Brinchang, Malaysia : How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

Brinchang is famous for its geographical location. Many nature reserves and mountains make this place a paradise for tourists who look likes to be close to nature. This place is about 2031 m above the sea level which makes it the highest place in the country.

The soothing climate attracts tourist from all over the globe. This place is very famous for its mountain ranges, forests, and entertainment parks. There are so many much more than this place has to offer. The forest area of this place is unique and there are so many species of plants and animals you can see in the forest area. This town hill has been attracting tourist for ages.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Brinchang

Brinchang is a very famous town hill that is located in the Cameroon Highlands. It is situated at 1540 meters above the ground level. It is the second popular tourist destination in Pahang, Malaysia after Tanah Rata. Many things make this place a perfect destination for tourist.

The place is blessed with a moderate climate, and that is why it is possible to visit this place almost any time of the year. The people here are very friendly, and they like foreigners. This is one added advantage. People from all over the globe come to this place to see the war memorials and for camping.

Camping is quite popular here. There are several sites where camping is accessible. Local agencies that provide all the gears and equipment for camping. There are several tea estates here in this place. The view of the garners is mesmerizing.

This place is also famous for its wildlife and reserves. There are parks and natural reserves that have been attracting people every year. These reserves are known for flora and fauna with so many species not seen anywhere else other than this place.

Brinchang Name,S History & Its Culture:

History of the name, how come to this Place, Culture: Brinchang is a culturally rich place and is very popular for its history. Just like the country, this place was also quite popular for its colonial history. This place is part of the Cameroon Highlands. During the British colonization, the name came to existence.

That is when the industries started to develop in this place.This place is quite popular for its highland vegetables. Before the World War II, the British were the rulers of this land, and they help in the development of this place. During the World War, the Japanese came to this place.

This place has seen enough of the war and the ruins and of the war still exists in every corner of the town. The total population of this place is approximately 38,471 (2010 census).

Top Things To Do In Brinchang

1. Mossy Forest

The mossy forest is a very famous tourist destination here. There are several services of flowering plants that you can see here. There are also many other plants such as the pitcher plants and orchids that you can see here. The wooden walkway is a very fascinating and many tourists come to this place for the wooden walkway. The roses of different colors can be seen in the rose garden of the forest.

2. Time Tunnel museum

The time tunnel museum will take you away from this world to the past world where things where so simple. There are many items which are many years old kept for display. The local authorities have been quite successful in maintaining this place over the years. This museum tells a lot about the Malayan history. How the country got its shape? If you want to know about the colonial era, this is the place that will give you some hints about those days.

3. The big red strawberry farm

The big red strawberry farm is a trendy place to visit. There are many species of strawberries can be seen here. Right from the plantlets to the fruits, you can see the process of this particular plant. There are many shops and restaurants near to this place. Parking space is also available here in this place.

4. Sam Poh Temple

The Sam Poh Temple is a Buddhist temple that is quite popular among the locals. This place is ancient but well maintained. Many people come to see the structures and the tiger’s idols that guard the temple. This place is calm and cool. Many people come to this place for relaxing.

5. Rose center

The rose center is located at the top of a hill and is a very famous place to see here. There are several species of roses can be seen here. You can also see different colors of roses. Many people buy these rose plants and take back to their homes. The entry fee is not that much, and there is also parking space available.

6. Gunung Irau

The Gunung Irau is a perfect place for hiking. The forest is very large, and several agencies provide hiking gears and equipment to the people who come here. You can avail these gears and machines at a very affordable price.

7. The Brinchang Night Market

If you are looking for some things that you can take back home as a memory of this place then do not forget to visit the Brinchang Night Market. There are many local artifacts available here. This place is also known for its unique items that the shops display. There are many types of strawberry food items available in this place.

8. Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm

The Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm is a very famous tourist destinations where you can see honey cultivation. Some people take care of the bees and breed them for honey production. There is also a garden where you can walk through. This place is very cool and calm and quite relaxing.

9. Kea Farm Market

This is a very popular farmers market in this place. The local people come here to buy the product. There are also different other things that are available here in the market. The market is very colorful.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Brinchang

1. Copthrone Hotel Cameron Highland

The Copthrone Hotel Cameron Highland is a famous

2. Brinchang hotel

Brinchang hotel in this region. Many tourists come and stay in thi9s hotel because of its world-class amenities. They provide Wi-Fi, Ac rooms, and parking space. The rates are a bit high than the average hotels, but the stay is excellent.

3. Hotel Jasmine

The Hotel Jasmine is another very famous hotel in this region. The rates are affordable, and they provide free Wi-Fi, AC rooms and parking space for the customers here in this Brinchang hotel. The hotel staff is also very much professional, and most of them speak English.

4. Rosa Pasadena Hotel

Although the rates here are high this is one of the most comfortable places to stay in this place. They provide hot bath, laundry services, and much more such services. There are also many restaurants near to this hotel.

5. Country Lodge Hotel

The country Lodge hotel is known for its excellent location. It is located in a calm place. After a hectic day of touring this is the perfect place that you want to stay. The hotel also provides Wi-Fi, AC rooms, Suites and parking space.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Brinchang

Cameron Organic produce Steamboat Restaurant: The Cameron Organic produce Steamboat Restaurant is a very popular place to eat here. Many tourists come to this place to eat. They serve delicious Chinese dishes to the customers, and their staff is very professional.

Cactus View Restaurant: The Cactus View Restaurant is a very famous place where people come to eat. Many people come here for dining with their kids. This place is good for family outing. The rates of the dishes are also very much reasonable.

Mountain House Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant: Located in the Jalan Besar, this place is very popular for its food and ambiance. The restaurant is located in such a place that it is clam and relaxing. Many people come here for dining and drinks.

Gonbei Steamboat: The Gonbei Steamboat is a very famous restaurant which is known for its ambiance and quality food. The staff is very friendly, and they speak English. You can avail quality local and western dished here at a very reasonable prices.

How To Reach Brinchang & How Much It Costs:

There are several means by which you can reach to this place. Let’s find out:

By Airways: The nearest airport is the KL airport. Form the KL airport you can avail buses, taxi and rented private cars. Many people come to KL and then take tour buses from the airport for sightseeing. If you want to stay here, you can avail hotels that are nearby places. You can hire the taxi to reach your destination or board local buses.

By bus: There are local buses that are available from the KL airport to this place. These buses are popular because the rates are quite affordable and the ride is quite comfortable. The sight while traveling in the bus is also excellent.

By Taxi: You can always hire a taxi which is a comfortable ride after a hectic day of the flight. But it will cost you a bit more than the local buses.

By Private car: Many locals rent private car. You can hire one of these private vehicles at very affordable rates and reach your destinations or your hotel.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Brinchang has been blessed by the Mother Nature as its climate is very soothing for tours and travel. You can travel to this place practically any time of the year. The average high temperature of this place is 22-degree centigrade and the average low temperature this place has seen is about 13-degree centigrade.

You cannot find another place with such weather. Although you can visit this place anytime of the year, try to avoid the period from September to December, as the rainy season might be an obstacle to your journey.

Tips For Tourists

Avoid the rainy season: Although this place is good for traveling all the year round, try to avoid the rainy season as there is occasional flood that can hamper your tour.

1.Get enough cash with you: Some of the places do not have ATMs and if there is not. At times it does not work. That is why it is very much advisable to get enough cash with you for any kind of emergency here in pasar malam Brinchang.

2.Hire a guide: It is good to hire a guide because a guide can help you in many things such as shopping, traveling to lonely places and conversing with the locals.

3.Beware of scammers: There are many scammers all round pasar malam Brinchang. Do not try to deal with these scammers. They will cheat you and try to bargain with you over money. Do not buy anything from these people. There are local markets where you can get you get your things rather than buying from these scammers.

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