Fuvahmulah Tourism: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Fuvahmulah is one of the topmost tourist destinations in Maldives. Known for its beaches and diving sites, Fuvahmulah Maldives is one place that you should visit in your lifetime. The sandy beach makes a perfect place for people who like to relax in their vacations. The wildlife here is very popular all over the globe.

The local authorities have been very much successful in maintaining this place. Tourism here has been very famous because of nature. The scenic beauty of this place has been attracting tourist from all around the globe. From the mesmerizing Snorkeling sites to the resorts, this place is one of those places in Maldives that you cannot miss.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Fuvahmulah

The Fuvahmulah city which is a very famous tourist destination in Maldives is located on an Island, Atoll. It falls under the Maldive administration division known as Gnaviyani Atoll.

Fuvahmulah Island Maldives is about 4.5 kilometers, of which 1.2 kilometers is the reef which is submerged under the sea water. There was a saltwater lagoon on the island and as the time passed the lagoon lost its saltiness. Now there are two lakes.

The lake on its northern side is known as Dhadimagi Kilhi and the one in the south is the Bandaara Kilhi. The environment here in this place is the best in the country. Flora and fauna of the island have been a major reason why tourist comes to this place every year.

The whole island is a green lush that is because of the vegetation and reeds. There are nine municipal divisions in the Fuvahmulah Island Maldives. The population of this place is around 14,380 according to the 2015 census.  This place is also very popular for its resorts and hotels which are some of the best in the country.

Fuvahmulah Name,S History & Its Culture:

Fuvahmulah has a fascinating history of the whole country. The people here speak a type of Dhivehi Language which is known as Mulaku Bas. The name Fuvahmulah came from the Areca Nut Palms which is known as Fua in Mulaku Bas.

The name of the place means “Island of Areca Nut Palms.” In the early period of the formation of the country, the original name was Mulah but as there is another place named Boli Mulah, the name was kept Fuvahmulah.

The place has seen different rules in its past. Some of the monuments such as the Gen Miskit which is an old Mosque prove that the land was once ruled by Islamic rulers. There are many Buddhist monuments which gain states Buddhist presence in this place.

There was very less violence in the past, and the place has not seen any aggression or battles in the past. The Fuvahmulah Postal Code is one thing that is important. The Fuvahmulah Postal Code is 18014.

Top 8 Things To Do In Fuvahmulah

1. Thoondu

Fuvahmulah is a very famous city in the country, and there are several places to see. There are also many things that you can do here. Let’s find out some of the finest sightseeing places in this city and things that you can do here:

A perfect white sandy beach in the middle of the ocean. The blue sky and the sea water make this place s heaven for tourist. Many people come to this place for hiking. Thoondu is located in the heart of Dhadimagu, the largest division of the island. In the local events, such as Maahifun, the number of people coming to this island increases. There are live music and local fairs that make the occasion the best time to visit.

2. Dhadimagi Kilhi

The Dhadimagi Kilhi is one of the two popular lakes located on the island. There are many types of fishes that you can see here in this lake. In the past, this lake was used for pisciculture, but now it is a tourist attraction. There are several types of plants and vegetation that you can see surrounding the lakes. The famous and rare Maldivian White Breast Waterhen can be seen in the lakesides from time to time.

3. Gemmiskiy

The Gemmiskiy is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the island. It is the oldest structure of this place. In the Buddhist period it was a part of the Buddhist monastery, but after the Buddhist era and during the Islamic era, this building became a mosque. The whole island converted to Islam during that period.

4. The Havitta

The Havitta is one of the popular tourist attractions of the Island. It is the proof that the Buddhist once ruled the islands. It is a Buddhist Stupa located in the heart of the island. Every year many tourists come to this particular place to see the ruins of this Stupa.

5. Dhanbo Baal

A soothing sight for the eyes. It is one of those places that are popular for its dense vegetation. The whole vegetation is filled with Jambul. One thing that makes these woods so popular among the people is that the woods are quite durable in the waters. The woods are also resistant to termites. The woods are the perfect one for boat building and are also used for construction works.

6. Dhadimago Fanno

The Dhadimago Fanno is an iconic feature. This iconic feature is used for several events such as in the occasions like EID. Every year there are many people of Islamic faith come to this place during the EID festival? This is the perfect time to visit the island as there are many local fairs that take place. The local vendors sell sweets and local artifacts’ during the festival season.

7. Aruffanno

Aruffanno is another very popular tourist destination on the island. It is located in the Dhiguvaandu division of the island. Aruffanno is the traditional harbor of the island. There are many people who come to this place to visit this old anchorage of the island.

8. Mohammed Jamaaluddin Naibu Thutthu Magu

The Mohammed Jamaaluddin Naibu Thutthu Magu is a very famous sporting c0omplex in the island. This place is very popular for its cricket. This is the largest cricket stadium in the region.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Fuvahmulah

There are many quality Fuvahmulah Guest Houses and resorts that you can avail for your stay. Let’s find out some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts in this place:

1. Viluxer Veyli and Diving

The Viluxer Veyli and Diving is a very famous hotel in this place. The hotel is very near to some of the famous diving sites here on the island. There are several rooms and suites that you can avail in this hotel. Some of the amenities include free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

2. Hathaa Resident

The Hathaa Resident is another very popular place for tourist. Several tourists prefer to stay here as the staff here is very friendly and can speak English. This hotel is also very popular for its amenities that include Wi-Fi, laundry service, and parking space.

3. The Marina Boutique Hotel:

The Marina Boutique Hotel is a very famous hotel in this island; the hotel is very popular for its amenities that scale international standards. Some of its amenities are free Wi-Fi, parking space, laundry and a hot bath.

4. Waadheege

The Waadheege is a famous hotel in the island. There are many things that make this hotel very popular among the people. The hotel is located near to the surfing sites.

5. Canareef resorts

A The Canareef resort is one of the best Fuvahmulah Guest House in the island. Many people come to this place for staying. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, breakfast included, hot bath and parking space.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Fuvahmulah

1. Pebbles

The pebbles are a very famous place to eat here in this island. This place is perfect for your family. Many international cuisines are served here in this place. You can also avail authentic local dishes in this place.

2. The Royal restaurant

The royal restaurant is another very famous place to eat. This place is known for its excellent ambiance. The staff here is very friendly, and they know how to speak English. They serve quality dishes.

3. The Real breeze

If you are looking to have your food in Fuvahmulah Thundi, one place that is very close to the sea breeze then this is the perfect one for you. They provide excellent dishes to the customers at very affordable rates.

How To Reach Fuvahmulah & How Much It Costs:

There are several ways that you can reach this place. The roads are very much in good condition, and the local authorities have been quite successful in marinating them. Let’s find out some of the ways that you can reach this island.

By airways: The Gan International Airport is the closet airport to this place. It is about 53 kilometers from the place to this place. You can take flights from any major cities in the world to the Gan International Airport. From the airport, you can avail buses and boats.

The local airstrips: There are two flights from this place to Male and from male to this place. You can use these flights to reach this place from Male. If you want to visit male after your vacation is completed here, you can use these flight services.

By boats: There are several boat services available on the island. You can use these boats to travel from one island to another. You can travel to the uninhabited island in these boat services. These boat services are also very much affordable.

By Bicycles: The Island is very famous for its bicycle rides. You can avail these bicycles from the local people and go for sightseeing. Many tourists prefer bicycle to see the island.

By Motorcycle: There are also several motorcycles that you can avail from the local people. They hire motorcycles at a very reasonable rate. It is the perfect ride as you can go to different places on your won.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

The climate here in Fuvahmulah is pleasant throughout the year, but it is at the end of the year that tourist prefers to visit this place. The maximum temperature at the end of the year is about 28-degree centigrade, and the minimum is about 19-degree centigrade.

This time of the year sees occasional rainfall. This occasional rainfall keeps down the temperature making it a perfect weather to visit this place. During the dry days, it is about 25-degree centigrade at an average and is perfect for diving and touring.

Tips For Tourists

Avoid the rainy season: A little rain is fine for any tour as it reduces the temperature. But there is the time when there is heavy rainfall. Tourist needs to avoid these seasons as occasional flood can ruin their vacation.

Hire a guide: The best thing is to hire a guide to avoid confusion in the Fuvahmulah Thundi region. A guide can help you to visit all the places that you are allowed to. They also can help you with the language.

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