Hithadhoo, Maldives : How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Hithadhoo is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations in this region. Known for its diving sites, this place is also very popular for its hotels and restaurants. There are so many sites that attract tourist from all around the globe every year.

The beach houses and resorts are also very famous among the tourist. In the last few years, the number of people coming here has increased. Early booking is a great idea to make your trip hassle-free.

It is an island that is a perfect sport for those people who likes to spend their time beside the sea. The beaches are calm and relaxing, and the palm trees make the surroundings an exotic location for the vacation.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Hithadhoo

Addu City Hithadhoo is a very popular tourist destination which is located in the Addu City. Known for its diving site and resorts, this is the importance administrative district of Maldives. This town is situated in the beautiful Island names Addu Attol.

This place is also the most populated town in the country. Hithadhoo is the second largest island in the country. It is about 5.3 square meter surface area. There is the southern region which is filled with Palm trees and vegetable gardens. This is a green part of the island that is so mesmerizing to see. The people here speak Dhivehi and Addu Bas mostly.

Addu Bas is second most spoken language in the country.  The people here are of Indian origin mostly. There are also many Buddhist people staying in Addu City Hithadhoo for ages. This island is very much popular among the people for its exotic diving sites.

There are several diving sites that are there on this island, and the local agencies provide gears and equipment for dicing sessions. This place is also quite popular for its restaurant and food. The local food is very popular all over the world and to serve them; there are many international standard restaurants in this island.

Hithadhoo Name,S History & Its Culture:

Just like its country, this place has a fascinating history. The very first people to arrive here are the Giraavaru people who came from the Indian subcontinent. The most of the population comprised of Tamil-Malayalam speaking people who came to the islands long time back.

During the Indus valley civilization, these people went to this place from India and its neighboring islands. Then the Singhalese people came to the island for trade and some of them settle here. They came here in 543 BC.

The 1400 years old Buddhist period was very important for the country which was taking its shape and stepping into the modern era. During the period of Emperor Asoka, the Buddhist spread to this island, and since then many people of Buddhist origin are here on the island.

Top Things To Do In Hithadhoo

1. Addu City Council

The Addu city council is a government organization that you can visit. The work ethics here is very well maintained. Many people come to visit this place. The structure is very well planned. So if you visit Addu then do not forget to visit this place. There are several administrative buildings like this one all of this place. This place is the very important place of administration for the government.

2. Go Shopping

In any tourist place, one of the things that you can do is to go shopping. There are several marketplaces where you can go for shopping. Memories need to be stored, and for that, you need to buy some local items from this place so that you can store it as a memory.

3. Diving

This place is also very popular for its diving sites. There are many dicing sites that you can go for. The local agencies will provide you all the gears and the equipment required for diving. The rates are also very much reasonable.

4. Snorkeling

You can also go for Snorkeling sessions. The local agencies will provide you package where you can opt for the location. They will also provide you with gears and equipment. These are very much affordable. So don’t miss the opportunity to go for these wonderful Snorkeling sessions.

5. Eat

There are so many local restaurants that provide excellent dishes to the tourist that you can choose any one among all these popular There are also many street stalls that serve local dishes. You can try these local foods in these local stalls.

6. Hiking

There are agencies that provide local hiking tours where you can go for the hike on the island. These hiking sessions are very popular among the tourist. The time depends on the package you choose for yourself or your team.

7. Wildlife

This Island is a haven for marine wildlife. There are so many rare creatures that you can see here on this island. There several species of fishes and turtles you can see on this island.

8. Vista Pebbles

The Vista pebble is a very famous guest house in this place. This place is wonderful and well maintained. You can choose this place to stay with the view of the blue water just in front of your room.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Hithadhoo

This place is very popular for its hotels and resorts. Some of the finest in the country are here in this place. Let’s find out some of the top places to stay here:

1. Scoop guest house

The Scoop guest house is a very popular guest house that you can avail here in S Hithadhoo. This place is very popular among the people because of the staff who can speak fluent English, and they are very professional. They are also known for their excellent rooms and other facilities that are available here.

2. Pebbles Inn

Rated as one of the top hotels in the business, the Pebbles Inn is tourist first choice. The hotel provides all kinds of amenities that scale international class. They are known for their AC rooms, suites, and parking space.

3. Alimas Guesthouse

The Alimas Guesthouse is another very popular guest house in this place. Some of its amenities include AC rooms, hot bathy, laundry, parking space, and Wi-Fi, etc.

4. Dhirey

This is one of the topmost in the list. This hotel is very much famous among the tourists because of the location it is located. The place is very calm and quiet and a perfect place to stay after a tiring day of touring.

5. Aqua Reef Maldives

Another very popular place to stay in S Hithadhoo is the Equal Reef Maldives that has been very successful in providing the best facilities to the people that come to this place from all over the globe.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Hithadhoo

Like the whole country, this place too is very popular for its food. There are several restaurants here that serve excellent local food to the customers. Let’s find out about these places to eat:

1. Suvadive cafe

The Suvadive café is a very popular place to eat here in Hithadhoo. This restaurant is known for its authentic local cuisines that they serve. The rates of the dishes are also quite reasonable. This place is a perfect one for you and your family.

2. Fast food

Fast food is another very popular place here in this island. This place serves quality western and Chinese cuisines to the people. The rates are very much affordable, and the ambiance is excellent.

3. Food house

The food house is one of the popular places to eat here. They are known for their friendly staff and the foods which are the reasonable charge.

4. Milano Food court

If you are looking for a place for your family then this is the place that you need to check out. This is a family restaurant and is known for its delicacies that they serve.

5. Cress Garden

The staffs of Cress Garden are very professional, and they are quite friendly. They serve some of the finest local dishes here. The rates are also very affordable. There is a parking space available here in this location.

How To Reach Hithadhoo & How Much It Costs:

Reaching Hithadhoo Seenu Maldives is quite as the roads are very accessible and there are several ways that you can reach this place. Let’s find out about these ways:

By Airways: Although there are several international and domestic airports here in this country, the nearest one is the Gan International Airport. There are several airlines that you can board from any major cities in the world. The other airports that you can avail are Villa International Airport, Velana International airport, etc. From the Gan International Airport, it is about 13.5 kilometers to Hithadhoo. There are several ways you can reach Hithadhoo Seenu Maldives from the airport.

By bus: There are local buses that you can avail from the Gan International Airport to this place. It takes about 27 minutes to reach this place by bus. The rates are also affordable in Bus.

By taxi: You can also hire taxi services from the Gan International Airport to this place. The rates are a bit higher than the local bus services, but taxi rides are very much comfortable.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

This country has been a blessed place. The climate is excellent here. The maximum temperature is 25-degree centigrade, and the minimum is 14-degree centigrade. This place is quite suitable to visit any time of the year.

There are rainy days that do not interfere much. But if you want to visit in the dry days then December to March is the perfect place for you and your family to visit Hithadhoo. This period of the time is also the period when tourist come the most.

Tips For Tourists

Book your tickets early: This is a very popular tourist destination and the number o people coming to this place have been increasing every year. The best thing to do if you do not want to miss this place is to book your stay early.

Be aware of the street vendors: Many street vendors can cheat you. Do not buy anything from them. There are local markets and malls where you can buy your things.

Hire a guide: A guide can be very much helpful in places like this one. You cannot explore on your own as there are so many places to see here. That is why the best thing is to hire a guide who can help you with the language and also with the tours.

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