Jaflong is famous for waterfalls, tea gardens & surrounding hills.

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[su_wiloke_sc_company_website]Jaflong is a scenic spot famous for waterfalls, tea gardens and surrounding small hills. Located in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh, this is a very attractive hilly area. Jaflong is the landmark of limits between two countries. You can go there driving only 60 km northeast of the Sylhet district. Local tourist frequently visits this natural beauty beside river Mari to get a glimpse of rolling stones from hills greenish with the forests. Rising from the great Himalayas, river Mari carries along loads of rocks with the flow.

Tourists go for a boat ride on the river and appreciate the stone collection. Resting at the foothill of Khashia Hill, Jaflong Sylhet is home to native Khasi tribe. Besides the geographic location, the tea garden and the Khasi palli (village) increases the tourism value of this attractive natural beauty. You can relish the lifestyle of Khasi tribe existing in Sylhet, Jaflong for thousands of years. Khasi people has a very exceptional tradition of following a matrilineal system of ancestry and heirloom. For me, this tourist spot filled with mountains and rainfalls is the perfect gateway for long weekends.

Jaflong ©Aador Sarker

Best time to visit this place

Jaflong enjoys a hot, wet and humid tropical climate because this area is within the monsoon climate zone. The annual average highest temperatures of 23°C from August till October and average lowest temperature of 7°C in January. But of interest is that nearly 80% of the annual average rainfall of 3,334 mm occurs between May and September in the country. Winter is the best season to visit, but if you want to enjoy the real beauty of the waterfall, then you should visit there in Monsoon.

If you intend to visit the area, it is better to start early in the morning for a day-long tour of all advisable places to cover and be back by sun down to your hotel for rest at night. Many local people go to Jaintapur forests and other areas of scenic spot, Sripur, and Tamabil to enjoy a daylong picnic. If you are planning for such an activity, it is wise to keep a visit scheduled to touch all the spots and return within sufficient time in hand.

About Jaflong, Sylhet

In the Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet district in Bangladesh, very popular tourist attraction Jaflong is visited by thousands of not only local but tourists from all over the world every year. Located northeast region of Bangladesh, 12596 sqm. Area of Sylhet division has a population of 7.899 million. This city has a distinctly different culture of its own. Their colloquial language including their Bengali language mixed with other for example, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu languages.

As you drive here, you can see the fascinating waterfalls and hills of various sizes from afar. Specifically, wonderful location is at the border between Bangladesh and India known as the Zero point. Tamabil is the border area only 5 km from there. If you want to go to India, there is the immigration checkpoint where you need to show a valid visa. Beyond the border lies the state of Meghalaya, India. Shillong is the capital of the state. The same rule applies for India citizens who wish to visit Bangladesh.

Sylhet Jaflong
Sylhet Jaflong ©Neerod

This arae is very rich in natural resources. There are beautiful green tea gardens that contribute to the economy of the country.  Stone is also one among them which in abundance can be found in the Mari River. The everyday huge amount of stone is extracted to use in construction. But the removal of an excessive amount of stone is harmful to the natural harmony of the environment of the hilly region.

Recently, ‘Jaflong Foundation’ and ‘Forest Department’ have joint forces to improve forestation to maintain the area as an eco-park. The program Jaflong Green Park will ensure that various types of trees will be planted in the forest to maintain the ecological balance. Together, the two organizations above will supervise the forestation program in the approximately 250 Acres area they have taken possession. This initiative will preserve the different wildlife that is essential to the natural environment.

The people of Khasi tribe once practiced pagan religion, but now most of them converted to Christianity. Nearby is Jaintapur which is famous for its megalithic archaeological ruins. It was the capital of Jainta Kingdome in the 18th century.

Things to do and places to see

You can admire the natural greenery of while your way is driving. In the Mari river, you can enjoy the boat ride as well the huge variety of stone collection. You can see fishes, stones all through the clear crystal water of the river. There you will find tea, orange and jackfruit gardens.

Fishar man Searching Fish sylhet jaflong
Fishar man Searching Fish sylhet jaflong ©Mukit Haider

Boat ride: If you wish, you can take a dippy dip in the river. The boat trip will cost around BDT 250 but will accommodate the whole family. You can roam around the river and see the hanging bridge.

Khasi Tribe: You will get to know the culture of the thousand years old inhabitant, Tribe Khasia in there. They are indigenous people of the hills, living in total harmony with nature of the mountain. Their little villages are known as “Punjees” which are full of their pretty small houses on bamboo slits. The Khasi live simply growing Paan (betel leaf), Supari (Betel nut) and fishing. You may come across the

Paan-supari plantation when you go through their villages. You will be surprised to learn that once these simply amazing people were a fierce, warlike tribe. When you venture into the forest, you can reach the palace of the Khasia king. It’s a modest wooden affair.

Shopping: In the nearby Dauki Bazar, you may buy some stone showpieces. You can also get hold of beautiful clothes made at local cottage industries at the Bollar Ghat. Shops there sell every kind items that display local craftsmanship in carving stone souvenirs, sarees, beddings, sheetal pati or rugs, etc. If you hire a boat, there is a hanging bridge where you can visit.

Boys Jumping ,Jaflong
Boys Jumping ,Jaflong ©A S Khan

Hill tracking: Jaflong Bangladesh, being a real hilly forest area, it is also a good place for hill tracking. You may come across many wild animals in the forest. It is not a good idea to go there alone. In the grounds, you can get a view of an orange grove, one of Sylhet’s disappearing attractions.

Religious area: There are two very famous religious spots there. The Major of Shahajalal and Shah Amanat where thousands of tourists find spiritual peace. The city of Sylhet is also called Shah Jalal Nagar.

Sripur: Sripur and Jaintapur are other nearby tourist areas. Sripur is only 7-8km distant from there. It falls on the same road to Sylhet; you need to take a sub road to enter Sripur waterfall. Here you can enjoy various stone collection and orange garden when you go inside Sripur crossing the hills.

Jaintapur: Only 5 km from the tourist spot, Jaintapur is another tourist place of importance. It is famous among the tourist for the historical background. Here, a great number of tourist come to visit the ruins of the Jainta Rajbari, the palace of the kings of Jainta.

Chhatak: You can certainly visit Assam Bengal Cement factory at Chhatak. It is about 35 km. Northwest of Sylhet town and very well linked by rail, road, and river and is famous for the orange garden.

Other areas of interest: Once there, you are not to miss Ratargul Swamp Forest in Sylhet. You should also visit one of the national sanctuaries in Bangladesh, Lawachara National Park. Zero point is the chief attraction for the tourist in Tamabil.

Hotel /resort in the place

There are some hotels and resorts at Sylhet.  As the destination is located only 60 km from the town of Sylhet, majority tourists can stay back at the town. They can make the journey and come back the same day. If you are looking for luxurious stay following are good choices Jaflong, Sylhet hotels:

Grandsultan Resort Hotel Jaflong Sylhet
Grandsultan Resort Hotel Jaflong Sylhet ©grandsultanresort.com
  1. Hotel Noorjahan Grand- Waves 1 Daraga gate and cost is around USD 70.
  2. Hotel Supreme & Exotica Restaurant- East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road
  3. Rose View Hotel, Shahjalal Uposhor, Sylhet, and the cost is approximately USD 100 per night.
  4. Hotel Nirvana Inn- Mirzajangal, Ramerdighir Par, Shop mil 44 and cost 43.80 USD per night
  5. Nazimgarh Resorts- Khadimnagar, Sylhet is costly which can come to USD 141- 153

For hotels in moderate cost you can consider the following accommodation facilities in Sylhet with cost per night:

  1. BGB Resort at Tamabil- Costs around USD 31
  2. Hotel Holy Gate- East Dargah Gate, Sylhet 30
  3. Hotel Star Pacific- 982 Dargah Gate, Sylhet and cost around USD 46
  4. Excelsior Sylhet Hotel & Resort- Zakaria City, Khadimpara, Sylhet City
  5. Britannia Hotel- Ambarkhana Rd, Sylhet 26
  6. Jainta Hill’s Resort, here at Tamabil, costing ranges from USD 28- 67

Food and Restaurants in this place

Jaflong-Foods ©jaflong-balti.co

Though their main food comprises of rice and fish, the method of cooking is clearly different from other parts of Bangladesh. Some of their traditional dishes include sour dishes such as tengha (or tok) that is cooked with vegetables. These are Amra (dondong), Olives, Dewwaa (Buah Mahkota Dewa, God’s Crown, Pau), Amshi (Chorus), Mango, Kul (Boroi), Hatkhora (or Shatkora), Ginger Lime (Ada Lembu), and any other sour lemon-like tasty vegetables. As there is a mixture of different cultures, it is also blended with their cooking styles. You will find all kinds of local and foreign foods in these restaurants at very affordable price.

  1. Woondaal King Kebab located at East Zindabazar offers Indian cuisine with
  2. Spicy Restaurant is at the city center and specializes in chinese
  3. Mughal Masala at the Dargah Gate caters Mughlai food items.
  4. Hot Spot at the Jallarpar Rd, Sylhet is the ideal spot if you want fast food.
  5. Handi Restaurant located at Hazrat Shahjalal Rd with casual local food items
    but some items are for kids to enjoy.
  6. Bhujon Bari Restaurant opens early at 6:00 AM so go for breakfast
  7. Panshi Restaurant at Jallarpar Road Zindabazar which opens even earlier at 5:30
    AM also offers delicious items.

How you can go there and how much is the соѕt

Jaflong Bangladesh
Jaflong Bangladesh ©step up

If you are planning to drive to Sylhet from Dhaka, the capital city, it will take you 4-5 hours to reach there. The distance being roughly 230 km, you can take a break at some first-class restaurants on the way whenever you feel. But straight to the region, Sylhet is about 309 kilometers away from Dhaka. You need to add and make it up to 6 hours to reach the tourist spot through Dhaka-Sylhet Highway.

Many people travel by bus from Dhaka to the tourist attraction. It will cost you around USD 15-20. You can board the bus from Nutan Bridge Bus stand and get down at Miramar Dokan. You can also reach your destination from Shobani ghat by bus from Sylhet town. It is only walking distance from there to visit zero points.

There is another way to via train from Dhaka which cost around USD 15. You need to go the Kamalapur Railway Station where many train services leave from for Sylhet. The train journey is longer but enjoyable as the rail track passes by the Lawachara National forest range.

If you choose Airways, it will take you a half an hour’s fly to land in Sylhet International Airport. There are some daily flights offered by private as well as Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the official airline of Government of Bangladesh. Air tickets cost from USD 48 to USD 96. You will find buses and jeep services available from the airport to take you to the destination.

Tips for tourist

Jaflong is considered as one the main tourist spots for the natural beauty in Sylhet and overall Bangladesh. But international travelers are most welcome to take the taste of this tea greenery of Bangladesh in the lap of mountains, famous for the rock, river and tea gardens. It is free for all. When you are traveling there, it is advisable to take your food stuff with you in the case of emergency.


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