Playa Giron Tourism, Cuba: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

Beautiful beach near the historic Playa GironCrabs coming from the surrounding forests gather near the sea to spawn in Playa Giron CubaEntrance to Bay of Pigs Museum
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Playa Giron is located on the banks of Bay of Pigs, which again is a very popular place in Cuba. Historically, this place has seen a lot from the ear when pirates ruled the place and till the CIA attempt to capture the Prime Minister Fidel Castro. This was the last standing area for the invaders while the rest was successfully occupied by the forces.

This place has seen so much of war and battles, there is a museum that is dedicated to that era. Years after these conflicts, now this place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cuba and every year many tourists come here for vacation. The cost of living here is cheap and this place is too affordable to be true.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Playa Giron

This place is located in the Zapata Swamp, which is one of the largest wetlands in the world. There are many sites that are quite popular tourist sites. The sandy beaches are attracting tourists as it is very much relaxing and less crowded than the other such beaches around the world.

The culture of music is very much predominant here. There are many famous musicians from Cuba. Live music can be seen almost everywhere. The people are very much hospitable as they understand the importance of tourism.

The local authorities are also providing several projects that aim to educate the people about tourism and environment.The soothing climate of this place is what makes it quite different from other beaches around.

The average temperature is quite suitable for tourists to visit this place any time of the year. There are also different eateries and restaurants that are very popular among the people. These places serve some of the finest dishes.

Although the rainy season can be a cause of concern at times as occasional flood is seen in this period of the year. But again the rainy season lasts only two months. There are different songs that were dedicated after this Beach.

One of those songs “Playa Giron” is included in the famous Day & Flowers), published in 1975. The beach is also known for its resorts that are close to the beach as these resorts are equipped with international class amenities.

Playa Giron Name,S History & Its Culture:

The history of Playa Giron is quite fascinating. Most of its existence it has seen war and pirate invasion. The place is actually named after a French Pirate, Gilbert Giron, who was then killed by the local people in the 1600’s.

Then again a CIA sponsored mission to overthrow then Priminsiter Fide Castro in the 1990’s is quite popular among the people. The clear sea water since then has not seen much blood, but with the development in its path, this place has been quite successful in attracting tourists.

Most of the people in this place speak Spanish. This place like the other places in Cuba is very popular for Music and sports. Boxing is a quite popular sport here. There are different resorts with excellent amenities that make this place a perfect destination for tourists who looks for untouched vacation sites.

Top Things To Do In Playa Giron

1. Museo Giron
This is a very popular tourist destination in Playa Giron. This museum is the one place where you will get to know about the invasion of the Bay of Pigs. In addition the country has been through wars in the past and to know the more about these battles and wars this is the perfect spot.

2. Caleta Buena
If you are a fan of snorkeling this is the best place in Cuba. The one good thing about this place is that it is not over crowded, unlike the other cities. You can go for diving and boat riding for a few CUC.

3. Punta Perdiz
This place is a haven for snorkeling with some of the fishes that can be seen only in this place. You can avail beach chairs and lunch in just 15 CUC. You can rent snorkeling equipment easily from the agencies.

4. Live Music
Like most of the places in the country, here the love for music is quite visible. There are many bands that perform live on the streets. In the evening, as the sun goes down the live shows are an amazing experience.

5. Take a Snap in front of the billboards
A billboard is quite common in every place, but in this place, some of the billboards actually depict the Cuban Victory in 1961. So it’s a once in a lifetime snap.

6. Go for a walk
The calm and the relaxing beach is what you need after a day of sightseeing. The beach is the perfect place where you can get rejuvenated for your next day trip.

7. Go fishing
There are many fishing destinations in Playa Giron. You can easily hire hooks and other equipment from the agencies. Fishing is very much an integral part of Playa Giron Turismo.

8. Bicycle ride
If you like bicycle riding then this place can easily be the best place for a riding bicycle. The local’s rents bicycle for 10 km radius. You can hire one of those bicycles from the locals and go for short trips.

9. Go shopping
In addition,there are many local markets in this place where you can buy different local artifacts and clothes. To buy the items at a very good price, you need to have some negotiating skills. Playa Giron Turismo is quite famous.

10. Go scuba diving
Scuba Diving is very much popular in this place and there are many tourists who come to this place for Scuba Diving. The instructors are very friendly and you can avail scuba diving sessions at very reasonable rates. There are many packages that are available in just 12 CUC where you can avail buffet, drinks and also all the equipment that you require for scuba diving on hire.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Playa Giron

1. Sol Cayo Largo
There are many hotels and Villa Playa Giron that you can book for your stay. Here are some of the top hotels in this place:

Sol Cayo Largo is one of the best hotels in the business in this place. There are many international class amenities such as internet, free parking, nonsmoking rooms, etc. There are also many restaurants that are there near this hotel so that the tourists can eat some of the fabulous local dishes.

2. Casa de hospedaje Martha Pena
This is another very popular hotel to stay. This hotel is very much popular among the tourists because of its excellent staff. Some of its amenities are as follows:

Air Conditioning
Non-Smoking Rooms
Family Rooms
Laundry services

3. Hostal Sol Bahia
Known for its excellent rooms and suites, this is a very popular hotel in this place. There is also a restaurant that is attached to this hotel. Here are some of its amenities:

Air Conditioning
Non Smoking rooms

4. Hostal Los Mares
The location of this hotel is very much perfect for tourist who comes here for sightseeing. This hotel provides different rooms and suites for the tourist: Amenities are as follows:

Self Serve Laundry
Family Rooms
Pets Allowed
Rooftop Bar

5. Hostal El Castillito
Especially this is a very famous hotel here in this place and many tourists come here for a comfortable stay. The hotel is known for its international class suites and rooms. Some of its amenities include free parking, air conditioning, non-smoking rooms, restaurants, bar, and lounge.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Playa Giron

1. Restaurante Chiri Chiri
This restaurant is located in Cienaga de Zapata Matanzas and is known for its excellent dishes that they serve. This place is very popular for good food and cocktails. It’s a perfect place in the case of value.

2. Restaurante Bar Brig
This restaurant is located in Carretera 122 and is very much famous for its authentic Cuban dishes. There are many tourists who come to this place for its majestic ambiance. This restaurant is also very much popular for its fine dining.

3. Restaurante El Butty
If you want to taste delicious Criollo food, then this is the one place that you must visit. This restaurant is also known for its staff that is very much friendly.

4. Restaurante Cocodrilo
This restaurant is located in a very strategic place so that the tourist enjoys the essence of this country. There are many people who come to this place for local cuisines that this restaurant serves.

5. Pescado and Langusta
Pescado and Langusta is a very famous restaurant for its dishes and local authentic Cuban food. For kids, this place is perfect. If you are on vacation with you and your family, then this is the place that you need to visit.

How To Reach Playa Giron & How Much It Costs:

Reaching Playa Giron Cuba is quite easy as there are several flights from all over the globe that lands in Trinidad. And from Trinidad, there are several ways of coming to the beach. You can hire a car or a bus service to reach to this place.

There are also different travel agencies that provide rides to this place. After reaching this place, there are 3 ways you can continue with your tour. Most of the tourists prefer Bicycle as it is cheap and very relaxing.

You can hire a bicycle from the locals if you are visiting any sites that are in 10 KM radius. The other type of transportation is by availing the shuttle bus services that are there in the place.The cost is about 3 CUC dollars for 2 and half hours of the tour.

The third type is to hire a car or motorcycle from the local agencies. The roads are very good and this one is preferred by many as it is quite adventurous. It is always good to have a guide to know about the places and in that case, you can hire one from the travel agencies.

Some of the sites are very far away from the actual beach and hence it is quite recommended to use rental cars along with guides to getting to those places safely. For tourists looking to travel on Bus from Trinidad can board the morning bus to Havana that stops in Playa Giron.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Like the other places in Cuba, here too the climate is tropical. The rainy season is more predominant in the winters than in the summer. The temperature is very much moderate throughout the year. It is about 251 °C at an average.

The month of December is the driest month in the year. September is the month with the highest rainfall. So it is very much advisable to visit this place during January to June. Avoid visits this place during August as it is quite hot that time. But throughout the year the average temperature does not vary that much so you can visit anytime except the rainy season.

Tips For Tourists

1. Off Season: During the rainy season, try to avoid coming to Playa Giron as it gets flooded occasionally. The Rest of the year is very much suitable for vacations.

2. Be Aware of Scammers: In addition,There are many agents and brokers who are waiting to cheat you. So be aware of these scammers. The best thing you can do is to hire a local guide who can help you in your short trips.

3. Book early: So try to book early as in the prime season it is quite difficult to find rooms and Villa Playa Giron. For your safer side plan your vacations a bit early and book your stay.

4. Hire a Motorcycle: The roads in Playa Giron are very much suitable for any kind of ride, but are you can hire a motorcycle from the locals then it is a perfect ride for your short trips.

5. Stay away from the street food: There are many street stalls that provide delicious food items here in Playa Giron CubaÂ, but at times these places are not that a hygienic and hence it is better to stay away from these stalls. There are few that serves good food in hygienic environment that you need to find out if you want to eat local street food.

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