Tanah Rata, Malaysia: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

The one place that deserves the title “nature at its best” is Tanah Rata. This site takes tourism to another level with the green lush of tea gardens and the natural reserves. Just like most of the places in Malaysia, this place too is known for its entertainment value.

There are so many parks and shopping destinations here that it’s easy to miss many things in just one trip. People from all over the globe come to this place for trips. The buildings and the monuments reflect the modern and ancient architect that this place carries within. The several shops are a special attraction here among the tourist.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Tanah Rata

Tanah Rata is located in the popular tourist region in Malaysia, the Cameroon Highlands. This is one of the rare flat areas in the region and hence the name. The elevation of the place is about 1,440 meters.  This is the largest town in the Cameron Highland.

The communication in this place is excellent, and several agencies provide taxi services to the people.Known for its forest area and rainforests, the wildlife here is very popular all over the world and there are many national reserves that you can visit.

The food here is also very famous among the tourist. The local restaurants have been quite popular in serving the authentic Malay dishes to the tourist. Hiking is one popular thing to do here, and many agencies provide hiking gears and types of equipment on hire.

Camping is another popular thing that tourist enjoys here. There are agencies that will guide you with the camping tours. They provide camping gears and types of equipment at very reasonable rates here at Tanah Rata Cameron Highland.

Tanah Rata Name,S History & Its Culture:

Malaysia is known for its hills and mountains, but the flat area is very rare. The name “Tanah Rata” means flat ground in the local Malay language. This is a rare sight as the flat area is amidst the highlands. There are so many things that attract the tourist from all over the globe.

There are much Buddhist, Muslims and Christians here in this place. Malay is the popular language here, but still the majority of the people speaks English.The place is very much popular for its tradition, and the local people are so much attached to their roots.

The culture is very close to the Chinese culture. The designs in the buildings can be related to excellent Chinese architect.  A curious tourist is always a better tourist and can easily mingle with the local people. The local people like outsiders and especially when they are curious about their culture.

Top Things To Do In Tanah Rata

1. Cameron Bharat Tea estate

The Cameron Bharat Tea estate is a tea estate that is very popular among the tourist. The garden is a stunning view that reflects the pleasant natural resources that this land posses. There is also a ranch near to the garden. You can go to this place for photography and hiking. It’s a wonderful experience to hike between the lanes of the tea estate. There are several varieties of tea is exported to different parts of the world from this place. This tea estate is located 4 km away from the center of the Tanah Rata.

2. Church of Our Lady Mount Carmel

The Church of Our Lady Mount Carmel is a very old and beautiful Catholic church here in Tanah Rata Cameron Highland. This is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Every season many tourists come here to see and pray. This church is located in the quiet and calm mountain which makes it a unique place. The architecture of the church is also quite stunning. The white structure in front of the church is amazing to see. So if you are here for holidays, please visit this wonderful place.

3. Tan’s Camellia Garden

If you want to escape for some time to a very calm and quiet place then this is the one that you need to visit. You can go for a relaxing walk into the greenery. There are several plants and flowering plants that you can see here. Mrs. Tan has been quite amazing in making this place a hospitable place, and that is why this particular garden is so popular among the people.

4. Rose Valley

The rose valley is a famous tourist destination here. The entry fee is quite affordable, and there is a parking space. This place is known for the different species of roses that you can find here. This place is very clean and has been well maintained. The fee is RM 5 for adults and RM 3 for kids.

5. Mah Meri Art gallery

The Mah Meri Art gallery is known for its unique antiques that it showcases. Orang Asli is a very popular artist here in this place. This museum displays his art works which are quite stunning. The wood carving here in this place by Orang Asli is amazing.

6. Agro Technology Park

The agro Technology Park is a very popular place where thousands of tourist come for sightseeing. There are so many herbs and vegetables that are grown here using different modern technologies. The park is huge, and you can explore it walking.

7. Eco tours

Eco Tours are very popular among the people. There are several types of tours that they provide. You can go for hiking into the forest area and park. They also provide you with the gears and equipment required for hikes and tours.

8. Spa

There are many places where they provide the Malayan Spa which is very relaxing. These spas are quite reasonably charged. You can go for a spa treatment in these spas.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Tanah Rata

1. Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands

The Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands is a very famous Tanah Rata Hotel to stay here. This is a 4-star hotel and is known for its amenities. Some of its amenities include Wi-Fi, AC Rooms, hot bath, parking space, and laundry.

2. Cameron Highland Resorts:

The Cameron Highland Resorts is another very famous restaurant in this place. Many tourists come to this particular hotel to avail their comfortable stay. The staff of this hotel can speak English, and they are very professional.

3. Iris Apartments

This is another popular Tanah Rata Hotel. The rates are very much reasonable, and you can stay here in the rooms which are big and equipped with quality facilities.

4. Casa De La Rosa

The Casa De La Rosa is a very popular Homestay Tanah Rata. It is a three start hotel and is known for its location which is in the heart of the destination. The furnishings here are antiques.

5. Strawberry Park resort:

The Strawberry Park resort is a very famous Homestay Tanah Rata where many facilities scale international standards. Some of the amenities include AC rooms, Wi-Fi, laundry and parking space.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Tanah Rata

There are several excellent places to eat here. These restaurants serve excellent quality local cuisines and international dishes. Let’s find out about some of these restaurants:

Ferm Nyonya Restaurant: The Ferm Nyonya Restaurant is a very successful restaurant in Tanah Rata Cameron that serves local cuisines. The staff here is very friendly. The rates are also quite reasonable. It is one of those places that have been rated as the best in the business here.

Barrack café: Known for its ambiance the Barrack Café is quite popular among the people in providing delicious western and Chinese food. The place where this restaurant is located is quiet and calm. This is a perfect place for you are your family.

The Lords café: The lord’s café is a very famous restaurant here in Tanah Rata Cameron. The location provides parking space and kids play area. The dishes are very much reasonably priced.

How To Reach Tanah Rata & How Much It Costs:

There are several ways you can reach this place. First, you need to go to Cameroon Highlands from where you can avail local buses and taxis.

By air: The nearest airport is the Kuala Lumpur Airport which is about 3 hour’s journey and is 205.5 km. From the airport, you can avail different taxi services to this place. The rates are quite affordable, and you can avail a comfortable ride after a tiring journey.

By Taxi: A taxi ride after reaching Kuala Lumpur Airport is a good choice. The journey from the airport to Tanah Rata is 3 hours. That is why a taxi ride is a good idea as it is comfortable and rates are affordable. You can also enjoy the view from the taxi. The road is well maintained.

By Local buses – One excellent thing about this country is the local transportation. There are many bus terminals from where you can avail local bus service to reach the nearby destinations. From Kuala Lumpur Airport to this place, a local bus charges about RM 35 which is very much cheaper than any taxi services.

By Mini Van: Several agencies provide Mini Van services to the people. These services are quite popular among the tourist and the locals. These are affordable and at the same time are quite comfortable. You can hire one from the agency and then ride though the majestic valley to this place. You will take around 3 hours.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Hundred islands national park has been blessed by nature God. The climate of this site is almost same all the year round. The minimum temperature is 13 degrees centigrade on average. The maximum temperature is 22-degree centigrade.

So practically speaking you can visit this place anytime and all the year round. Such pleasant climate is very rare to see in this region.  During the period from December to January, there are many local firs and events that take place in Tanah Rata. So if you want to visit this place then from December to January is the perfect time for your trip.

Tips For Tourists

1.Avoid the rainy season: According to the experts, it is very much advisable to avoid rainy season here in Tanah Rata Malaysia as there is occasional flood that can hamper your tour. Visit during the non rainy season.

2.Be careful with your documents: Losing travel documents can be very much problematic for a tourist. That is why keep photo copies of your travel documents. Also, make sure you have the necessary contact numbers in case you lose your travel documents.

3.Know the emergency numbers: Many things can go wrong in an unknown place. This is why you should have all the emergency contact numbers with you. Numbers such as police, fire, and ambulance should be there with you in your contact list.

4.Don’t believe the local vendors in the streets: There are many local stalls and vendors here in Tanah Rata Malaysia who will try to scam you. Be careful with these vendors.

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