Kuala Selangor, Malaysia: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

Kuala Selangor is a city located in Malaysia with white sandy beaches to enjoy your vacation. Besides the beauty, the district holds entertainment and beautiful adventures for its visitors. District’s tradition and culture display a remembering experience for tourists.

The city’s climate stands perfect for rain lovers, as it rains all year around. But the city’s weather rarely stays constant, with rain at one time of the day and clear sky the very next moment.The changing weather of the coastal city makes it a perfect mood changer. For this reason, you don’t have to wait a whole day for the conditions to adjust. No doubt weather is a pleasant surprise for visitors.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor is a district located in Selangor Malaysia with a landmass of 461 square miles. Selangor River separates the town in two divisions Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Karang. Also, the district has shared borders with Sabak Berman in North Gombak Hulu Selangor in the west, Kelang in South, and Petaling in the southwest.

The town best known for its greenery comes under largest colonies of fireflies in the world. Moreover, town’s rainy weather inhabits many species of plants and animals. Mangrove trees spread across the landscape of town. Furthermore, the town contains its nature park.

In fact, the park has 98 resident bird species while 57 migrant bird species.Near to the nature park the Freshwater Fish Park contains 60 species of freshwater fish. Also, the town is famous because of its nature park and fireflies park resort.

Kampung Kuantan has the world’s second highest number of firefly colonies.To relax your mind with these beauties visitors go on an adventure. The adventure includes a boat tour of 30 minutes around the Firefly Park.

Above all the tour shows you fireflies’ colonies in their natural habitat. A rainy day might ruin the journey as fireflies aren’t much visible. Meanwhile, a clear night will give you a mesmerizing experience. The fireflies stop blinking their light once they found a mate.Keep a good check on your arrival time as the park closes at 10:30 to give them their private time.

Kuala Selangor Name,S History & Its Culture:

In Malay language Kuala means river-mouth. Kuala Selangor got its name from Selangor river mouth, a small town connecting with the sea. In fact, the District was once an old royal capital to Malaysia before Klang and now Kuala Lumpur.

In 1784, the Dutch invaded and conquered the small coastal town. But even after the invasion, the city kept its traditional kampung environment. The city holds vibrant and colorful culture due to the liveliness of tradition passed on from generations.

A shadow light puppet show named “Wayang Kulit” displays folk stories and tales of the town. Furthermore, traditional Dancing includes “Lion dance.” The dance includes people from a different nation, race, and religion with no restrictions.

Another famous dance Kuda Kepang becomes more of a performance than dance which ends with a ritual. For this reason, visitors get to enjoy the town’s colorful culture at a drive of 50 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

Top Things To Do In Kuala Selangor

1. Tanjong Keramat Fort

Also known as Bukit Belanda (meaning the Dutch Hill). The fort stands on a low hill near to Selangor River’s mouth. The fort was made by Sultan Ibrahim but captured in 1784 by Dutch and called Fort Utrecht. The site is now covered with grass, and little proof of structure remains due to walls.

2. Makam Keramat Anak Dara

Called as Virgin’s Grave is a shrine close to a small hill. Outside the shrine stands a signboard telling the story of a girl. The story says about a young religious girl’s forceful marriage to a man she didn’t love.

3. War Memorial

A small obelisk stands at the center of roundabout of Jalan Keramat Tanjong. However, the obelisk once had names on bronze plaques of local soldiers who died in World Wars. On the other hand, the plaques got replaced by wooden boards stating Medan Perwira.

4. Royal Mausoleum (Makam Diraja)

Situated on Bukit Melawati. The hill lies in the center of Kuala Selangor you can walk to the mountain or take a tram ride. The mausoleum contains graves of first three Selangor Sultans who died in 1782, 1826 and 1857.

5. Shakti Temple Bukit Rotan

A Hindu temple built in May 2013. The temple has decorated gopuram and sandstone walls portraying human-made beauty. The temple located at Bukit Rotan lies on outskirts of Kuala Selangor. In my opinion, so far we can say it to be one of the most beautiful Hindu temples in Malaysia. Besides this, the temple’s architecture attracts the visitors from all nations and races.

6. Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Established in 1987 once earmarked for the golf course but turned to Nature Park by Selangor State Government and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). The park holds a human-made lake to nurse the natural inhabitants. Furthermore, the park offers a place to stay for visitors.

7. Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands as town’s most famous symbol and landmark. A Lighthouse built back in Altingsburg Lighthouse an Old Dutch name now known as Bukit Melawati Lighthouse. Furthermore, the lighthouse stands 27 meters above ground with visibility from 18 nautical miles. But the lighthouse does not open for public.

8. Melawati Mound:

The mound built in Sultan Ibrahim’s reign came to use for enjoying cockfights. Saying goes around that beneath the mound lays a door to cave holding a treasury of government. Even so, the question still stands, if still treasure lies beneath the mound?

9. Taman Ikan Air Tawar

Positioned at a short walk from Bukit Melawati lies “a small freshwater fish park.” The park contains a couple of home fish species like Toman and also a lotus pond and few modest aviaries. The entrance fee for children is RM 1 and for an adult is RM2.

10. Bukit Jugra

A historical town located in Kuala Langat with ancient world attraction. The city consists of old world bridges, roads, and stately buildings. Bukit jugra stands as an essential tourist venue as well. The town offers outdoor activities like paragliding and hiking for adventurers.

11. Kalumpang Chinese Temple

The Kalumpang houses Xian Shi Ye, Cai Shen, Lord Guan Di, Due Pek Gong, Guan Yin, Tai Sui, with some other respected deities. Visitors come here to pray for good life and good luck. In my opinion, the massive tree in front of the temple is at least a century old which speaks of the history of the temple. While the tree’s size and trunk explain the time, the temple erected.

12. Batu Hampar

Situated in Sultan’s garden corner is a large stone. While some locals state, the stone as beheading stone for traitors. In the meantime, others state it as sultan’s sitting place. People believe sultan used to sit on the rock gazing the sunset over his domain.

13. Firefly Park Resort

At night you must visit the Kuala Selangor Firefly Park. The mangrove swamps beside banks of Selangor River inhabit many fireflies’ colonies. Routes lead for a boat trip from Firefly Park and Kampung Kuantan.

14. Chilling waterfall

The fun and adventurous track to waterfall contain 5 river crossings. The route includes places where you get waist deep into the water with fishes brushing off your feet. Also, the trail to the waterfalls contains butterflies in their natural habitat. A rope hangs on the side of the waterfall to jump from a higher spot in deep parts of water.

15. Thean Hou Temple

The temple portrays beautiful traditional decorations of Chinese people. Thean Hou a peaceful and quiet temple where you can meditate without any entrance fee. The temple plays a 1-hour show during Chinese New Year the temple can get pretty crowded on this day.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Kuala Selangor

1. Sea Lion Hotel

Situated at a walking distance from McDonald’s. The hotel provides with clean and spacious modern bathrooms. The food offered here depends on visitor’s taste.

2. De Palma Hotel

A simple yet pleasant hotel to stay in with comfortable beds and helping staff. The hotel offers seafood and tries to fulfill proposed requirements of visitors.Similarly other than hotels you can enjoy the service of Kuala Selangor Homestay.

3. Ks Semi D Homestay

A vacation home located at a distance of 14.5 km from Sky Mirror Selangor. The home offers free WiFi with free private parking. The house provides a terrace to enjoy the breeze and relax.

4. Homestay Botanic Kuala Selangor

At a distance of 2.1 km from National Park the Sky Mirror Selangor is 17.7 km. The house offers a sitting area to relax along with a shared kitchen. The homestay’s rating states it a perfect accommodation for the whole family.

5. Coco 81 Homestay

Located 1 km away from the national park and 16.1 km from Sky Mirror Selangor. Few accommodations provide a sitting area for relaxing. While every room includes a shared bathroom. The property holds a stocked kitchen. The homestay’s rating makes it a reasonable accommodation at a cheap price for the value offered.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Kuala Selangor

At Bagan, Seafood Restaurant don’t forget to eat scallops and oats prawn. The seafood freshness pumps up the taste buds, and you enjoy cheap seafood with great taste. Kedai Makanan Laut Hai Ung is a great restaurant offering inexpensive seafood. But you can try the sweet, sour crab here for a great experience.

Toy Factory Café offers a decent yet straightforward menu which is an excellent place for the family especially for children. Furthermore, the restaurant provides delicious spaghetti and almost everything on the menu.

Kedai Kopi Shin Lok offers tasty Kong Nam noodles. Moreover, you can find the most authentic pau here.Azee provides you with some delicious costly nasi goreng udang butter. The restaurant has friendly and corporate staff.

Moreover, the restaurant’s menu includes Indian dishes and typical local desserts. But with reasonable price and taste the restaurant is definitely worth your time. In fact, do some exploring on your own and find the best restaurants in town.

How To Reach Kuala Selangor & How Much It Costs:

By bus from Kuala Lumpur:
Visitors can get on Selangor Bus No.100 leaving from Medan Pasar Bus Hub. The bus takes 2 hours to reach Bandar Malawati in Kuala Selangor. The last bus for return is at 7:00 pm while one-way fare costs RM 9.00.

By bus from Kuala Lumpur to Klang to Bandar Malalwati:
Take any bus from Kuala Lumpur to Klang. On reaching Klang take Cityliner Bus to Bandar Malalwati. The charge of this trip ranges.

By walk from Bandar Malalwati: The town center of Selangor comes at 15 to 20 minutes walk from Bandar Malalwati.

By Taxi: Tourists can hire a cab for the one hour journey to the coastal town from Kuala Lumpur. The fare is RM35 per hour for a small taxi (red/white).

By Car: Get to the Sungai Buloh exit from North-South highway and track the road signs to Kuala Selangor. Starting from Klang, go towards Kapar from there head straight to your destination. No matter what route you take the driving time from either starting points takes 80 minutes.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

The coastal village faces rain showers whole year around.  Above all city’s temperature can get high due to excess humidity. In months, April is the hottest month, while September is the coolest. April is also the wettest month, moreover with June as the driest month.

For this reason, avoid April if you are not much of a rain lover. However, visitors find 70%-90% humidity very uncomfortable instead of temperature. In fact, the district’s location near to The Equator limits it from different seasons. But it faces change in rainfalls and moisture. Remember the ideal visiting time depends on your luck, i.e., of course, if you avoid the extreme months.

Tips For Tourists

The weather of Kuala Selangor is from time to time within minutes. So keep yourself updated with weather conditions and look up upcoming day’s weather in advance for better trip planning.

On the boat trip to Fireflies Park avoid rainy nights and full moons as fireflies are less visible.

Go on a boat trip to Fireflies Park on new moon days to enjoy the view of illuminating fireflies.

For adventuring and hiking keep a good note of water levels as one can face trouble if not careful.

Avoid April if you are looking to travel to the waterfalls as the trail gets unpleasant.

Keep mosquito repellent all the time no matter where you go.

Expect overcrowded public places as many people get out in the sun when it’s not raining.

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