Bentong, Malaysia: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

The waterfalls, the moderate climate and both ancient and modern architect, this is the place that serves you all these. Bentong has been a very famous tourist destination in Malaysia. There are so many sites that are untouched by tourist here. The fewer crowds make this place perfect for people, who like to visit areas where there are fewer people.

There are waterfalls which are unique and the local authorities have done quite well to preserve these.  The hospitable people in this place make the tourist feel at home every time they visit here. Like all over the country, this area too has many massage parlors where authentic Malaysian massage is provided. The climate is the best climate for tours all the year round.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Bentong

Bentong is a place that is geographically a perfect place for a tourist destination. It is because this site is accessible through roads, waterways, and airways. This place is also famous as a green destination with so much of greenery around the area.

The air of this site is so fresh that this area was declared as Fresh Air Lung washing destination in the country. Every year thousands of tourists come to this place for tours.  The site is located in the region of western Pahang in Malaysia.

The site is a municipality. There are many tourist destinations that you can avail here.Flora and fauna are quite famous about this place, and that is why you can observe so many parks around this area.

The Bentong waterfall and the zoo that makes thus place the perfect one for your family vacation. This site is also very popular for its food like all Malaysian places. The warm-hearted people make your vacation quite comfortable here.

There are several old monuments all over the city. For people who like 4WD and ATV, there are places where you can avail the real fun. This site is also very popular for its farms. There are many farms all over the municipality. From Orchard farms to organic agriculture, this place is a truly blessed by Mother Nature.

Bentong Name,S History & Its Culture:

This town has been declared as “Fresh Air Lung washing” destination in Malaysia. And it has so much of history embedded in its roots. It was known as Kapong in the earlier times. During the inception of the World War I the name changed from Kapong to Bentong.

The name came from the fact that, in the past, this place was in the center of a marketplace which was located near the meeting of two famous rivers namely Repas and Parting.Those days the transportation was by small boats known as Perahu.

The world came to know about this place when Tin ore was discovered in the rivers Repas and Parting. When the business was growing, the tin developers developed a Ban to extract more and more tin for profits. This is when the name Ban Untung means more profit came to existence. From that time the name got famous as Bentong then Kapong.

Top Things To Do In Bentong

1. Japanese Village

There is an excellent history connected with the Japanese village. There are so many old Japanese style houses you can see in this place. Some gardens are so green that it will refresh your mind. This is one of the most visited sites on this place.

2 .Chamang Waterfall

The Chamang Waterfall is a trendy Bentong waterfall in the country. This place is known for its scenic beauty. The green trees and the rocks make it a perfect place for tourist to come and relax.

3. Bukit Tinggi Rabit Farm

The Bukit Tinggi Rabit Farm is a very great rabbit ram here in Bentong Pahang. There are different rabbits you can see breeding on this site. It is so refreshing to see these fantastic creatures.

4. Botanical Garden

This vegetable garden is a gift of the Mother Nature to the people staying in Bentong Pahang. This is one of the most beautiful gardens you can see in the country. This place is full of different species of plants. You can see pine trees and other shrubs.

5. Bentong Walk

This place is a farmers market where the local farmer comes for trade. You can find all kinds of organic and healthy vegetables here. There are also different things that you can buy in this place.

6. Bilut Extreme Park

The Bilut extreme Park is a very famous tourist attraction here in this place. They provide the tourists with ATVs, 4WDs, and other outdoor activities. The kids love this place as they can do so many things here.

7. Musang King Durian Orchard Farm

This farm is very popular for its Orchards; many people are cultivating this particular fruit in this farm. It is a fantastic sight to see these fruits in the trees.

8. Kechara Forest Retreat

The Kechara Forest Retreat is one of the favorite tourist destinations in MRSM Bentong. This is a wildlife area where there are different species of flora and fauna is found. It is a perfect place if you want to hike in nature. But make sure you hire a guide for your hiking’s. You can also camp here, but you need to take permission from the local authorities.

9. Bentong Gallery

If you want to know about the history of MRSM Bentong then this is the museum that is perfect for you. There are so any historical things that are stored here in the gallery. You can see the development phase of this place in the gallery.

10. Lentang Forest Recreational Park

The Lentang Forest Recreational Park is another popular wildlife area here in this place. There are many things that you can do here. For the nature lovers, this place is a perfect place for them to come here and relax. There are many species of birds you can see here in this park.

These are some of the majestic sites that you can see in this place. These places are trendy and the rates they charge as the entry fee is very reasonable. So the next time you visit this country make sure you come to these places which are so close to the nature that it will mesmerize you.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Bentong

1. The plantation

The plantation is probably the most famous place to stay in this situation. This stay is hidden from the outside world. It is located in a fantastic area surrounded by trees. Equipped with all kinds of amenities this is the perfect place for your stay.

2. Enderong Resort

The Enderong Resort is another very popular resort in this place. There are many facilities provided to the customers which scale international standards. The staff is amicable, and the rates are reasonable. This site is surrounded by pine and Plateaus trees.

3. Summer Residence

Unique designs and comfortable stay meet here. This homestay is terrific and is equipped with all kinds of amenities such as AC rooms, suites, Wi-Fi and parking space.

4. Waterway villa resort

If you are on a trip with your family then this might be the perfect place for your kids to have some fun. The Waterway villa resort comes with several international class amenities such as AC rooms, kid play area, Wi-Fi, etc.

5. Caravan Serai

The Caravan serai is a very famous hotel in Bentong. This hotel is known for its amenities such as AC rooms, Wi-Fi and parking space. The rates are also quite reasonable.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Bentong

Bentong food is prevalent all over the globe, and there are many restaurants all over the country that provides excellent and authentic Malayan dishes.

Pan Mee 2: This place is very much famous among the locals and the tourist for its delicious Pan mee. This site is quite a new one as it came into existence 20 years back but has been one of the leading in the business in such a short time.

Ikan Bakar Sri Tanjong: For delicious grilled fish this is the perfect place. The staff is very friendly, and the rates are quite affordable.

Porridge: This Bentong food is very popular in Malaysia. Several street stalls serve this particular dish.

Fat Aunties Noodles: This place is a haven for foodies. If you are looking for an excellent supper, then this is the perfect place for your appetite.

How To Reach Bentong & How Much It Costs:

This is a very popular tourist destination in Malaysia, and that is why there are several ways developed by the local authorities for the tourist to reach this place. You can avail buses, local taxi, and other means.

By roads: The roads are very well constructed in this place. It takes around 1 hour to reach this place from KL. Local transportation is available here. You can opt for local buses if you are looking to spend less on these trips.

By taxi: Several agencies provide taxi services to the people. But these taxi services are a bit costly compared to the bus rides. If you want to travel to this place a comfortable way after a hectic flight, taxi services are the best one for you.

By Airways: The nearest airport is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. You can avail all kinds of flights here from the major cities of the world. From the airport, it is about 68 kilometers to this place.

Hire motorcycle: Many local agencies provide bike on rent. You can hire one of these vehicles for your short sightseeing. A motorcycle gives you the freedom to wander alone in the vicinity of the beautiful nature this place has to offer.

Budget-friendly rides: The local buses are quite reasonably charged. If you take aboard a bus from KL to this place, it will charge around RM 5.60. If you opt for a taxi service, it will cost you around RM 300 from KL to this place. So the local buses are quite Budget friendly and also they are comfortable.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

The average temperature of this area is around 26-degree centigrade. The temperature remains almost same all the year round. It drops a bit during the winter season that commences in November. Practically this place can be visited any time of the year.

But if you are fond of festivals and fairs, the month of November till January is the best time to visit this beautiful place. The average rainfall is about 95 in every month, and this makes it a wet place all the year round. But that amount of rain is insignificant to ruin your trip.

Advice For Tourist

1. Book your stay early: Although compared to the rest of the country the tourist coming here is less in Number, but that number is enough for you to book a stay soon. There are so many hotels and resorts available here. But to get the best one for your visit, book it early.

2. Hire a guide: If you are traveling to different places alone then make sure you hire a guide who can help you in your venture. Sometimes it is not safe to go alone in these areas.

3. Don’t fall for scammers: There are scammers all over the town. You can ask your guide to help you in buying things.

4. T-shirts: If you are traveling the natural parks and other such areas, T-shirts are the best and comfortable things that you can wear.

5. Respect the customs: Malaysia is a very traditional country, and the people love their culture. So it is best for you to respect their culture when you visit the place so that you can be friendly with the locals.

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