Kulhudhuffushi, Maldives : How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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White Sandy beaches with the blue panoramic view of the sea are what people come to Kulhudhuffushi Maldives to see. This place is very popular among those tourists who come for holidays to escape from the hectic life of the cities in the western countries.

This place is very calm and relaxing. After a hectic day of touring, the beaches are the perfect place for relaxing and walking. There are many resorts which are near to the beaches. These resorts are the best place to stay on the island.

Budget-friendly tours are very popular these days as the economy is sliding down every year. This is the perfect place for those people who are looking for excellent exotic locations at a reasonable rate.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Kulhudhuffushi

Kulhudhuffushi is a very famous tourist location which is located in the Northern region of the country. It is the capital of Haa Dhaalu Atoll. The place has been distorted in the storms in 1812, 1819 and 1921. The Key Lakunu Strom is a devastating storm where half o the population lost its life on this island.

The people here are very famous for their hard working skills, and they are also known to be the best in the battle fields. There are several places of tourist interest here in this island. The mangroves and the palm trees make the island very popular tourist attraction in the country.

There are also many tourist lodges and resorts besides the beach which has been quite successful in attracting many tourists every year. The Kulhudhuffushi boat schedule is very popular.  The place is also very popular for its wildlife.

There are several species of fishes and other sea creatures that you can see on the island. Many restaurants in this island serve some of the finest local cuisines in the country. These restaurants are of international standard, and they provide the best to the customers.

A major percentage of the tourist who comes here are divers. There are many exotic diving sites on this island. The local agencies will provide you with all the diving gears and equipment so that you can have your diving sessions.

Kulhudhuffushi Name,S History & Its Culture:

Just like is name the history of this place is quite amazing. The name of the island was derived from the word, Kulhi which means Mangroves in the local language.  The island has been inhabited by people of Indian origin.

In the early period of the Island, it was the Indian people from the Indian continent who came to this place. Those days’ people came here looking for new lands. The people here are very popular with their fishing skills. These people are very courageous.

They are famous shark fishermen, blacksmiths and rope producers. During the early 1920s, there were a lot of storms that damaged the island. The population of this island was also very famous for their warriors who fought against the enemies of the nation.

Top Things To Do In Kulhudhuffushi

1. Aaraam Bageechaa

As the name suggests, Aaraam Bageechaa is a garden of rest. You can hang out here after a hectic tour day. This place is quite suitable for relaxing and walking in the evenings. The sea view from this place is amazing, and the rates are very affordable.

2. Kulhudhuffushi Police Station

The Kulhudhuffushi Police Station is a very popular place of attraction because of the police headquarters building. The blue structure is so amazing to see that it does not look like a police station. It might be the most beautiful police station in the world.

3. Hdh Atoll Council

The Hdh Atoll Council is a very popular government office in this place. This place is known for its administration, and many people come to this place for their government works. The building is well constructed. The ambiance is excellent. You can have some photographs in front of this building.

4. Go shopping

There are many places where you can buy local items so that you can take it back to your home as a memory. These items are quite affordable, and if you have amazing bargaining skills, then you will end up with many good items in your bag.

5. Visit the nearby towns

There are several towns and cities near to this place. You can hire a taxi or take a bus to these nearby places. Male and Hithadhoo are some of the popular places near to this place.

6. Sightseeing

A Maldivian island lifestyle is quite fascinating as it depicts hardship and the reality of nature. That is why it is very much important that you go for sightseeing to some of the places where local people live. You can also check out for the Kulhudhuffushi boat schedule.

7. Wildlife

The wildlife here in this place is diverse, and the island preserves this wildlife in its best way. There are several sea fishes and other such creatures that you can observe here in this island.

8. Go fishing

There are many fishing destinations in Kulhudhuffushi. You can easily hire hooks and other equipment from the agencies. Fishing is very much an integral part of this place.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Kulhudhuffushi

1. Ja Manafaru

The Ja Manafaru is a favorite place to stay h This hotel is popular among the tourists for its excellent facilities that they provide. Some of its amenities include parking space, Wi-Fi, and laundry.

2. Ooredoo Anntena

The Ooredoo Anntena is a very famous hotel here in Kulhudhuffushi in the bu Many people stay here and prefer this place because of the staff. They are also friendly. Also, you can hire tours and trips from this place. There are many agencies that this hotel knows.

3. Sahaamaa palace

The Sahaamaa palace hotel to is a popular one, and many things make this hotel very famous among the people. Some of the amenities that this hotel provides are parking space, AC rooms, hot bath and laundry service.

4. The Asuruma view hotel

The Asuruma view hotel is probably the most famous hotel in the place. It is a five-star hotel. There is a restaurant, swimming pool and massage parlor. It charges is a bit costly but compared to the facilities that it provides it’s quite reasonable.

5. The Nolhi Escape

The Nolhi Escape Hotel is another very popular hotel here. The rates are very much reasonable. This hotel provides AC rooms and suites.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Kulhudhuffushi

1. Frizzle Restaurant

The Frizzle Restaurant is a very famous restaurant here. For delicious grilled items this is the perfect place. The staff is very friendly, and the rates are quite affordable.

2. The Real food

This Real food is very popular in Maldives. There are many western and Maldivians dishes that this restaurant serves to the customers.

3. The oldiana café and Restaurant

This oldiana café and Restaurant is a haven for foodies. If you are looking for an excellent supper, then this is the perfect place for your appetite.

4. The sufuraamathi

The sufuraamathi is very popular among the tourist, and this is one of the restaurants that provide excellent and authentic Maldivians dishes.

5. The coffee hour

This place is very much famous among the locals and the tourist for its delicious Coffee and snacks.

How To Reach Kulhudhuffushi & How Much It Costs:

There are several ways you can reach this place. The raids are in very good conditions, and there are many government transportation services that you can avail apart from the taxi services:

By air: The international airport that carries different airlines every day is the best way to travel to this place. The closest airport is the Hanimaadhoo Airport. There are daily flights to the other nearby cities such as male and Hithadhoo.

By Bus: By bus, it takes about 45 minutes from Hanimaadhoo Airport. The rates are quite affordable. People choose bus services because the charges are very much affordable and also several buses are available one after another.

By ferry: There are several local ferries available from the different ports to this place. The ferry routes are the cool experience. If you want to see the ways, then the ferry is the best place as it is so unique here. It is about 17.5 kilometer from the Hanimaadhoo Airport to this place.

Taxi: There are several agencies provide taxi services to the people from the Hanimaadhoo Airport to this place. You can hire a taxi from the nearby cities to this place. These rides are comfortable and quite affordable.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Just like the whole country, this place too is very much popular for its climate. It’s neither too hot nor too cold. The climate is excellent and is suitable for the visit any time of the year. The hottest days are about 30-degree centigrade while the coldest is about 13-degree centigrade.

There are rainy days which might sometimes spoil your vacation. That is why the best time to visit this place is from December to March when the temperature is quite cooler and the rainy days are yet to come during this period of the time.

Tips For Tourists

Book your stay early: As Kulhudhuffushi is very popular all over the globe, many tourists come to this place every year. So the best thing is to book the tickets as early as possible.

Avoid the rainy season: Although it is negligible built, there are chances of occasional flood during the monsoon season in Kulhudhuffushi. So avoid the monsoon season for your travel.

Hire a guide: If you are traveling to different places alone then make sure you hire a guide who can help you in your venture. Sometimes it is not safe to go alone in these areas.

Don’t trust the scammers: There are scammers all over the town. You can ask your guide to help you in buying things.

Carry enough cash along with you: There are several ATM’s in this place, but it is quite sad that these ATM’s does not work most of the time.

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