Playa Ancon Tourism, Cuba: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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Often regarded as the paradise of white sand, Playa Ancon is a destination that you need to visit once in your lifetime. This ribbon of white sandy beach is located in the Cuba’s South Coast. This is a perfect location for sunbathing and revitalizing swimming.

This place has been well maintained and to make your stay comfortable; there are some hotels and resorts in and around Playa Ancon. The cleanliness of this beach attracts many tourists every year. The atmosphere here is fantastic  by the lush green cliffs in the background and the surreal sound of the surf. If you are an adventurous person, then this is the place that you need to check out.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Playa Ancon

Ancon is truly an untouched paradise. With British colonies that started oil exploration here to the beautiful beaches, this place is heaven. You can find the old monuments and churches that give you an idea how this place has developed over the years.

Playa Ancon is one of the first resorts that Cuba developed after the 1959 revolution ended. Casilda is 5 km from Trinidad on the Caribbean coast. Ancon peninsula encloses the whole place.

Playa Ancon Name,S History & Its Culture:

In the year 1911, Ancon became the first location to produce commercial oil in the region. Ancon beach is located near Ancon village. In the early 1990’s the British oil exploration engineers inhabited this place.

Ancon is located in Casilda village which was founded in the year 1808. When the British started exploring the area was untouched, and it is still that way as the major part of the place is yet to feel the presence of tourists.

Although the primary intention was to exploit oil, which even succeeded, in business this place grew up to be one of the best tourist destinations in the region. Some researchers believe that there is still some oil in the ground. The natural beauty or the scenic beauty of Ancon has been attracting tourists since the fifties.

Top Things To Do In Playa Ancon

1. Ancon beach
A good trip is always a trip that provides you good food, comfortable stay and amazing things to do. There are so many things that you can do here. Here are some of those:

There are so many things to do at the Ancon beach, but the one thing that attracts the tourist is the boat ride to Iguana Island. The full-day excursion is quite amazing with the blue water surrounding you. You can spot Iguana in a lucky day.

2. Playa Maria Aguilar
This clean beach is a trendy tourist destination and to make your trip amazing you can go for The place is away from the resorts and hotels, and that makes it the best for you to spend time in the white sandy ribbon.

3. Cayo Guillermo
A short bus ride from Guillermo hotels will lead you to this mesmerizing place which is known for its powder –puff white sand. Cayo Guillermo is a well-known fishing spot and to experience fishing in its best way; you can hire fishing rods and hooks.

Apart from fishing, most of the tourists also prefer sunbathing and swimming. You can also go for kitesurfing which is available here unlike the other places in this region.\

4. Bahia de Cochinos
It is quite amazing that this place has quite a history. It has seen the days of the cold war and now a perfect holiday destination. This site is very popular in Cuba for diving.

Bahia de Cochinos is also known for its 300-meter coral wall. You can avail diving classes at the Giron International Scuba center. The famous Museo de Playa Giron is located here, which is a museum that showcases the history of the Bay of Pigs.

5. Peninsula de Guanahacabibes
A 60 km stretch of greenery makes this spot one of the most visited places in Cuba. For an incredible diving experience in the offshore, this is the perfect place. The Hotel Maria La Gorda’s Diving center is quite popular in this area, and you can avail diving sites which are more than 50 locations. The month of July is perfect for diving and turtle watching.

6. Gibara, Holguin Province
Known for its colonial villas Gibara is a very famous fishing town. The famous Playa Caletones has located 17 km away from the town. You can go for swimming and experience the beauty of the freshwater swimming holes. Here you can also avail some of the finest cave diving sites in Cuba.

7. Holguin Province
This majestic place is known for its hotels and upmarket The hotel Playa Peguero is one of the finest in this area. While heading towards the hotel you can see the idyllic Playa Pesquero beach.

8. Valle de Los Ingenios
This place is surrounded by sugar cane fields, palm trees, and mountains. You can commute by foot, horse or a car to the UNESCO heritage site that provides relics, monuments, and many such amazing things.

9. Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding is quite popular all over the world, and there are several places where one can avail Horseback Riding in Trinidad too. But this place is unique as your ride will lead you to the Waterfall through the dense forest trails.

10. Plaza Mayor
The colonial era is reflected in the monuments here in this place. The Juan Marti Plaza provides you with the Spanish architectures that are beyond imagination. You can go for a romantic walk in the cobblestone street. There are also many bars and restaurants near the Juan Marti Plaza.

11. Convento de San Francisco de Asia
Just a CUC you need to spend to experience the breathtaking view of the town from the tower. This museum is one of the best in Cuba. The church is one of that places that you cannot miss.

12. Casa de la Musica
Who does not love music? If you want to experience Cuban music and dance, you can easily find it in this place. Many local bands are performing in the streets. The live music and dance will rejuvenate your love of music.

13. Parque Central Cespedes
This place is majestic, and it is just 10 minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor. People come here to sit and relax. You can also play games here. You can find many locals playing and relaxing here in this place.

14. Romance Museum
One of the well-maintained monuments of the colonial era in Trinidad. So many people are visiting this place every year. The beautiful chandeliers and the ancient architect are an excellent example of modern and ancient art.

15. Yudit Vidal Faife
One of the most famous local artists. If you are in Trinidad, you need to visit Yudit. She comes with different styles of art at her home gallery. You can hang out for an hour in this place and if you are an art lover, believe me, her art will mesmerize.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Playa Ancon

1. Playa Ancon
Playa Ancon beach itself has three exotic hotels that are equipped with international standard amenities.

2. Brisas Trinidad del Mar Brisas
Trinidad del Mar is a favorite place to stay because of the colonial style villas. You can also find a sauna, a gym and tennis courts here in this location.

3. Villa Dona Babara
This one comes with an on-site restaurant and a free private parking area. This homestay provides free bicycles and bike hire services. If you are looking for a budget stay Playa Ancon Cuba hotels, this is the hotel that you can check out.

4. Casa Estrada
This hotel is located just 3 minutes walk from the beach. Known for its water sports facilities and a children’s playground, this place might be your best bet if you are planning a family vacation to Playa Ancon.

5. Hostal Mirabal Albelo
This hotel is in Trinidad and is about 77 km from Abel Santamaría Airport. The bathrooms in this place are fitted with a bidet. This is one of the best Playa Ancon Cuba hotels in the business.

6. Pepe and Friends rooms
77 km from the Abel Santamaría Airport, this hotel provides you tons of international class amenities such as outdoor gardens, parking’s, maid services and much more.

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Playa Ancon

Food attracts, and in tourism, it is an essential part. Many types of cuisines are available here in the restaurants. Although most of the cuisines are from other countries, there are also several Cuban dishes that are quite popular in Playa Ancon Trinidad. Let’s find out some of the favorite restaurants and food:

Taberna La Botija Resturant: Taberna La Botija Restaurant can easily be regarded as the best restaurant in Trinidad. This place is known for its hamburger, and the spaghetti Bolognese.

Coppelia Ice Cream: This is one of the most popular ice-cream joints, and there are several joints all over Cuba. Just for 4 cents, you can get delicious ice creams in these joints. After your lunch, just go to this place and taste the Cuban ice cream flavors.

Peso Pizza: Near Plaza Carillo, you can get the famous peso pizza, which cost around 1 USD for the whole pizza. This is quite cheap but high in taste.

How To Reach Playa Ancon & How Much It Costs:

Trinidad is very near to the Playa Ancon, and there are several ways of commuting to Playa Ancon Trinidad. Let’s find out some of those:

DistancePlaya Ancon is 15 km from Trinidad.

1.By flight: The nearest airport to Playa Ancon is Jose Marti Intl Airport, which is in Havana, Cuba.

2.By Taxi: You can avail taxi services which are quite comfortable in these areas. It costs 20 CUC round trip.

3.By bus: There are several buses available in Trinidad that takes passengers on a round trip to Playa Ancon Kuba. This journey to costs something around 2 There are also official buses that board’s tourist, but these local buses take the visitors through Roca village and hence you can see more.

4.By bike: You can always add adventure to your trip. From Trinidad, many people hire These bikes are perfect and it’s the security charges about 50 cents for each motorcycle.

5.COCO taxi services: Another way of traveling from Trinidad to Playa Ancon Kuba is by a COCO taxi that charges around 5 CUC per person which s quite cost-effective.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Although this place is open for tourists all the year round, it is specifically in the dry season that tourists enjoy the most. The dry season here starts in November and continues until April.

May and June are also a fair time to travel to Playa Ancon, Trinidad as during this time there are fewer crowds. You can also experience occasional showers. Hiking is possible during the rainy season, but it depends on the water level. Try to avoid the cyclone season that is from July to October.

Tips For Tourists

1. It is very much important that tourist avoid Playa de Ancon place during the cyclone season, which is from July to October. Also, the rainy season, which is near August, can be avoided as the water level rises in some places and which is not suitable for swimming.

2. Be aware of scammers. There are many scammers in Playa de Ancon. The best way is to follow your guide and go on your own. Many people sell beach chairs and other such products which are highly priced.

3. Ideally, a one-day trip is very much efficient. You can plan a one-day trip and hire bikes for your trip.

4. Diving and swimming is an excellent option that you can avail in Ancon Playa.

5. Be aware of Jellyfishes. There were instances when tourists got stung by Jellyfishes.

6. Get mosquito sprays along with you while you visit Ancon Playa.

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