Vilamendhoo, Maldives : How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Vilamendhoo Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination and a fun place. This resort island is probably the most stunning resort island in the world. Surrounded by the sea from all the sides, the view from the resort is mesmerizing.

The local authorities have done quite a remarkable job in converting this unmanned island to a stunning tourist destination. There are several rooms suites available for tourist. You can avail different activities in this resort island.

The entire island is surrounded by lagoons and white sandy beach. This place is offering so much to the tourist that it has become one of the centers of attraction in the Maldives tourism. Every year the number of tourists coming to this place has increased.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Vilamendhoo

Vilamendhoo is a small island which is located in the Alif Dhaal Atoll of Maldives. Vilamendhoo Maldives was an uninhabited island and later on has been developed into a 4 star+ resort. It has 184 rooms. This resort is managed by CCR (Crown & Champa Resorts).

The one thing that makes this place very popular among the people is that most of the famous diving places are in Alif Dhaal Atoll.This place is surrounded by an excellent view of the sea and every year many people come to this place. There is spa available in the resort.

You can avail the spa session with the package. The resort is about 670 by 170 meters. The total area of the resort island is about 11 hectares. There is also a seaplane transfer service that takes passengers from the Male International Airport to this place. A reef encircles the whole island. This place is very popular for its wildlife. Many marine creatures are available on this island.

Vilamendhoo Name,S History & Its Culture:

History of the name and culture: The whole place is known for its resorts. There are so many resorts in this country. Almost 80 resorts are there in this country. Vilamendhoo is one of the most popular ones in the business. This resort island has been rated as one of the best in the world.

There are so many things that one can enjoy here, which includes diving, snorkeling, and hiking, etc.The people here are from different ethnic groups. Some of them are of the Indian origin. People speak several languages, and English is widely spoken here in this island.

The whole island has been developed just to boost the tourism sector here. The resort island has been serving the same to the authorities. The place is about 8 feet above the sea level. The Vilamendhoo Beach Villa is very popular among the tourist.

Top Things To Do In Vilamendhoo

There are several things that you can experience at this island resort. The resort has been a place of attraction since its commencement. Let’s find out some of the popular places to see in this island and nearby and things to do here:

1. The reef

The reef that is surrounding the island is one thing that we need to see here in the Vilamendhoo Island Resort. The reef died due to rise in the temperature, but in the last few years, it had started recovering. Several tourists come to this place to spend time in the reef which is an excellent location. Most of the tourists are from Europe who comes to this place for diving.

2. Wildlife

The wildlife here is exotic. There are several species of bats and birds can be seen on this island. This place is also very popular for its fishes and other aquatic creatures. The giant fruit bats are quite visible during the day as these can be seen hanging in the trees.

3. Diving

Most of the people come to Vilamendhoo Island Resort place for diving. Many agencies provide diving classes and diving session to the tourist. These agencies are very popular among the tourist, and they offer all the gears and equipment required for the diving session. There are some budget-friendly diving sessions that you can avail from some of the agencies.

4. Euro divers

If you want to experience the feel of diving in Malediven Vilamendhoo, then, the Euro divers are the best one for the job. They are very popular among the tourist. Several tourists come to this place for diving.

They provide diving instructions in several languages. You can avail these diving classes in English, Dutch, French, and German. They also provide all the gears and equipment required for these diving sessions. The rates are also very much reasonable.

5. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is another favorite thing that you can do here. Several agencies provide high-quality snorkeling sessions on the Vilamendhoo Island. These are unique experience here because of the location and the reef. The rates are affordable, and it is an experience that you cannot miss if you are in this island.

6. Island divers

The Vilamendhoo Island divers are also very popular among the people. They provide excellent diving sessions to the tourist, and they are trendy for their affordable rates. The instructors are very much professional, and they assure you a fun diving experience in this place.

7. Spa

The spa is very popular here in this place. They provide an excellent spa session to the customers here in the Malediven Vilamendhoo. This is the best thing to do after a day of hectic touring and sightseeing. They also charge a reasonable rate, and that is why the spas are crowded during the day. There are several types of spa treatments available here in this island. You can go for the popular fish spa.

8. Hiking

One of the most popular things to do here is to hike. You can avail hiking sessions from the agencies that are here. These hiking sessions are very unique in the island. You can avail boat ride from one island to another site. There are several boats available in this island.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Vilamendhoo

1. Vilamendhoo island resort and spa

This is the most popular to stay if you are on this island. Many things make this island the best in the business. The staff here is very friendly and they are quite professional. The resort is 4 stars, and there are several amenities such as AC rooms, laundry, restaurant, spa and kid play areas.

2. Centara Ras Fushi Resort and Spa

The Centara Ras Fushi Resort and Spa is very well known for its quality rooms that they provide. The staff is very professional, and they can speak English. Amenities such as AC rooms clean drinking water, laundry, Television, and laundry, The Vilamendhoo Beach Villa is also very popular among the people.

3. Kurumba Maldives

The Kurumba resort is another very famous place to stay here. The resort is known for its quality amenities that they provide. Some of the facilities include free Wi-Fi, Breakfast included and laundry services. The rates are also very reasonable here in this resort.

4. Biyadhoo Island and resort

The Biyadhoo Island and resort is a much-known place to stay among the tourist. This is the budget friendly place to stay. There are many amenities that they provide. Some of its facilities include beachfront stay, Wi-Fi, and laundry services available.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Vilamendhoo

1. Pilot Whale cafe

One of the most popular restaurants in this place. There are several dishes that they serve here, but people come here for drinks most of the time. The ambiance is excellent, and the view of the island form this café is mesmerizing.

2. Green Leaf Garden Restaurant

The Green Leaf Garden Restaurant is a very popular place to eat here in this island. They provide different cuisines to the customers. Some of their popular cuisine includes American, European, Asian, Australian and Central Asian.

3. Cafe ‘Kalaafaanu Restaurant’

The Cafe ‘Kalaafaanu Restaurant’ is a very popular restaurant here. They are known to be a good host as the staff is very professional and friendly. They provide different cuisines that include Italian, Indian, American, Asian and Russian.

4. The Asian Wok Restaurant

The Asian Wok restaurant is very popular among the Asian communities that come here to the island. Some of the most beautiful Asian dishes are served One thing that makes this place very popular is the rate. The cost of eating here is very less compared to the rest.

5. Reef

The reef is another very popular restaurant here in this place. Many people come to this place for breakfast and dinner. The staff is also very much friendly and known for their hospitality.

How To Reach Vilamendhoo & How Much It Costs:

There are several ways of achieving this island. Here are some of the ways:

By airways: It takes about 25 minutes from the nearest airport. The nearest airport is the Male international airport. There are many seaplanes available from the airport to this island. The rates are also very affordable here.

By water taxi: Water taxi services are very popular in these places. This island too has water taxi services for the people. These taxi rides are very popular among the people and also is very much comfortable. The rates of these taxi services are affordable.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Vilamendhoo, just like the country has two sets of the dominating season. These are the dry season and the wet season. Although divers, who are most of the tourists, prefer the dry season as the visibility is excellent. The dry season is from December, and it extends until April.

Then the wet season starts which is from May and then continues till November. The dry season is best for tours and travels as many activities can be done in the dry climate. This time of the year is also very popular for events and fairs in this place.

Tips For Tourists

1. Be aware of scammersVilamendhoo is very safe, but there are many scammers outside the island that you need to be careful of. They can easily cheat you with their tricks.

2. Hire a diving instructor: It is not safe to dive without the help of a professional diver. There are several diving instructors on Vilamendhoo that can help you to provide diving sessions.

3. Avoid this place during the rainy season: The rainy season can be very difficult at times. There can be occasional flood during the wet days here in Vilamendhoo. The most humid days are not suitable for diving. That is why the best time is to go during the dry season.

4. Be careful with your travel documents: There are many times when travelers lost their travel documents. In such cases, it can be very hectic for them to continue their travel and go back. That is why it is important to keep additional photocopies of their travel documents.

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