried, and it is found in almost every restaurant.

5.Chatamari: Chatamari is a type of an appetizer. It looks like a pizza. It is made up of rice flour, making flat bread cooked over heat.

Tips For Tourists

You have to keep in mind a few things while visiting Bardia National Park, Nepal. It is not realistic to show up with a bag and wander around resorts looking for the best options in Bardia. However, the tips to consider are listed below:

You should not wander in the park lonely. Rather, you must hire a guide to help you out.
Don’t carry marijuana with you as it is illegal in Nepal.
Touching someone’s head or placing the bottom of your feet is considered rude in Nepal. So, try to avoid these two things.
Avoid bathing in the river. Crocodiles can take your life with a wink of an eye.
Stay quite in the jungle.
Don’t wear deodorant or cologne while trekking in the jungle.
Take precautions not to be bitten by mosquitoes.
Don’t try to get in touch with the wild animals. Don’t even feed them. It can be dangerous for you.
Try to avoid the illegal lodges inside the park.

To conclude, we would recommend you to follow our tips and try, to be honest with the local people. We hope you will have a great time while visiting Bardia National Park. May your Bardia National Park Tour be in the pages of your history.
Don’t depend on the agents along with their words. Try to do everything on your own.

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