Cojimar Tourism, Cuba: How To Reach, Best Time and Tips.

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For the high-class tourists and honeymooners on the island, this was the place to go since the XIX century. Ernest Hemingway’s home for decades and the inspiration for his famous novel “The Old Man and the Sea.”Do not get confused with “Villa Cojimar,” more than six hours away from Havana.

The beach we will cover today is 30 minutes away from the capital.Cojimar Cuba is a tropical haven of protected areas and an impressive landscape, created by the river valley surrounding the town.Start the day hiking through the lavish virgin jungle, sipping coconut juice.

Fishing or at least trying, like Ernest Hemingway, did in those same waters, during the afternoon. Finish the day with a fabulous gastronomic experience accompanied by good music, friendly locals and the quiet murmur of the ocean just a walk away.

Geographical Description & The Beauty Of Cojimar Cuba

Wildlife in this area is mainly represented by ants, termites, and butterflies in abundance. Among the bigger species, alligators and many different species of insect-eating birds can be found. Marine life consists of several sports fishing species that can be located in deep waters and of course rich groups of octopus, algae, and others.

In the micro natural reserve of the Valley, vegetation consists mainly of virgin forests. As you approach the beach, you can find palm and coconut trees.The beach is not immense, and it is not the one drawing the most tourists to it, so it is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a relaxing vacation.

Cojimar Cuba Name,S History & Its Culture:

The first inhabitants of this Village were the indigenous tribes of Guanabacoa.Located just seven kilometers from the Cuban capital of Havana. It was the first populated area of Eastern Havana, becoming the home to the Spanish colonizers from early as 1554 on.At the moment has a population of over twenty thousand people.

It takes its name from the Arauco language, and it means “entrance of water into the fertile land.” Surprisingly, it has no official foundation date. Instead, the region takes the finishing date of construction of the small castle, 15th of July of 1649, as it’s unofficial foundation year.

Celebrations for Virgen del Carmen on the day right after, September 16th are big too. Virgen del Carmen is the saint of all fishermen in the Catholic tradition.

Top Things To Do In Cojimar Cuba

1. Hemingway Memorial

Taking a few days just to drink Cuba Libres seems like a perfectly good plan for your days in the area. But this place offers plenty of activities and locations you can visit to make your vacation even richer.

This is the place where Hemingway got inspired for “The Old Man and the Sea.” It is a place to visit and take photos.

2. La Terraza de Cojimar
Famous for being the bar and restaurant frequently concurred by Ernest Hemingway himself. It is very close to the Memorial mentioned before. With its recent renovation, it is the perfect place to take a drink or enjoy a delicious seafood meal. The Panoramic views of the pristine waters will make you want to return.

3. Pro tip
Avoid La Terraza de Cojimar during lunchtime. If you want to bypass the day tours and enjoy the tranquility of the place go from the early afternoon on instead.

4. Finca Vigia
This house museum was the home of Ernest Hemingway. He lived here from 1939 to 1960. It dates from 1886. This was the place where he wrote most of “For whom the bell tolls” and completed “The old man and the sea.” It is a simple house of remarkable beauty and well-preserved structures. It was recently refurbished in 2007 and reopened for tourists right after. It is the perfect location to discover Cojimar Hemingway’s way.

5. Tarara Marina
This is an excellent sports port. It is the perfect place if you want to embark yourself on a fishing day. Here you can easily rent a fishing boat and enjoy its beautiful beach and cafeteria.

6. Cojimar Tower
Built-in Located very close to the Hemingway Memorial is the famous Castle. While small in size, It is the perfect spot to snap a few photos of the castle with the sea in the background.

7. La Costa de Cojimar
It is a wonderful bar decorated with everything revolutionary. Fidel Castro quotes and images fill the place. An excellent venue to listen to some Cuban rhythms and explore the real Cuban nightlife.

8. Pier of Cojimar
Also known as “Malecón.” The street and ample sidewalk next to the beach makes it the perfect place to take a stroll during the afternoon. Enjoy the ocean breeze and just relax in one of the benches of this park-like street.

9. Take on a gastronomic adventure
Take on a gastronomic adventure no point of interest outplays good food. The Caribbean seafood gastronomy offered in Cojimar is unforgettable. Assume the experience of pleasing your palate at one or many of the restaurants Cojimar has to offer.

Best Hotel & Resorts List In Cojimar Cuba

1. Hotel Panamericano
It was the headquarters of the Panamerican games that took place in Cuba about a decade ago. Ample bedrooms, a lovely and lively bar and even a gym, make this place It has an excellent party scene, so it is the place to go for the ones who want to party. Not recommended if you intend to have a good night’s sleep.

2. Villa Hemingway
Named after the famous writer. It is not a hotel, but a “casa particular.” Something pervasive in Cuban hospitality culture, due to its lack of hotels. It fits six guests in three rooms and includes breakfast, so it is perfect for groups.

3. La Estrella
This is a private apartment located very close to the beach. It does not have WiFi, but this is not common on the island either. The host of this “Casa Particular” can also arrange tours for you. Prices are OK, and they take you from the town to different places nearby.

4. Melia Habana
Even when this hotel is not in the village, the proximity to Havana makes it convenient. Remember that for only ten USD you can get a cab to take you and experience the privacy of Cojimar beaches. It has the biggest hotel pool in the capital city, WiFi (yay!), lush gardens and is a smoke-free area.

5. Hotel Nacional
Located in the city center of Havana. Staying in this building that dates from 1930 is like traveling in time. Beautiful views of the city and the ocean will make it an unforgettable experience.

As you can see, there are very few hotels in this destination but do not let this turn you down. In Cuban hospitality, it is usual to stay at a “casa particular” or private house. Cubans are friendly, warm and honest. You should feel free to stay at a Cuban’s house; it is cheaper than staying in a hotel and a better way to enjoy the real Cuba. You can find more places like La Estrella or Villa Hemingway in websites like

Best Restaurant & Food Item In Cojimar Cuba

Being a fishermen’s town, you know what to expect from its cuisine.What this tiny town lacks in accommodation, has in the form of restaurants. There are plenty of places to eat at very affordable prices. All restaurants include typical Cuban dishes, fresh seafood, and fish on their menu.

Informal and relaxed ambiance and very good cocktails and fresh juices are the norms.All time famous La Terraza de Cojimar and Ajiaco Café are the restaurants you cannot miss. Visiting them will make your stay even more pleasant.

How To Reach Cojimar Cuba & How Much It Costs:

One of the best things about this Caribbean destination is its closeness to the city of Havana, and the Havana Airport as well. Getting to Cojimar from Havana, Cuba is not complicated at all and can be done in one simple trip either directly from the airport or the capital.

From The Havana Airport (HAV): Simply take a taxi directly to the airport, and in about half an hour, you will be in there. The cab should be around fifteen to twenty USD, not more.
From Havana City Center: The first option would be to take a taxi that would cost around six to ten USD, from about anywhere in the city center.

If you want to save and get involved in the Cuban way of life on your Cojimar Habana Cuba trip, use the public transport. Take the P8 Metrobus from the National Capitol in Central Havana. Stop at the Villa Panamericana, and you are there for a fraction of the price.Because of its closeness to the Capital and other places of interest, this beach village can be a destination in itself or a part of your tour of the island.

When Time You Shold Go There ?

Because of the country’s tropical weather, this waterfront Paradise will receive you warmly every day of the year. The best times to visit this beach will largely depend on your preferences, and of course, your Budget.While December can be a little cold, New Year’s celebrations in the island tend to be big and fun.

End of the year holidays can be a perfect time to visit, even with somewhat expensive tickets.The choicest time to experience Cuban “dry season” is the months of April and May. Waiting for the cold temperatures of Winter to heat up and escaping the rush of the summer season is the smartest way to fun.With an average climate of about 24 degrees centigrade, the heat is the perfect excuse to quench your thirst on rum and coke.

Or any of many of the delicious drinks offered in bars and restaurants. Imagine yourself close to the shore watching the sun fall over the Caribbean every afternoon.Always take into consideration the weather. Between September and October, it is hurricane season all over the Caribbean. This makes hurricanes and tropical storms more likely.While Cuba usually is rarely affected by such tropical disasters, it is necessary to consider it while planning your trip.

Tips For Tourists

After all, some tips you cannot miss before your big trip to Cuba and this town in particular:

1. Do not visit the island during hurricane season. Even when tropical storms and hurricanes are not usual at all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Change your expectations. Travelling to this cozy fishermen town may come with some cons… no WiFi, no air conditioner, no ATMs and no credit card payments. But this is vacations! Instead of being grumpy, take the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world. Enjoy your surroundings. Who needs WiFi when there is a pristine beach right in front of you?

3. Take everything you need from home. Toothbrush, toothpaste and that kind of essentials sometimes come as hard to find in Cuba. Leave the consumer mentality at home and try a simpler way of life even if it is just for a few days!

4. Take at least one trip in a vintage car. It is not every day that you can do this so that it will be a good memory.

5. Be kind to locals. The Caribbean mentality is to say “Buenos días” and “Buenas tardes”, even to strangers. You will visit a very safe place, and people are incredibly kind. Do not let the greetings of passersby scare you; it is their way to show politeness.

6. Things we deem as a regular like nail polish or lipstick are hard to get on the island. It is very recommendable to pack lipsticks and nail polish to give your room maid instead of money.

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