Bosaso: One place that you need to visit on your next vacation!

Bosaso, which is the largest growing place in the Somalia, is a paradise for those of you who like to swim. As the...

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Burao: A must tourist destination to visit in the heart of Somaliland.

Almost untouched by tourists, there are still many of them that fly to this place for their vacation. This place has so...

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Kismayo, Hidden Paradise in Southern Somalia.

Kismayo sits at the coast of the Jubaland in southern Somalia. The city is located about 528km from Mogadishu, the...

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Top 5 tourist place in Somalia.

Somalia, although has been a terrible place to visit in the past, but in the current time, it has been a trendy tourist...

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Berbera: Up and coming beach destination.

Berbera also known as “Beach City,” has a privileged location on the coast of Somaliland, right in the Gulf of Aden....

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HARGEISA -The independent city, the independent freedom.

Well, the title says it all! In this article ,you are going to meet a city that has decided to break its chains! The...

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